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Simply Learning Tuition has been advising families on every part of their child’s education for over ten years and we often hear the same concerns and queries. Our expert blogs address many of those questions and offer advice on a wide range of topics – from essential homework tips, 11+ & 13+ preparation and insightful reviews of the most popular independent schools in the UK.

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  • Removing the Barriers to Happy Homework

    Private tutor Omari Eccleston-Brown shares more tips from his upcoming book, 'The Secret to Happy Homework'. Omari explains how an understanding of Executive Function can quickly identify and correct common learning challenges, resulting in a dramatic increase in your child’s marks and enjoyment of their work.

  • 5 Tips To Boost GCSE & A-Level Mock Exam Performance

    Months of school closures have caused huge disruption and pressure on students. All schools are now required by the government to hold formal mock exams for years 11 and 13. The results are likely to be used in the case of further disruption. In this article we provide 5 tips to boost GCSE and A-Level mock exam performance.

  • Making Homework work for you

    In this second of four special blogposts, private tutor Omari Eccleston-Brown shares top tips from his upcoming book 'The Secret to Happy Homework' on how parents can use rules and structure to end homework battles.

  • Post-Lockdown Education

    After six months of widespread disruption to students’ education, private tutoring is more popular now than ever. We explore the post -lockdown proven benefits of tutoring, as well as how it may be more financially feasible than many people realise.

  • How to Motivate Your Child To Do Their Homework

    Omari Eccleston-Brown shares some top tips from his upcoming book 'The Secret to Happy Homework' on how parents can motivate their children to do their homework and achieve calmer, happier, and more productive homework with their children.

  • How has the pandemic affected parenting?

    There is no guide to parenting in a pandemic. After more than six months of parental challenges we explore the concerns, how parents are changing their behaviour as a result and how you can support your child.