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"Fantastic tutor who helped my son gain entrance into St Paul’s Boys, King’s College and Latymer Upper. He was polite and knowledgeable about the admissions process and offered support whenever required! He cares about helping you and I genuinely feel that the positive affect of his teaching style has led to my son passing his 11+ exams. Highly recommended!"

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Academic History

Nottingham Trent University: Business Management and Marketing (2:1)

John Ruskin College: A-Levels Business Studies (A), Computing (B) and English Language (B)

Shirley High School: 10 GCSEs (A*- B) including English Language (A) and Maths (B)

About Me

I am a full-time Private Tutor with over 15 years of tutoring experience. My service includes Common Entrance Admissions and 5+, 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ entrance exams, as well as GCSE Maths, GCSE English and GCSE Science. I also teach Key Stage 3 Maths, English and Science (children in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9).

The reason I believe I am good at tutoring is that I simply enjoy working with students in a 1-to-1 setting. No two students are the same and this makes every day different and interesting. Seeing students flourish over time with my tutoring support makes me feel proud and is greatly rewarding. Being able to have such a positive impact on the education of a child is something you do not get with any other job and provides a great deal of joy. Furthermore, I enjoy building a rapport with the family and getting to know them. This creates the best environment in my view, as it builds trust and allows efficient two-way communication between myself and the client. My philosophy is that tutoring is not just about teaching, it is about building confidence, knowledge and providing the children with a skillset for the present and future

My strengths as a tutor include having fantastic communication and organisational skills, alongside a patient approach. My ability to adapt and be versatile, according to the learning style of the child, is another key characteristic that I have. My students make progress because I build their knowledge up, starting with the basics and moving upwards. I provide homework that reinforces what is taught in lesson and always provide examples, thus they always have information to look back on for revision purposes. I also conduct mini-tests every few months to ensure the student is on track. This highlights any topics that need to be revisited. Furthermore, I go through exam papers with students and identify tips and techniques to employ in order to ensure maximum marks are achieved. This can often be the difference between gaining admittance to an independent school or not.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

 7+ Entrance Exams (Maths and English)

This student’s parents came to me with the aim of preparing their son for entrance into several schools at the 7+ entry level point. This included both St Paul’s and Westminster. Knowing that these schools are very competitive, I conducted an initial assessment in the first lesson. This gave me an idea of where he was in regards to his Maths, English and Reasoning. Having had no prior experience of preparing for these exams and not having a tutor to guide him, meant his results were not great. I relayed this back to his parents and was on honest about what it would take. The parents liked my honesty and the fact that I was willing to put in the work required to get the student up to the level expected. We worked together on a weekly basis (two hour sessions twice a week). I adapted my teaching according to his learning style and the fact that I was patient and would go over topics more than once helped him grasp the content quicker.

Homework was provided after each lesson on the request of his parents. I also conducted min-tests after every 12 weeks, which highlighted where he had improved, but more importantly identified areas where he needed further support. This allowed me to realign the plan that I put in place that ensured all content was covered in advance of the exam, i.e. all content was covered two months before the exam date. He was always happy to see me, as were his parents. He was comfortable in my presence and by making lessons fun and engaging with him, this helped him simultaneously learn and develop his confidence. I also prepared him for the interview stage. He successfully passed both the entrance exams for St Paul’s and Westminster and his parents chose St Paul’s.

11+ Entrance Exams (Maths & English)

This student’s parents recognised that their son needed extra support with the 11+ entrance exams for Wallington County Grammar, Trinity, Whitgift and Wilson’s School. He was struggling in writing creative essays that would engage and impress the reader. I worked with him for over five months (two-hour lessons per week) and we started with grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, alongside main clauses, connectives and subordinate clauses to build sentences. Once he was comfortable with this, we started brainstorming ideas on a weekly basis in order to get him thinking about the components that make up an engaging and impressive essay, including describing the environment, characters and emotions. We then added a few language features which would allow him to go beyond what was expected of him and demonstrate his true ability in the exam. I introduced several languages features to him, including similes, metaphors and personification. Homework was set each week and this reinforced the areas discussed in the lesson. The student’s confidence rose lesson after lesson. Not only did I see a difference in his motivation and passion for reading and writing in our English lessons over the five months, but he passed with flying colours in all four 11+ exams that he sat. His parents chose for him to attend Trinity and he achieved a 50% scholarship due to his English results.

11+ Entrance Exams (Maths & English)

This student’s mother approached me asking for me to help her son with the 11+ entrance exam preparation. Although he was already attending a good private school, he had fallen behind his peers and his mother was concerned. I noticed that he was not interested in learning and so I made the lessons fun, so that even though he was learning he didn’t get bored or lose focus. I found that his learning style was more ‘visual’ than ‘reading/writing’. Therefore, I incorporated graphs, pictures and images into the lessons, which helped him to learn and grasp the content more efficiently. He gained admittance to both St Paul’s and Westminster school and his parents chose Westminster.

Eton Admission

I helped prepare a student for entrance into Eton College. The feedback from his school was that he was top of his class and performing at a high level. However, his father recognised (after conducting their own research), that being top of his class did not automatically mean that he was at the level Eton would expect. He came to me and asked me to walk him through the admissions process, including exam prep, interview prep and everything in between. After conducting an initial assessment, I highlighted key areas that we needed to tackle. We conducted regular weekly lessons (two hour sessions). I increased the student’s confidence week by week and by building a good rapport with him, he never felt like the lesson was like a chore, and looked forward to his lessons. I provided homework to reinforce his learning and ability to challenge himself by attempting and scoring highly on the more difficult questions. This was great to see, as ‘word problems’ was an area that I highlighted as an area of concern in the initial assessment! By working on the exam technique alongside the content, I ensured he was ready for the first round of exams (ISEB pre-tests) well in advance of his exam date. After passing these exams, we began working on the computerised test, interview and group activity. I focused on the interview and group activity by working on body language and general day-to-day life skills. Once this was complete and we found out that he had passed this too, we turned our focus to the Common Entrance exam in Year 8. Although this was more challenging than the previous stage, by focusing on key areas of the syllabus that he did not enjoy, we were able to get one step ahead, in that we covered these topics early on in the admissions process, building on the foundations of this meant that we tackled more difficult questions from the onset. His confidence and knowledge never dipped in preparation for the exams in Year 8. He passed these exams and is a happy Eton boy!

Year 9 Maths

A parent approached me with one key objective: to help her daughter (Year 9) in Maths and to ensure she moved from Set 3 into Set 2. This was a big ask and was very important to the mother, as moving up to Set 2 would allow her daughter to complete the Higher Tier paper at GCSE level rather than the Foundation Tier. We had four months to prepare before the exams. The first lesson involved an initial assessment and it was clear from the onset that she had not understood the basics components that encompass the Maths curriculum. I created a recommend plan of action that covered every topic that needed to be taught. With my plan in place we completed all the topics one month before the exams and then we set about going through exam practice papers. I shared my knowledge and exam techniques on how to answer questions in the most efficient way possible and her results surpassed my expectations as she achieved 87% in her exam. This meant she moved straight from Set 3 to Set 1 and will now be allowed to sit the GCSE Higher Tier paper for Maths.

GCSE Biology & GCSE Physics (Pearson Edexcel)

This student had received some extremely poor results in his mock exams: GCSE Biology (41%) and GCSE Physics (47%). He was a bright individual but it was clear from the first lesson onwards that his exam technique and his written answers were not to a high standard. After covering particular topics that he needed extra support with in the first three months, we moved onto improving his exam techniques. I spent three months (three hours a week) prepping him on how to answer questions as concisely as possibly whilst still ensuring he used ‘subject terminology’. His parents were grateful for my help and were happy with his GCSE results of a 9 in Biology with 91% and an 8 in Physics and 84%.

GCSE Maths, GCSE English Language & GCSE English Literature (AQA)

This student was unhappy at school and his parents did not feel they were getting value for the school fees they were paying and so they contacted me asking me to home school their son. The key focus was his improving Maths. By focusing on the GCSE syllabus, we covered each topic week-by-week, including algebra, indices, standard form, ratios, scatter graphs and trigonometry, to name just a few. Within three months, his parents had seen a noticeable difference in their son’s confidence and knowledge. Given this, they gave me responsibility of preparing their son for the GCSE English Language and English Literature exams. This was a proud moment and solidified the confidence that the parents had in my ability to tutor their son. At this point, I was tutoring Luka five days a week for three hours each day. His results were: Maths (A*) and English (A).

GCSE Biology

Over the course of an academic year, I helped a student prepare for his GCSE Biology exams. He came to me with no interest in the subject, which led to a less effort in class, and ultimately poor grades that didn’t reflect his potential. We started to go through the list of challenging topics that his parents wanted me to cover. However, the initial assessment that I conducted highlighted other topics that needed to be covered too. We put together a comprehensive list and worked through the topic list week-by-week. Each lesson involved discussing a topic (e.g. photosynthesis), breaking down the topic and writing some clear revision notes and then practising exam style questions associated with the given topic. Going through exam style questions and showing him how to approach questions and what to include boosted his confidence and he went from achieving 4’s in his topic tests to achieving 5’s on a regular occasion and even started hitting 6’s after three months of regular tutoring. To have a student progress at such a rapid rate and to see his confidence flourish was extremely rewarding. I was proud that he had put in the hard work needed and he achieved a grade 7 in his GCSE Biology exams.

GCSE Chemistry

This student’s father came to me as I had helped his younger son with his GCSE Science exams a few years before. They were happy with his results and thus tasked me with helping their younger daughter to improve her GCSE Chemistry grades. She was working at a grade 5 level, but her parents and teachers thought she was capable of achieving a grade 6. She was not struggling with the subject, but had clear gaps in her knowledge, which meant she had scored poorly in her mock exams. We addressed this gap in the first few lessons, by going through the content and discussing any concerns or aspects which were confusing her. I worked at a pace that suited her and tailored my teaching style to her learning style. Every lesson began with a brief recap and helped me to identify whether she had fully understood what I had taught in the previous lesson. I built up her confidence to believe that she could score well in the exam. There was a point where she got the highest mark in the class. This wasn’t a surprise to me, but it surprised both her and her parents. With the right guidance and support, anything is possible in my view! Having surpassed expectations by achieving a grade 7 in her real GCSE Chemistry exams (where she had been predicted a 6) was fantastic. She is now studying A-Level Chemistry at sixth form.

GCSE History

Over the course of an academic year, I helped a student with his preparation in regards to his AQA GCSE History exam. The initial assessment that I conducted highlighted a lack of knowledge in a couple of areas including ‘Germany and the Depression’. I put a plan in place and we went ahead with two hour lessons per week. These lessons consisted of us reading through the content together and then showing him how to answer exam questions, including working on exam technique. By continually practising exam style questions and outlining exactly how to structure his answers, he was confident going into the exam. He went from a 5 in his GCSE mock History exams to an 8 for his GCSE History exam.


This student’s parents asked me to improve their son’s grade for GCSE Religious Studies in time for his summer exams. He had been excluded from school due to his behaviour and my task was to home-school him and prepare him for his GCSE Religious Studies exam (amongst a range of other subjects). This was a challenging task, given that we had four months of total preparation time. I conducted an assessment, set a plan and provided him with weekly homework (exam style questions). The fact that I was consistent with lessons and tailored my approach towards his learning style meant that he appreciated the 1-to-1 lessons that we had. He became more confident in himself over time and this allowed him to express himself well enough in his exams, where he achieved a 7 for RS. His parents were delighted and I was proud to have made a positive impact on both his education and his behaviour.

Hobbies and Interests

I have recently taken up yoga and go to the gym regularly. These activities keep my mind and body fresh. I also play football and badminton and enjoy running, as well as keeping up-to-date with business news, cooking, reading books and listening to interesting TED talks.

Interesting fact: I got to the third round audition stages for The Apprentice show a few years ago.

Client Testimonials

“K– was struggling with his Maths, English and non-verbal reasoning. These were the main exams that he would have to take in order to gain admittance into our choice of grammar school (Wallington Boys, Wilson’s and Whitgift). We knew the competition was fierce for these schools but decided to go ahead with tuition session with Vishal due to his exceptionally high pass rates for his 11+ students. Within the first session, we knew we had picked the perfect tutor for our son. Not only was Vishal patient, but his ability to make the lesson interesting and engage with our son, meant that K– actually looked forward to his lessons with Vishal on a weekly basis. We have never had a tutor who went the extra mile and goes beyond what is expected, but this changed when Vishal arrived. He doesn’t just get up and leave after the session is up. He is happy to provide feedback and explain what was taught in the lesson and what K– still needs to work on moving forward. In the end, K– gained admittance to all 3 grammar schools of our choice and we picked Wallington Boys as our choice. I would not hesitate to recommend Vishal for any children who are going for their 11+ exams.”

Parent, 11+

“We tasked Vishal with the aim of getting our son through the 11+ exams. Our choices of schools: St Paul’s, Westminster or Dulwich. Our son was attending a reputable private school, but was not doing as well as expected. His Maths and English were to a good standard, but not to the level we knew that would be needed for our choices of schools. Vishal conducted an assessment the first lesson and told us what the next few months would involve. He was clear and always happy to answer any questions. His honesty and the fact that he was straight forward meant we continued with him up until J– sat his exams. He was patient and built up J–‘s confidence as the weeks went by. Our son passed all the entrance his exams and there is no doubt this was due to Vishal’s ability to teach effectively and encourage James to believe in himself.”

Parent, 11+

“L– got an A in her GCSE Maths exams with Vishal’s tutoring. He was very methodical and was happy to explains concepts in different ways in order for my daughter to fully understand the content. His patience and sound exam advice from the first lesson onwards helped Lucy achieve the A grade that she wanted.”

Parent, GCSE Maths


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