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The tutors we work with have helped thousands of children to improve their academic performance, confidence and overall wellbeing. Whether your son or daughter is an academic high flier or someone who finds learning more difficult, introducing a private tutor for even a few hours a week will have a deeply positive impact on your child’s life.

We introduce private tutors for all the key subjects and academic levels, offering after-school, online or residential services. All have first class academic backgrounds and a passion and enthusiasm for teaching young people. These qualities allow them to foster a genuine love of learning in your child which, in turn, empowers them to excel.

Each introduction is made after a detailed consultation with you so you can be assured that the tutor we introduce will be perfectly matched to your child. We can introduce tutors in as little as 48 hours. Please call one of our tuition consultants today or use our online enquiry form.

For every family that registers with Simply Learning Tuition, we fund a private tutor for a child in West Bengal.
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All tutors have outstanding academic backgrounds and an unrivalled passion for the subjects they teach. To find out more about private tuition for a specific subject, please browse through our menu of subjects, including Maths, English and Science to History, Classics and Latin, and many more.


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From the early years to university, private tutors cover every part of your child's academic journey. Please use our menu of academic levels to find out more information about the tutors for the 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ Common Entrance, GCSE, A Level, university and beyond here.


After-School Tutors

An after school tutor will enhance your child’s schooling; working through areas of difficulty or preparing them for entrance or national exams. Tutors build confidence, communication skills and a comprehensive understanding of subjects, creating a virtuous circle of improvement.


Residential Tutors

Specialist residential tutors fit in seamlessly with your family’s lifestyle to support your child’s learning when away from, or combined with, school. Whether you require short or long-term support, tutors are astute and highly adaptable; employing great creativity to keep lessons focussed and fresh.


Online Tutors

This is an incredibly effective solution for children when face to face tuition is not possible. Online tutors adapt their lessons to use a range of innovative teaching platforms; allowing students to receive the best quality of tuition wherever they are in the world.


Tutors for Specific Learning Difficulties

Specially experienced tutors will help children build their confidence and advance in their education no matter what learning challenges they face. Tutors are supported by our network of educational psychologists and speech and language specialists who together, provide a multifaceted program of support.

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