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Private Tutors for the 7 Plus and 8 Plus
In London and Online

We introduce private tutors for 7 Plus and 8 Plus Entrance Exams. Every tutor we introduce specialises in teaching the younger years and has experience of helping children secure entry into London’s most competitive schools. Your child’s tutor will use a variety of fun and engaging methods to develop the core literacy and numeracy skills required for each school’s specific assessment. They will also introduce your child to exam technique, helping them to understand potentially difficult questions and how to demonstrate their knowledge in key areas.

Our tuition is available in-person in central London and online anywhere in the world. We can also introduce residential and international tutors to live and travel with you anywhere in the world.

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7 Plus and 8 Plus Tutors

  • Alexa


    Alexa tutors students for entrance exams from 7+ to 13+. She also prepares students for interviews and scholarship applications.

  • Alexander S

    Alexander S

    Alexander specialises in varying entrance exams and core GCSE subjects. He also prepares students for Oxbridge applications.

  • Alice


    Alice is trilingual and supports with English, French and Spanish. She also specialises in Psychology tuition for A Level students, and teaches Maths at 7+, 11+ and 13+.

  • Alison B

    Alison B

    Alison specialises in Latin. She also teaches Greek and English Language for varying entrance exams.

  • Amin


    Amin specialises in Maths and Science tuition, specifically for the 7+, 11+, 13+ and GCSE Examinations.

  • Amy HM

    Amy HM

    Amy is a qualified teacher and specialises in English tuition. She also tutors Maths and prepares students for the 7+ and 11+ entrance exams.

  • Annabel


    Annabel specialises in working with children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, focusing mainly on maths and English.

  • Baxter


    Baxter is a qualified Maths teacher, and specialises in tuition from 7+ to A Level.

  • Beth


    Beth is a highly experienced tutor who has worked around the world, specialising in English tuition.

  • Caitlin F

    Caitlin F

    Caitlin specialises in English for the younger years. She also prepares students for the 7+, 8+ and 11+ entrance exams.

  • Callum


    Callum specialises in English and Maths tuition from 7+ up to GCSE, including 11+ and 13+ preparation. He is experienced in teaching children with special educational needs, particularly with English and creative writing.

  • Candy


    Candy is a qualified primary school teacher with over 10 years experience, specialising particularly in English, Maths and 7+ Exam Preparation.

  • Carrie M

    Carrie M

    Carrie teaches English, History, and French, including maths for the 11+, 13+ and UKiset. She also provides mentoring, interview preparation and Oxford applications advice.

  • Charlotte


    Charlotte specialises in English, she also prepares students for entrance exams as well as teaches French and Maths up to GCSE level.

  • Christine


    Christine is a qualified teacher, who is multidisciplinary but with a particular specialism in Geography. She also has a particularly broad range of experience with SEN students and preparing students for competitive entrance exams in both English and Maths.

  • Claudia


    Claudia is a highly experienced multidisciplinary tutor, teaching English, History of Art, History, Geography, Religious Studies & Media studies.

  • Dween


    Dween is a multidisciplinary tutor and Entrance Examination specialist. Additionally, he has a wealth of SEN experience.

  • Emma B

    Emma B

    Emma is an experienced prep school teacher, who specialises in preparing students of 7+ and 11+.

  • Faizel


    Faizel is a qualified Primary School Teacher and has worked in one of London's top Independent Prep Schools. He specialises in Entrance Exam Preparation at 7+, 8+ and 11+.

  • Georgina


    Georgina specialises in primary level tuition, including English, Maths and Science while also supporting with 7+ and 11+ exams.

  • Heather


    Heather's specialist subjects are English and Drama. She also tutors Mathematics up to 11+, History and Creative Writing.

  • Hugh


    Hugh has an MFA in Fine art, and specialises in this and English to Undergraduate level. He also teaches Maths for the 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ exams.

  • Jack H

    Jack H

    Jack specialises in English and Maths tuition for students up to GSCE level, including preparation for the 11+ and 13+ exams. He also prepares students for the LNAT exam and supports with Oxbridge applications.

  • James M

    James M

    James specialises in tutoring towards entrance examinations, in particular 7+, 11+ and 13+. He also supports Oxbridge applications.

  • Jenny Ha

    Jenny Ha

    Jenny is an English specialist, and also specialises in 7+, 11+ and 13+ preparation, teaching both the English and Maths papers.

  • Jenny S

    Jenny S

    Jenny is an SEN specialist who has a huge range of home schooling experience and supports with English, Maths, Geography, History and Science.

  • Jessica G

    Jessica G

    Jessica specialises in Psychology tuition and is an AQA Examiner. She also has a strong track record of preparing students for competitive Entrance Exams in English and Maths.

  • Joanne


    Joanne specialises in Biology tuition, all Sciences up to GCSE and Mathematics. She also prepares students for entrance exams from 8+ to 16+.

  • Katie


    Katie is an experienced primary school teacher. She specialises in preparing students for 7+, 11+ and 13+. She also provides interview practice.

  • Kieron


    Kieron is a Cambridge Classics graduate, who is highly multidisciplinary. He is also very experienced at supporting students for entry to schools such as Eton College, in both English, Maths and Latin papers.

  • Laura


    Laura specialises in English and Entrance Exam tuition. She also supports with Maths, Science and Spanish.

  • Leia


    Leia specialises in Maths, Science and Geography from 11+ up to A Level. She also tutors students in essay writing for University entry.

  • Leon


    Leon specialises in English tuition and is an Entrance Exam specialist, teaching from 7+ through to 13+. Leon also teaches essay-based subjects such as History, Geography and Social Sciences.

  • Liam


    Liam specialises in English tuition from age 5 up to A level, while also preparing students for 7+, 8+ and 11+ entrance exams.

  • Madelaine


    Madelaine is a qualified teacher who specialises in English and Maths tuition. She also has a huge amount of homeschooling experience, and experience with students with SEN.

  • Mariam


    Mariam is an experienced teacher and SENCo. She specialises in English, Maths and Entrance exams at 7+, 8+ and 11+ and has a huge amount of SEN experience with primary and secondary school children.

  • Max


    Max specialises in English tuition from Pre-school to A Level and has also supported with Entrance exams for students at 8+, 11+ and 13+.

  • Minnie


    Minnie is a Primary Specialist teaching English and Maths, who has a huge amount of SEN experience. She also supports with Art and School Entrance Exam Preparation.

  • Natasha H

    Natasha H

    Natasha has been tutoring for over 5 years and specialises in English Tuition, as well as 7+ and 11+ Exam Preparation.

  • Nick


    Nick specialises in English and Maths tuition, along with supporting with the 7+, 11+ and 13+ exams and Drama up to A Level.

  • Nicola


    Nicola is a University Lecturer who is highly multidisciplinary, specialising in English, Maths, History and Art History, as well as 11+ and 13+ exams.

  • Nicole


    Nicole specialises in Primary level English and Maths tuition and 7+ Exam Preparation.

  • Omari


    Omari is a highly multidisciplinary tutor, specialising particularly in English and Maths for Entrance Exams from 7+ to 13+.

  • Phineas


    Phineas has been tutoring since 2007. He specialises in Humanities and Languages - French and German. He tutors from 7+ age up to A-level.

  • Robert


    Robert is a multidisciplinary tutor, who specialises in English, History, Philosophy and Geography. He also specialises in Exam preparation for the 7+, 11+ and 13+, teaching Maths and Science at these levels.

  • Rosemary


    Rosemary is a multidisciplinary tutor, who specialises in SEN support. She also teaches English, Geography, History, 7+, 11+ and 13+ Entrance Exams.

  • Rupert P

    Rupert P

    Rupert is a qualified teacher, who tutors a wide range of subjects including English and Maths. He has considerable SEN experience.

  • Sally


    Sally specialises in exam preparation, with her students receiving offers from top London Day schools. She tutors from 7+ up to GCSE.

  • Sarah N

    Sarah N

    Sarah tutors Key Stage 1 and 2 Maths and English, and also Art. She teaches in a creative way, building confidence as well as ability and has a huge amount of SEN experience.

  • Shona R

    Shona R

    Shona is a qualified teacher. She specialises in teaching English and maths, including for competitive 11+ examinations.

  • Tom


    Tom specialises in English, entrance examinations and Government and Politics. He also teaches the SAT for US admissions.

  • Verity M

    Verity M

    Verity specialises in online tuition, with a particular focus on English, 7+, 11+ and UKiset tuition.

  • Vishal


    Vishal specialises in Entrance Exam Admissions at 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+, 13+ and 16+. He also supports English, Maths and Science up to GCSE level.

  • Xanthi


    Xanthi teaches Maths, English and Science, specialising in GCSE Maths and English. As a writer, she is well-equipped to teach essay writing and has proven success in this area at a wide range of levels. She also specialises in Philosophy at A Level and above.

  • Zoe F

    Zoe F

    Zoe specialises in the Humanities, English, History and Geography up to year 7, while also teaching Maths up to 11+.

  • Zoe H

    Zoe H

    Zoe specialises in English up to A Level, and also teaches Maths at Key Stage 1 and 2, including 7+, 8+ and 11+ Exam Tuition.

  • What is the 7 Plus exam?

    The 7 Plus assessment is an entrance exam used by most independent preparatory schools accepting pupils for year three entrance. It can consist of any combination of assessments; it really comes down to the school and the type of children they prefer. Most issue Maths, English, and Verbal Reasoning tests, while others may also include PE and Art sessions in the assessment. A few schools conduct interviews with the children, although these are informal. Some prep schools opt to host a general open day or taster day, observing the children during class time.

  • What is the 8 Plus exam?

    Many schools offer entry at 8 Plus, in year 4, as well as 7 Plus. The 8 Plus exam is a more intensive exam than the 7 Plus. Students are expected to have a greater mastery of Maths, including multiplication, as well as English. In terms of their literacy skills, students should have a wide vocabulary range, and be able to write eloquently, with a higher level of sophistication.

  • How can I prepare my child for the 7+ and 8+?

    The 7 Plus assessment is a deciding factor in your child’s future, a stepping stone towards the rest of their academic career. For this reason, avoid any last-minute cramming, and prepare well in advance. Your child should build up their literacy, numeracy, and thinking skills over time, either with a tutor or parent, and practice expressing themselves correctly and eloquently. We can help you by carrying out a full, expert academic assessment on your child, that will give you an in-depth analysis of their learning strength. This assessment will help you ascertain specific academic goals for your child, and identify any weak areas before going ahead into 7 Plus preparation. If you are confident in your child’s test-taking skills, but are unsure about which schools to apply to, we can help you find a school that will be a perfect match for your child.

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  • What school entrance exams has SLT introduced tutors for?

    We introduce tutors to prepare children for the 7 Plus and 8 Plus assessments required by many of the UK’s leading schools including:

    Basset House SchoolDulwich PrepEaton SquareColet CourtLatymer & Garden House
    Hill HouseKensington PrepKnightsbridge SchoolNewton PrepNorland Place
    Pembridge HallThomas' FulhamThomas' BatterseaThomas' ClaphamLudgrove
    PapplewickSunningdaleWoodcote HouseWetherby PrepWestminster Under School
    Kings College WimbledonSt. PaulsUCS
  • "I feel very grateful to Amy to have helped me. Amy was funny and happy and it helped learning in an easy way. She did not get angry, she was pleased with my effort even if I got things wrong. Amy taught me how to check my work properly, how to get out of a puddle (trouble?), to use the text in answering my questions. She helped in preparing me for my journey in getting into Colet Court".

    Miss. K, 7+ Preparation for Colet Court

  • "Russell was really helpful and very lovely; always on time and definitely helped Eren a lot with her 7+ English and interview technique".

    Mrs. I, 7+ Exam and Interview Preparation

  • "I have been delighted with Natalie and am continuing tuition until September. I am also very happy with all other aspects of the way the company is run".

    Mrs. B, 7+ Preparation

  • "Thanks to Simply Learning’s kind and attentive assistance, Ella has managed to secure a Year 8 chance space at Francis Holland."

    Mr B, Washington D.C., Senior School Placement

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