Education Consultants  – your key to success

Our Education Consultants work closely with you to understand your aspirations for your child and to remove stress, navigate complexity and in many cases, turn dreams into reality. Our in-depth knowledge of the British independent school system ensures that you will make the right decision about your child’s future. From choosing a nursery or preparatory school, to gaining a place at the right school or university, we work with many families throughout their children’s lives, placing their children into the next stage of their education.

“High-quality service and depth of knowledge are hallmarks of this niche player in the education field”.
Relocate Global, 2019. 

‘Thanks to Simply Learning’s kind and attentive assistance, Ella has managed to secure a Year 8 chance space at Francis Holland’
Mr B, Washington D.C., Senior School Placement

Relocate Awards Winner 2019
Excellence in Education Consultancy

We were delighted to win the Relocate Global award for, ‘Excellence in  Education Consultancy 2019‘. In the words of the judges:

“This firm clearly brings a caring and compassionate perspective to its services, but combines this with technological efficiency and excellent people management practices – a very buttoned-down intelligent group of people with a bigger-picture awareness.”

Education Consultancy delivered with the utmost care

Our advisors include head teachers and teachers from leading London independent schools, Oxford admissions tutors and a range of advisors who are specialist in their particular area. Supporting them is a client relations team that will manage every step of your child’s placement with the utmost care.

Our Approach

Our approach to finding and securing the right school or university for your child starts with a shortlist of institutions based on your values and the various practical factors that drive your decision. We share our own knowledge of each and make additional recommendations based on our visits and meetings with senior staff, students and parents. We simplify the complexity of the application system by managing deadlines, deposits and other entry requirements. We schedule visits and steer discussions with the school in order to ensure the best chances of a place for your child.

Our Ethos

We measure success on using our expertise and relationships to help you to find the right school for your child. We take a strong ethical stance on school and university placements and insist on an accurate assessment of your child’s abilities. Our own ability to steer an application relies on our integrity with school admission teams, something that our clients benefit from. When we recommend a child for a school, they will be well prepared and above all an excellent fit for the school. We never take introductory fees from a school and will always offer completely impartial advice.

When our assessments identify a shortfall in a particular area, such as a language or curriculum gap for international students, we introduce a carefully organised course of academic tuition, or other suitable support. Our tuition team can provide the full range of support, for scholars to Eton, Harrow, Westminster and other academically elite schools to students who need to improve their written or spoken English.

A personal service

Discretion and sensitivity is key for all of the families we work with. Many are based overseas and ask us to manage the entire process on their behalf.

What services do our education consultants provide?


Nursery and Pre-Prep Placements

Choosing the right nursery and pre-prep school for your child will have a significant impact on their educational journey. We will advise you on the very best nurseries and pre-preps in your area and help to make sure your child secures a place.


Preparatory School Placements

Our education consultants have helped families from around the world to secure places at top UK prep schools. We not only offer independent advice to help you choose the best prep school to suit your child’s character and interests, but will also guide you through every step of the application process.


Senior School Placements

Choosing and gaining a place at the right senior school can be can be extremely challenging. Our service extends far beyond simply finding and recommending a school for your child; we will facilitate introductions to key members of staff and take you through the entire application process providing as much support and guidance as you require. We will help you understand the entry requirements for each individual school and the best way to help your child prepare for assessments.


Oxbridge University Admissions

To help your son or daughter compete against the brightest academic minds, we will guide them on every part of their Oxbridge application, introducing specialist tutors to prepare them for interviews and all Oxford and Cambridge entrance tests, including the TSA, LNAT, BMAT, CAT.


University Admissions

Our education consultants have first-hand knowledge of leading British universities and will provide valuable insights and advice to ensure your child has the best possible chance of choosing and securing a place.


US College Admissions

Renowned for their complexities, US college applications require specialist knowledge and planning for the best chance of success. Our US consultants will provide first-hand advice on how to secure a place at leading US colleges.


Academic Assessments

These assessments allow you to gauge your child’s current academic position. This information can then be used to help decide what schools are most suitable for your son or daughter, how to best prepare them for forthcoming entrance exams and whether or not additional tuition is required.

Award Winning Education Consultancy from Simply Learning Tuition

We are delighted to have won the Relocate Magazine’s ‘Awards for Excellence in Employee and Family Support’ (2017) and ‘Excellence in Education Consulting’ (2019).  Their words below sum up the reasons:


Relocate Awards 2019
Relocate Awards 2019

What is this award for?

The Excellence in Employee & Family Support award is for individuals and organisations, from any sector, that provide a specialist service to relocating employees and their families.

Award Winner: Simply Learning Tuition

The popularity of this category has grown to such an extent, the judges decided to award a winner for entrants in the schools or education consulting sector. Simply Learning Tuition was a clear winner for the second time. The judges stated, “This firm clearly brings a caring and compassionate perspective to its services, but combines this with technological efficiency and excellent people management practices.” They recognised, “A very buttoned-down intelligent group of people with a bigger-picture awareness.”

Simply Learning Tuition is an education consultancy that provides specialist advice covering all stages of education, as well as introductions to the UK’s leading schools, universities and private tutors. Its carefully crafted entry showed a deep understanding of the requirements of relocating families and its clients are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, from business to embassies and private individuals with children following a variety of global curriculums.

Nathaniel McCullagh, founder and managing director of Simply Learning Tuition, said, “We’re very honoured to receive such glowing recognition for the work of our truly dedicated education consultancy team. The Relocate Global Award couldn’t have come at a better time, as we embark on a year of growth and innovation in our service to parents and students around the world.”

Multi-Lingual Services 

The judges were impressed by the company’s success in growing its international footprint in 2018 through a number of avenues. This nimble organisation demonstrated its agility by supporting its multi-lingual websites and translation software, with in-house bilingual sales staff who are able to support each client with the care and personal service it is known for. Simply Learning Tuition has also built partnerships with overseas organisations, employing native speakers to address any communications issues when dealing with non-English speaking clients. Responding to parents’ concerns regarding Brexit, it has extended its reach beyond UK schools with the help of its international network and is now able to provide clients with services and options for multiple countries.

The judges commended Simply Learning Tuition’s approach to people management – ranging from well-being initiatives such as flexitime and mental health ambassadors
to continuing professional development and
charity work – which has resulted in a highly engaged team who go beyond the call of duty if needed.

A significant part of its work and success is vetting new potential tutors. The judges praised its use of technology to streamline the process and proprietary applications. They were impressed by an efficient system that also gave guidance to those rejected on how to improve their skills and reapply in the future.

Managing Academic Transitions 

Simply Learning Tuition clearly explains the vast improvements in screen sharing and white boarding technology. This, coupled with a continued focus on working with exceptional tutors means global families can get access to the very best British tutors. With online lessons, these can easily fit around inevitably hectic schedules when planning a relocation. Tutors often act as mentors and can help your child to deal with any anxiety or uncertainty around their school/country move.

The company is confident in the knowledge that it delivers a much-needed service for families who are relocating or need a tutor. It clearly understands that change is often stressful and that academic transitions can be particularly difficult for some students.

“Our work begins with our own team; providing a nurturing, creative workplace so that we can bring these internal values to all the work we do externally. We adopt a non-arrogant, non- judgemental approach to our clients and instead try to be honest, transparent and, above all, expert and efficient. We care that the work we do makes a positive difference”, the company stated in its winning submission. This shone through in its impressive entry and supporting testimonials.

“Winning an award shows that an independent panel has thoroughly investigated your company – and drawn good conclusions. Putting this into the context of the really high standard of competitors in this year’s awards, means that families can use a company’s service with confidence,” added McCullagh.

Why did Simply Learning Tuition Win?

Said the judges, “This small company demonstrates big passion! High-quality service and depth of knowledge are hallmarks of this niche player in the education field.

“Being nimble and highly responsive to change, Simply Learning Tuition applies its flexible approach to ensuring exceptional service quality. Its committed staff are supported effectively by career planning.”

Summing up, the judges called Simply Learning Tuition “a great example of a firm that supports both families on the move and its own teams of professionals by providing added-value service delivery”.