• As a very high end super-tutor with more than 10 years of experience working with presitigous families across the globe, I am very picky about the tutoring firms I work with and SLT is one of only a handful. Their core staff has been with them for years. They are charming, knowledgable and smart, and I always look forward to interacting with them.I worked as a tutor with Simply learning in both Dubai and Turkey. In Dubai, I worked with two boys, including one with special needs. At the time, the family was unsure what the best educational solutions were for their boys, and had put all options on the table, including switching from the US curriculum to the UK curriculum and home schooling. In that particular case, I can attest that SLT delivered a truly impressive consultancy performance, ultimately resulting in one of the boys moving to a UK boarding school that I hear he is delighted with, and the other one switching to home schooling that could better accommodate his special needs. This is the sort of demanding very high end all-round educational service that requires consistency, dedication and real expertise. SLT displayed all of the above, plus genuine tact throughout, both with myself and with the client. What really struck out though, was their empathy and sensitivity to this particular family’s needs, which was ultimately key to drawing a successful educational plan for them.The second role in Turkey bore striking similarities with the one in Dubai. The family had worked with SLT, through their educational agent, over a sustained period of time, receiving specialised tutors in a variety of fields to supplement the student’s education as he grew up. The goal was, ultimately, to move to the UK and switch to an academically demanding day school there and I was brought in to help prepare him for his entrance exams and interviews. The family was very high profile, once again, and SLT handled the contract with discretion and professionalism. It was clear that they had built real trust with the agent through the consistently high quality of the tutors they had sent and the seriousness with which they had taken the client’s security concerns.Overall, I would say that, with their deep educational knowledge, kindness and discretion, SLT are precisely the sort of people you would want help from when relocating. They have demonstrated the ability to successfully support families throughout this process over sustained periods of time, including in cases where parents felt overwhelmed and were entirely unsure as to what type of educational system would work best for their children. The fact that both tutors and families speak so highly of SLT and consider them to be reliable trustworthy partners is a testament to their kindness and dedication. I highly recommend them to both parents and tutors alike.

  • Sarah got 8 A*'s and 2 A's, including an A* in Physics, Biology and Maths. The A* in Physics and Maths was a real shock!! For sure the work that Dario [tutor] did was amazing, I was so sceptical about tuition because we pay a lot for Sarah's school fees but I'm so grateful I made this choice.

    Mrs Hemming, GCSE Physics, Maths and Biology

  • Anna's input into my son's university application was absolutely superb. She made him do all the work, but gave him an excellent framework and fantastic feedback. Anna also spent several sessions working on his essay technique prior to taking up his university course. She is passionate about her subject and is able to convey that extremely well and to really stretch her students. Would highly recommend her.

    Mrs Paige, University Appliction and Course Preparation

  • Simply Learning have been excellent, they were helpful, interested, efficient and quick to try and find the best tutoring match for my son. Thank you for your help and please give my regards to everyone at the office - they couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.

    Mrs Paige, A Level Tuition and University Application Preparation

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