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When is GCSE Results Day 2024?

Our guide takes you through all of the essential details of the day and explains the options available to your child once they have received their results.

When is GCSE results day?

GCSE results day is on Thursday 22nd August 2024 (England and Wales). Waiting for GCSE results can be stressful for parents and students alike. This article explains all the details of the day and what to do if your child’s results aren’t as expected.

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How do you collect your child’s GCSE Results?

  • Each school has different arrangements, but most schools welcome students to collect their results in person if they wish, from around 8 am.
  • Many schools will also publish the results on their online portal or send them out via email.

How do you prepare for the day?

We advise parents and students to be prepared, focussed and fast moving. Having conversations about each possible scenario and plan A, B and C are important.

Can my child retake their GCSE exams?

Yes, GCSEs can be retaken. However, low results do not always mean they need to retake, or that their next steps are affected. Speak to your child’s school about what their results might mean for their sixth form choices. Try to take into account how this might affect A-Level or IB subjects, and then possible university choices from there. Knowledge is power when it comes to planning the future, so taking the time to strategise based on various routes can be very helpful. There are various ways that students can re-take their GCSEs if required. Start by talking to your child’s school, we’re also available to help.

What’s next?

GCSE results day is a good point to reflect and think over future options for your child. They are a great guide for deciding between A Levels and the International Baccalaureate and in picking subject choices.

If you and your child decide they should retake, then consider your plan of action so they can achieve the best possible results.  It is important that your child is proactive and begins to review and revise their GCSE syllabus. Working with an experienced and up to speed private tutor will help.

Seeking advice from your child’s school is always a good place to start. Should you need impartial and external support, our expert education consultants are on hand to help with any aspect of your child’s academic journey.

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