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Home Schooling Myths and Misconceptions

At Simply Learning Tuition we are aware that there are many common misconceptions about home schooling. We believe that carefully managed, one to one home schooling can be transformative; working to a student’s talents and passions to restore confidence and reaping academic benefits in the process.  We hope the following article is helpful in separating the truths from the myths.

tutor working with childMyth 1. “My child will be isolated and won’t have the opportunity to socialise and develop adequate social skills”.

Although you may need to be slightly more proactive in organising opportunities for your child to socialise, there is no evidence to suggest that social development is marginalised. If home schooling is successful, your child may feel more confident and willing to socialise than they did at school. Moreover, due to the individual learning plan of the home school curriculum, learning environments can be more flexible, allowing lessons to be more creative and explorative. Because of the tailor-made timetables and curriculum that we provide at Simply Learning Tuition, lessons and learning can be delivered outside of the classroom in museums, parks and science centres for example. We also encourage students to get involved in extra-curricular activities such as various outreach community projects, art classes and sports clubs.

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While school break times are always a great opportunity for children to make friends and play with their class or year group, home schooling students are more likely to mix with a wider range of age groups and authority figures. Ultimately, with the right activities homeschooling can nurture and grow a child’s social skills just as well as they would be in  school.

Myth Two: “Home schooling will mean that I’ll need to teach but I do not have the right qualifications. I have a career and no time to spend teaching”.

Although as a parent you may not have the formal qualifications necessary to become a teacher in a school environment, that does not mean you cannot be an excellent teacher for your children. There are a myriad of available online resources at your disposal to support and enhance your teaching methods and to fill in the gaps that you feel less confident in. For teaching specific subjects, e.g. algebra, you can either find tutorials online or join various groups like the Home Schooling Association to take advantage of other home school parent’s strengths or use a personal tutor to fill in the gaps you’re not as confident in teaching.

For parents with busy schedules, attempting to step in as a teacher may be simply one thing too many and perhaps merging education with home life is undesirable. Bringing in professional, tailor-made tutoring can make shifting to a home schooling environment more enjoyable for everyone – as well as the huge academic benefit that one-to-one tutoring can have on students. Simply Learning Tuition provides varied and personalised home schooling programmes that can be delivered either part-time, full-time, on a live-in tutoring basis, online, in person or even at our own classroom in Kensington.

Myth Three: “It is extremely difficult to find teaching resources. What should I be searching for”.

Many people who are unfamiliar with the home schooling process believe that resources can be difficult to get hold of. Fortunately however, with one internet search of ‘homeschooling curriculums’ there are thousands of resources available, with a myriad of options which can be tailored to fit an individual student’s needs.

The amount of resources available may appear to be overwhelming and it may be difficult to know which resource to choose. At Simply Learning Tuition we can help make this process a lot simpler and more effective by providing a Home School Manager. Your Home School Manager will help with timetabling, regular reporting and exam registrations for your child’s home schooling. They work alongside your own teaching or your child’s tutors.

For more information about day-to-day home school tutoring, live-in tutors or hybrid learning environments for home schooled children please visit our Home Schooling page or contact us directly.

Myth Four: “Home schooling is frowned upon by universities and higher education. It is not endorsed as a legitimate form of education”

Home schooling has been an accepted form of education for many centuries. It actually predates our current education system. The UK Government website endorses and outlines the options of ‘home education’ stating that it may be conducted either full-time or part-time. Although the UK Government states that your child must receive a full-time education from the age of 5 from either home or in school, you are not required to follow the national curriculum.

Most universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge, welcome home schooled student applications. Although home schooled students are not required to follow the national curriculum to attend universities, they will be required to gain UCAS recognised qualifications by taking the required IB, A-Levels, GCSEs, or BTECs. At Simply Learning Tuition, as part of our personalised home schooling tuition package, we will ensure that your child is on track for all of the correct exam preparation and registrations.

Myth Five: “Home schooled children are usually scholars or naturally intelligent”

Although home schoolers often score significantly higher on standardised tests than their peers, this is not necessarily linked to the ‘natural’ intelligence of a child. In reality, children of all academic abilities find home schooling rewarding because it gives undivided attention to the needs and learning requirements of that child. For example, at Simply Learning Tuition, we have many excellent and experienced tutors who provide both full time and part-time home schooling who are well accustomed to unique requirements of each home schooled child. With our personalised tuition package we ensure that every child has a timetable, syllabus and learning plan that will help them achieve the best of their potential.

Myth Six: “It is essential to have a designated learning environment in your home”

It is absolutely not essential to have a home classroom when home schooling your child. All that is needed is a quiet, uninterrupted space where your child can learn. This may be at the kitchen table, a room in your local library or even in their bedroom. SLT has provided home schooling in some quite unusual situations, including a year long sailing trip, on yachts, skiing lodges, polo fields and film sets. In each case, our programme has been built around the needs of the family.

We are renowned for the quality of our Home School Programmes. If you would like to see how Home Schooling with SLT could benefit your child please get in touch. Our experienced team will listen carefully and provide solutions to ensure the best possible outcome.

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