Our approach to private tuition & education consultancy

We work with families who care deeply about their children’s future and are willing to invest in the support that might be needed to compliment, or in some cases replace a traditional education. For parents who know exactly what their child needs, in terms of private tuition, or have a vision about how they should be educated and where, we have the expert resources needed to ensure success. We also support children who find learning more difficult, where parents may not be, ‘not quite sure what the problem is’ and need advisors they can trust to guide them towards the path and the results they want for their child.

The tutors are truly skilled and professional and are the best tutors I have met. I will continue to refer my friends and family and anyone who wants an excellent education for their child.”

Parent, Dr Gupta. 

“High-quality service and depth of knowledge are hallmarks of this niche player in the education field”.

Relocate Global Award for Excellence in  Education Consultancy 2019

Simply Learning Tuition was founded in 2009, by Nathaniel McCullagh, a private tutor working in London. Nathaniel believed that by focusing specifically on the match between the child and tutor and only working with educators who were passionate, talented and committed, he could create a company that would make a real difference to children’s lives – getting them back on the right path to deliver their full potential. Our team believes passionately in this core principle and we have grown steadily to represent around 300 hand-picked private tutors, who provide a full range of academic support and mentoring.

Our sister company, Simply Learning Tuition Consultancy, was created to address the demand for professional and personal education advice when choosing a new school, nursery or university. Our team has almost 30 years of collective consultancy experience and over 60 years in education. We also work with a small number of educationalists, counsellors and therapists who are well respected in their particular fields.

Why parents use our services

Our particular strengths lie in an extremely high level of client service, the quality of the tutors we introduce and the relationships we have built with schools and families. These are professional, discreet and long lasting, often spanning many years and several siblings. We care deeply about the success of our school and university placements, and about introducing tutors with exceptional track records. Our service always matches your family’s aspirations and the individual needs of each student.

Every member of our team is passionate about giving you the best possible experience of private tutoring and education consultancy, something that when delivered correctly can be life enhancing, but if poorly handled can cause irrevocable damage to a child’s education.  We have a thorough understanding of the many facets of both the British and global education systems, from London day schools to Ivy League Universities, although we specialise in the ecosystem of UK independent schools and their unique characteristics. We build trusted relationships with registrars and Head Teachers and make regular visits to schools across the UK. This allows us to provide parents with impartial and accurate advice on the relative merits of each school, as well giving us the ability to open doors to the appropriate admissions teams.

When it comes to tuition, the private tutors we work with undergo rigorous application tests. We take care to only represent tutors with a proven ability to teach and who are willing to undergo a high level of safeguarding and other forms of vetting. Academic excellence is a given, but we also insist on empathy; the ability to inspire, motivate and mentor.

Because our relationship with every parent and child is unique, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.