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Private Tutors for UKiset

Simply Learning Tuition introduces tutors who specialise in UKiset and other UK school entrance exams in London and all over the world. The UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test, commonly known as UKiset, is the entrance test used by Britain’s leading independent schools to assess international applicants. Designed to assess a student’s academic potential rather than ‘subject specific’ knowledge, it levels the playing field for children who are not native English speakers, and ensures that they are able to receive a first-class education.

Simply Learning Tuition introduces tutors who can provide UKiset tuition to your son or daughter. The tutor will work one-to-one with them to develop an understanding of the way they learn. This allows them to provide tailored tuition which will in turn ensure success. Unlike the Common Entrance, GCSEs and A-Levels, UKiset is a new test with only a small sample of questions and no past papers. However, since the inception of UKiset, tutors we have introduced have had a solid record of successful results. As such, we are confident that we recommend and introduce only the most adaptable and reliable tutors who will instruct your child on the core skills that they will need for success at UKiset.

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    Tutors for Ukiset

    Sophie Taylor Barthorpe, our Director of Tuition discusses how tutors help students prepare for the Ukiset.

  • How does SLT approach tutoring for UKiset?

    Tutors are able to offer personal tuition in London, and online or residential tutoring to overseas families. Tutors will cover the key areas, including non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, spatial ability, quantitative ability and English language ability.

  • How should I prepare for the UKiset?

    Tutors can provide additional time management and confidence building training, along with tutoring in English as a foreign language, if required. This will ensure that your child is fully prepared for the demands of an independent school and will help acclimatise them to their new educational institution. Please note Simply Learning Tuition has no direct connection with UKiset. We neither administer nor create UKiset tests.

  • What schools currently use UKiset?

    Around 300 UK independent schools use UKiset. The main benefit of UKiset is that the same examination result can be sent to many schools. Families can also send the score before paying registration fees, potentially saving a wasted registration.

  • How do I take the UKiset?

    Students can either take the UKiset online or at an examination centre in their country. Registration is through the UKiset website ( The test costs about £300

  • "Harry enjoyed (Katherine’s) lessons, she was responsive in terms of his needs and timing, and he scored well in the exams thereafter. I would certainly be pleased to recommend her".

    Mr. H, UKiset Preparation

  • "Zora is a very devoted and conscientious tutor who prepares well and tries to get her student's attention with various methods. She is very polite and discrete".

    Mrs. S, Residential 13+ Common Entrance Tuition in France

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