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Alex S

Alex has been working with Simply Learning Tuition for over 5 years, and has worked with over thirty parents, including several long term home schooling placements.

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Academic History

Music – BA (Hons) – 2:1 (University of Cambridge)

A Levels: Maths (A), History (A), Music (A), Chemistry AS Level (A)

GCSEs: Maths (A*), English Language (A*), English Literature (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Religious Education (A*), Drama (A*), Music (A*), French (A*)

 About Me

My specialist subjects are Maths and English, and I regularly teach both of these to a wide variety of students aged 9 – 16, specifically concentrating on 11+ (including Pre-Test), 13+ and GCSE preparation. I also teach Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) to students aged 11-16, and Music (Piano, Singing and Theory) to students of all ages.

I have taught an extremely wide range of pupils over the past 7 years, all of different ages, backgrounds and abilities. This has crucially taught me that every student is different. I therefore strive to understand the best learning method for each student,  and tailor my lesson plans and tutoring approach to ensure that the student is as engaged as much as possible during our lessons.

I would like to think that I am a patient, encouraging and engaging tutor. Ultimately, I aim to make sure that during our sessions, the pupil not only makes academic progress, but also enjoys the tutoring process, is motivated to learn and gains confidence.

I have a very strong understanding of the curriculum of each subject I teach (and at each specific level), and what it takes to get the best results in the relevant examinations. I also have a great deal of experience preparing 11+ and 13+ students for top London private schools, and am very familiar with the relevant school requirements.

Recent tuition

I have prepared students for exams at schools including Harrow, Winchester, King’s Canterbury, Eton, The Perse School and Tiffin School.

Please find a snapshot of my recent tuition experience below.

Occasional Place Exam Preparation, 16+

For an intensive period of 2 months I taught one 15-year old student who had moved from America to the UK, and was applying to independent schools in the South-West London area to join Year 11. As she had no previous experience with the UK curriculum, we worked hard to prepare her for a large range of 15+/16+ entrance exams and interviews, predominantly in Maths and English, but also in other subjects such as Science. She was accepted into every school she applied to, and went to the school of her choice.

13+ Maths, English and Science

I am currently tutoring a boy in Year 7, who is hoping to apply to a number of top London private schools, and therefore requires a bit of extra coaching in Maths, English and Science. This student is very bright, and so we are focusing on polishing his ability within each subject and perfecting his exam technique so that he really excels during his examinations.

11+ Pre-Test

I have worked on two residential placements with a 10 year old boy, who is working towards taking his 11+ Pre-Test, with an aim to apply for Eton and Harrow. During that time we worked on Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning, ensuring that he was confident and consistent across the board, and both familiar and proficient with the questions and exam format. We also worked on interview technique, covering relevant topics and questions. Over the two placements I saw a considerable improvement across all subjects, particularly in Maths, which was his weakest subject.

Eton List Test preparation

Over the last 2 years I have been preparing a student for Eton College, working primarily on Maths and English, with other subjects added into the mix where necessary. This was very successful, and he managed to move up sets, and is now consistently performing at the top of his top sets in both subjects. I also successfully prepared him for the Eton List Test, working with him on Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. We are now working together in preparation for his common entrance 13+ examination, having sessions once every two weekends (when he is back from school) and then some more intensive sessions during the school holidays.

13+ English and Maths

I am currently working with a Russian boy preparing to take the Winchester 13+ assessment. His Maths is relatively strong, and so we focus mainly on exam technique and tackling more intuitive questions. However, his English skills are less developed, and so we work on comprehension, literacy, creative writing and general grammar/punctuation/spelling in an efficient and focused manner to ensure he is at the level that is required.

13+ King’s Canterbury Maths

I worked intensively with a student preparing for his 13+ Maths assessment to King’s Canterbury. He started off with huge gaps in his knowledge, but we efficiently covered the material, worked on his exam technique and crucially gave him confidence in his ability. He was successful and gained entry to the senior school.

GCSE Multiple Subjects, SEN

I have been working with one student (who has dyscalculia) for almost 3 years now. I work with him on a variety of subjects 1-2 times a week, but our main priority has always been Maths. When he started tuition, he would take a while to understand relatively straightforward aspects of the GCSE course, but over time we have worked hard to improve both his ability and his confidence within the subject. We have a very clear and open way of communicating, which I have found is so useful, as I am able to understand when I need to find a different way of explaining something. We are now working on GCSE Higher Level material, for example, the Sine and Cosine rules, which he fully understands, and can work through quite challenging questions at a pace that works for him.

GCSE Maths, English and Triple Science

I taught two GCSE students Maths, English and Triple Science over the course of two years. We covered a great deal of the GCSE syllabus, and in each subject I saw them progress week after week. This was reflected in their GCSE results, which were a huge improvement on their predicted grades before I started working with them.

GCSE Maths

I am currently working with a Year 11 girl at Frances Holland who is struggling with her Maths. Whilst still covering the complex material they are now working on at school, I have decided to go back to basics with her and really focus on the core material. This will not only help the more complex material, but will also help her to obtain the B grade we are aiming for.

iGCSE Maths SEN (Down’s Syndrome)

A particularly notable tutoring project involved spending 4 months working intensively with a Down’s Syndrome pupil on iGCSE Maths, focusing not only on the core material but crucially on an exam technique and approach that was right for him.

Year 9 American to English syllabus support and Occasional place assessment preparation

I worked with a student who moved from the American syllabus to English, I provided her with an intensive course to support her change in curriculums and prepare her for occasional place assessments, she received offers from all the UK schools she applied for.

Year 8 and year 10 Home Schooling

I home schooled two children who attended school in Monaco, where they were studying the IB. I prepared them in Maths and English to move to a Swiss school.

Year 4 Maths and English

I am currently teaching two Year 4 boys Maths and English. In Maths, we are working on improving their numeracy and core skills. In English, since it is their second language, we are making sure that their reading, writing and comprehension skills are where they should be. As both boys are very different, I adapt my lesson plans and tutoring approach to get the best out of them during sessions.

7+ St Paul’s Juniors English and Maths

I prepared a boy for his 7+ assessment to St Paul’s Juniors in both Maths and English. He was successful and gained entry to the senior school

Piano and Singing to two girls aged 8 and 10

I worked with two girls aged 8 and 10, teaching them both Piano and Singing. We worked on core repertoire and technique, as well as choosing ‘fun’ pieces that they would really enjoy learning and working on.

Hobbies and Interests

I am an actor and singer, and therefore both music and drama are huge parts of my life. I try to go to the theatre very regularly, as well as the cinema, in which I like to watch both independent and commercial films. I also play the piano and saxophone to a high level. I am a keen sportsman, and enjoy playing football, tennis and going to the gym.

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