• We gave advice to an academically high-flying US student who wanted to read Neuroscience at a London University. With our guidance, the student changed her personal statement significantly, so that it contained information that was relevant to admissions officers. We suggested that much of her ‘community engagement’ work be sacrificed for a more academically rigid overview of her accomplishments. We then helped liaise with UK universities on her behalf. She received an offer to read Neuroscience at Bristol university.

    University Placement for American Student, 2015

  • Madison wanted to study Celtic Studies at a UK or Irish University. Although incredibly motivated her grades were not strong enough to make a strong application. We designed a strategy of focused retakes and academic support from her US tutors. We then worked with her to redraft her application into a form that would carry more weight with UK university applications teams. During the school holidays, we organised visits to several UK and Irish universities and helped Madison prepare for interviews. Madison is now in her second year of Celtic Studies at a leading UK University.Hi Nathaniel,Great news! I was able to score a 5 on my AP US History exam and meet all of my conditions for Aberdeen, so I'm really excited to start school there in September.

    UK University Application, Summer 2016

  • Dear Nathaniel, Did Tosca manage to contact you from deepest Mozambique? We heard this morning that she got her A grade, so she's going to Oxford. I can't thank you enough for all help and advice and support over the past few years, especially this time last year which was so hard. Ellie and the rest of your team have been epic. Do keep in touch, and let me know if ever I can help with anything. With warm wishes and many, many thanks,Fiammetta

    Oxford University Entrance, 2017

  • Our client was referred by a friend who had had a successful period of home schooling for their children, using tutors introduced by Simply Learning Tuition. The family had 6 months notice of a move to the UK and were new to the independent school system. Their two girls were several years apart in age and not in sync with usual Pre-Prep and Prep school entry points. The parents were keen to minimise disruption to the eldest child and keep school moves to a minimum. They needed to find a school that would be supportive and encouraging of their girls' efforts to maintain 4 languages. The parents also placed restrictions on the geographical area of the new school.We provided a full school placement service including shortlisting the schools that met their criteria, arranging visits and school tours, and follow up guidance.We introduced the family to two different schools, each with a slightly better fit for the girls. Both girls were settled & happy at their new schools for one year. We then gave the family further guidance to help with applications for Senior Schools and are delighted to say that their eldest daughter has secured a place at a leading London Day School.

    International School Placement Service, Summer 2016

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