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Claire P

"Many thanks Claire for all your help with A--. She would not have done so well without you."

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Academic History

2014-2016 – L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq – Completed a 2 year course in acting/creating new pieces of theatre

2010-2013 Balliol College, University of Oxford, BA in History 2:1

2008-2010 Peter Symonds College, A levels: History A*, English A*, Music A, Critical Thinking A, General Studies, A Maths AS level A

2003-2008 Thornden School, GCSEs: A*s in English Literature, English Language, Maths, Statistics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, German, Music, Drama, Textiles, Business Communications Systems

About Me

My specialist subjects are History and English and I also provide Maths and English support for key stages 1-2, including preparation for the 11+. I am an enthusiastic and engaging tutor who works hard to make each session fun and memorable as well as academically rigorous. I aim to inspire in each student a love for the subject they are studying, instilling a sense of excitement to learn more.

Recent Tuition

Please see a snapshot of my recent tuition below.


I supported a student preparing for 11+. We worked methodically with practice papers so that she was familiar with the ISEB format and expectations as well as adding a level of creativity and fun to our English sessions which encouraged her to be adventurous with her vocabulary and approach to creative writing. A supportive and nurturing environment was created to ensure that I built confidence in her – confidence building was a particularly key aspect of these sessions in order to allow her to perform to the best of her potential.

11+ and Elocution

I supported a student who learnt English as a second language and needed extra support in this subject for both his elocution and his preparation for competitive 11+ exams. At the point of tutoring he had not yet decided his target schools. Our sessions focused on improving his grammar, spelling and comprehension in a fun and engaging way. We worked on building up his stamina and accuracy when writing as well as a more varied bank of vocabulary.

12+ Pre-tests

I am supporting a 12 year old student for his 12+ pre-tests to competitive schools in south London. The student had quite a few gaps in his English and Maths and we have worked efficiently using a rating system to ensure he is comfortable on all key areas that are likely to be tested in the exam. He has become a much more confident and communicative student during our time together and feels comfortable with a much wider range of maths topics and has a new level of understanding for analysis and creative writing in English. His parents are very pleased with the progress the student has made so we will be continuing tutoring following the exams to keep up the good momentum in his English and Maths progress.

Year 3 English and Maths support

I supported a year 3 student to increase her confidence and ability in English and Maths. Our sessions were creative and fun, for example, doing times table olympics for Maths and creating stories with the new vocabulary she learned for English; she displayed increasingly great enjoyment and motivation in both subjects.

Year 5 English and Maths

I worked for two years with this student on an ad hoc basis and during the school holidays to keep her on track with her English and Maths skills. English is a weaker area for her, so I encouraged her to feel more confident in expressing herself both verbally and through her writing. Together we put together stories and used interesting vocabulary lists, tying new words into her work. I find that involving an aspect of drama really helps to ensure that students feel comfortable in applying expression and meaning to their work, and in particular when speaking and reading stories aloud. With Maths we took the time to go back and improve her grasp of key concepts from number and place value to percentages, decimals and fractions, which she lacked a firm understanding of due to moving from different education systems abroad. She started to build much better habits, eg showing her workings, and is increasingly confident in a way that she can apply her knowledge to more advanced problems. Her aim was to take the 11+ for Thomas’ in Battersea.

Mentoring SEN, Year 5 – Year 12

I have worked as a long-term mentor with a female student with certain SEN considerations since she moved to England from Iran. Over the years we have developed a brilliant relationship where I have helped to nurture confidence in her studies and an ability to manage her work and cope with exams/other stressful situations that crop up in her schooling which have proved extra challenging for some of her processing difficulties. Testament to this is how far she has come since year 5 – she has gone from achieving low grades, a lack of confidence and unable to remember how exams have gone due to the stress, to a wonderful set of GCSE results full of 7s, 8s and 9s and is looking forward to starting her A-levels at Ashbourne, for which I also helped her attain a drama scholarship. As part of mentoring I also helped her look around different A-level colleges to choose the college/courses that suited her best. We will also be working in a similar way when it comes to university applications.

Year 5 homework support and 11+ preparation

I give twins (with different strengths and weaknesses) general year 5 homework support. I have built up an excellent rapport with them and I tailor the sessions to their varying needs. Their parents are keen that the girls are encouraged to enjoy their academic studies and not become stressed with the amount of work they have to cover. Accordingly, I keep our sessions fun and fast-paced, challenging them to think outside of the box when appropriate, instilling in them a confidence which allows them to produce interesting work that goes beyond expectations. This role has a long term goal of preparing the girls for 11+.

Year 5 SEN (ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia)

I tutored English to a student in year 5 who finds reading, writing and general concentration a big challenge. Her parents were eager that I encourage her to develop her English skills as well as her general confidence in this area of work. My patience and ability to communicate was key in tailoring sessions that allowed her to engage with the subject matter and progress at a rate that challenged her, yet was not too overwhelming.

Year 6 English (EFL, speaking, elocution, grammar and vocabulary) and Maths support

I offer continuing support for a young girl (now 13, we started when she was 10) from Iran following her arrival in London. Our sessions focus on honing her English and Maths, as well as extra homework support, with particular attention paid to extending her English language and speaking skills. To enhance these skills we tied some drama into our lessons together, often reading aloud and acting out stories to help her develop a more enriched vocabulary and perfect her elocution, pronunciation and expression skills. During our time together this student has made great improvements, and her reading levels went up by 2 years following our lessons in the first year. Her Maths score has also increased significantly and she now has a firm grasp of many of the basic mathematical concepts she was lacking at the beginning with her teacher confident that she can get a B by the end of this year. We are now focusing on exam technique and how to apply her increasingly solid academic skills with accuracy and flair in a pressured situation.

Mentoring, A Level Sociology – Degree

I helped this sociology student bridge the gap from A-levels to degree level work and was a regular source of support during her BA degree to help her achieve the work that she was capable of, but lacking in confidence to produce. We regularly discussed reading lists and the work required of her and I helped her to organise what she needed to focus on, ensuring she took the lead and felt in control and interested in where her work was going. We worked on study and essay skills to ensure that she was communicating her ideas in the best way possible and to meet the deadlines required of her. Throughout the 3 years of her degree she gained in confidence and was delighted to achieve a 2:1.

Oxford Entrance Mentoring, HAT/Interviews

I helped a history student hone her personal statement and subsequently prepare for the HAT test, providing a nurturing approach to build confidence as well as skills, whilst ensuring she expressed who she was in an engaging way when it came to the personal statement. This student was completely unfamiliar with the Oxbridge entrance process but, through our regular preparation, felt ready and full of curiosity and enjoyment to approach the challenges of the HAT.

English as a Foreign Language

During my time living in Paris I taught English as a foreign language to both young students and a mature student in preparation for both formal exams and conversational fluency. The mature student successfully passed the English modules of her professional training and was subsequently able to apply for more ambitious positions in her career.

Hobbies and Interests

Alongside tutoring I am passionate about the arts, and have spent my life heavily involved in many aspects of drama, music and dance. I am currently in the process of creating new pieces of physical theatre following my theatrical training in Paris and am also a member of the London Bach Choir. I love spending time engaging in the history, art and culture of a place; in Paris I had the opportunity to spend my days in the Louvre and the Marais as a family educator, communicating the many exciting stories of Paris’ art and history to families with younger children. I also love to be outdoors both walking and cycling.

Client Testimonials

“Many thanks Claire for all your help with A–. She would not have done so well without you.”

Parent of 11+ student

“We’ve really enjoyed your working with R– & seeing how she’s become confident & really interested in education.  You’ve been brilliant.”

“Claire has been a very professional and involved English teacher as I was training my English knowledge for competitive exams in Paris. Once or twice a week we had a two-hour session together, based on the understanding and analysis of newspaper articles, mostly from The Economist. Claire was very patient to correct and improve my pronunciation. She did not only have me train my English knowledge but also helped me to reflect on the issues tackled by the articles. Her rigorous analysis of the articles helped me to have a more critical opinion of the texts. The chosen topics were various – political, economic, environmental, historical, etc. Claire always had the right method to help my understanding of the theme and to initiate interesting discussions about it.”

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