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We understand how precious a good education is. Established in 2009, SLT helps students to fulfil their academic potential and grow into happy, confident and successful young people. Families see us as trusted advisors, delivering a warm, down to earth and professional service that provides the missing resources their child needs.

Simply Learning Tuition is based in Kensington, and we provide private tuition and school and university advice for families in London, the UK and all around the world. You can review testimonials from the satisfied parents, students and schools we work with here.

"A highly professional and personalised service."

"Parents adore their service."

"The calibre of tutors is phenomenal."

Inspiring results

SLT is a complete support team for your child’s education; providing a full range of services from the very best private tutors to expert guidance for nursery, school and university applications.

We work with several hundred high-calibre tutors. All are known to us personally and selected for their teaching experience, empathy as well as their razor-sharp subject and exam board knowledge. Only when we truly believe we would be happy for a tutor to come to our own homes, and teach our own children do they make it onto our books.

As a result of our deep level of care and client service, we find ourselves working for the same families for many years.


Private Tutors

SLT tutors have helped thousands of children to improve their academic performance, confidence and overall wellbeing. They provide support in all the key subjects and academic levels offering in person, online and live-in tuition.


Home Schooling

We create a personalised programme for every child. This will embrace your child’s emotional needs and any SEN such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or other, more complex challenges. We handle entry for all GCSE & A-Level examinations and are proud to say that 100% of our home school students return to mainstream school.


Education Consultants

Our award-winning team of education consultants have a thorough understanding of the British education system. From nursery to university, we offer independent advice to help you choose and secure a place at the school that is best for your child.

  • Proven results
  • Full safeguarding
  • Highly recommended by parents
  • Personally matched
  • Exam board experts
  • Entrance examination professionals
  • Online & in person
  • UK & overseas
  • Established in 2009

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What makes our approach to private tuition different?

Quite simply, the level of care that goes into finding the right private tutor for your child. We introduce private tutors who will suit your child’s academic goals, but also the learning style that’s likely to suit them best.

If a child is struggling to engage in any form of formal education, we’ll find a private tutor adept at building confidence and re-engaging their love for learning in more fun and imaginative ways.

For a particularly bright child about to take a difficult entrance or scholarship exam, we might find a private tutor who can help them hone their exam technique so they do their intelligence justice on exam day – and without them feeling their wider knowledge is being stifled.

We also represent only the very highest quality private tutors. We’re known among private tutor circles as being hard to be represented by, and the level of experience we require is very high. All tutors have seamless academic qualifications, right back to GCSE. Only when we truly believe we’d be happy for a tutor to come to our own homes to teach our own children do they make it onto our books.

So often, clients tell us it is these extra details that make the difference. It is certainly a reason we find ourselves working for the same families for years – helping one child through their education from first years to university. Then doing the same for their younger siblings.

How does the SLT private tuition process work?

The first thing we do is have a conversation with you online, on the phone or in person, depending on what you prefer. That conversation will be with the member of the SLT team who specialises in your child’s age group and the type of private tuition you’re looking for.

Within a couple of days we recommend a selection of private tutors from our books. We normally recommend about three private tutors, and we will have a conversation with you about each one.

We then organise for your child to have one lesson with your chosen tutor. We check in to make sure all went well. 99 times out of 100 it does, but if you’re not happy we try a new private tutor until we find a fit you’re completely happy with.

In addition, by being a client of ours, you have access to all the rest of our expertise. We often end up being our clients’ go-to sounding board for anything they’re worried about – from what schools or universities to consider through to how to prepare for SATs.

What is special about the private tutors we work with?

One of the things we’ve always prided ourselves on is the level of care we take when adding private tutors to our roster. The private tutors we look for are highly qualified, highly experienced, confident – and natural mentors who your child will grow to like and trust.

At a basic level, all private tutors are highly vetted with enhanced DBS checks, and all references are always followed up. In terms of academic qualifications, private tutors we recommend will have at least one degree from a Russell Group university, and 53% of tutors are qualified teachers.

The final all-important layer is experience. While some of our private tutors are in their early 20s – which many students often like – you will never be faced with a university graduate with no experience. Instead, all our private tutors must have 100+ hours of experience before they go onto our books. We have subject-specialist tutors. We also have tutors who are specialists in the specific challenge your child is likely to be working towards – whether that’s preparing for 11+, a specific school entrance exam, GCSEs or Oxbridge interviews

This experience makes such a big difference: it enables a private tutor to be able to adapt their teaching style very quickly to build a rapport, and to zero in on what will make the biggest impact on your child’s learning journey.

Do we provide tutor services outside the UK?

Yes. As well as offering private tutoring in London and across the UK, we regularly organise online tutoring and live in tutors for families living all over the world.

We can also organise for a tutor to come and join you and your family during school holidays, wherever you are. Many families opt for a hybrid approach, using a combination of in-person and online tuition to prepare a child for a particular exam or school entrance test. More information is available on our case studies page.

  • “Let me use this opportunity to gush about your recommendations, team and tutors. Simply Learning Tuition has made such an impact on my brother and the effect is clear. In the last year Iyowuna has come further than I could have expected and I know Simply Learning Tuition had a lot to do with that”.

    Ms. O, Year 7 Tuition

  • "I was so pleased with every aspect of this process, from my very first time speaking with you, through to Eleanor’s final departure. I would highly recommend Simply Learning Tuition highly to anyone looking for extra help, whether part-time or full-time live-in like Eleanor. Thank you for everything!!"

    Mrs D, Austin, Texas, International Travelling Tutor

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Established in 2009, Simply Learning Tuition is recognised as an authority in many areas of the British Education system. We focus particularly on preparation for entrance and national exams, home schooling and school and university advice and placements. To be kept up to date with offers, advice and events to support your child’s education, join our mailing list below.

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