A great deal of pressure is placed on school children and in some cases, stressed and unhappy students may resort to destructive behaviour that harms them and the people around them. However, in our experience, these emotional challenges, even when they approach breaking point, can be an opportunity to embark on a positive and rewarding new path.

A one-to-one relationship based on trust and mutual respect allows the tutors we introduce to support children not only academically, but also emotionally. The tutors we work with naturally become mentors to the children, helping them to deal with any issues they may be facing both in and away from school. They present alternative ways of thinking about current challenges and lead by example, offering support and encouragement. If required, they can help to implement a healthy schedule that includes exercise, sufficient sleep and tailored academic and personal development goals. Ultimately the mentor’s aim is to build confidence in the child and give them the tools that enable them to become happy in themselves and flourish in school and life. Therefore, many families choose to work with a tutor who exclusively mentors their child alongside hourly tuition or home schooling.

We regard many of the tutors we introduce as natural mentors, but if you require a dedicated mentor to help your son or daughter in a specific area such as a general lack of motivation, stressful job applications, career advice, expulsion, or another behavioural issue, then please call us to discuss your son or daughter’s concerns in more detail.

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