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Zoe F

"I've found Zoe to be very reliable and well prepared for every session. She is pro-active in providing the appropriate learning materials and creative in trying to engage my daughter in various tasks."

Age 9 Academic Support Tuition

  • 11+

  • 7+/8+

  • A Level

  • Art

  • English

  • GCSE

  • Geography

  • History

  • History of Art

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2014-2015, MA, Near and Middle Eastern Studies, SOAS (Pass)

2010-2013, BA, History and Philosophy of Art, University of Kent (1st)

2008-2010, A Levels, Gordon’s School Surrey, Art and Design, History, English Literature

About Me

I have been tutoring for over seven years, specialising in English, history and art. I have extensive home schooling experience as well as being an experienced 11+ tutor.

I am a warm, friendly and enthusiastic tutor who takes the time to really listen to my students and to establish an excellent rapport with them. I believe in a collaborative approach; I encourage my students to voice their expectations of tutoring from day one and to take an active role in the structuring of our sessions together, setting their own long-term and short-term goals. I believe this boosts their confidence and results in a more positive attitude towards learning. I love my role as a tutor as I believe that I am in a unique position to help reframe a student’s perspective of learning which has the potential to positively influence their view of education for years to come.

Since 2017 I have held four long-term home schooling roles, in all of which I have been responsible for delivering my specialist subjects and ensuring that my students remain on track with the curriculum and are able to transition back to school smoothly. I also have worked with several families who have recently relocated to the UK and are seeking home schooling support to help get their children up to speed with the British curriculum before they attend school. I have held a great deal of responsibility in my role as a home schooling tutor, and in these placements, it has been crucial that I frequently check in with a student’s family and, where appropriate, liaise with schools. In these roles, I have acted as a mentor as well as a teacher and have found it immensely rewarding being able to be part of a solution for children who may otherwise face challenges at school.

I have a true passion for my subjects, and I think this can be quite infectious! I am a voracious reader and someone who will excitedly discuss a student’s perspective of a text. In my role as a home schooling tutor I have come to believe in its benefits strongly, and I love the opportunity to think creatively and teach in ways that mainstream schooling may not allow. I take my role as a tutor very seriously, and I strive to keep evolving; I attend tutor training seminars so I can keep up to date with the methodologies taught at school as well as exploring new and exciting ways to teach, ensuring I am always able to adapt to my student’s needs and to make sure they achieve their educational goals.

Recent tuition

I support students from 7+ up to Year 7, including 11+ entrance exams. Please find a selection of my previous students below.

Pre-Prep Handwriting

Last Summer, I worked with a boy intensively to help improve his handwriting. We used a digital pen which worked really well, as well as using mazes with him which requires a lot of pencil control. With handwriting, I also tend to use handwriting grips and drawing tasks to improve motor skills (such as treasure maps or dot-to-dot).

7+ Exam Preparation

I tutored a student for an intensive period prior to his 7+ entrance assessment for King’s College School. He was an extremely able student and very quick to grasp concepts. In our sessions I could see that he would excel in this assessment so we devoted our time to ironing out small gaps in his knowledge and by giving him some more challenging work. This student was successful in his application and now attends King’s College Junior School in Wimbledon.

8+ Exam Preparation

I prepared a boy for 8+ entrance assessments for Westminster Cathedral Choir School, at which he gained a place. I also begun preparing his younger brother for 7+ entrance assessments. I adapted their lessons as much as possible according to their interests. For example, they both love football so one of their tasks has been to write and then perform their own football commentary, describing a game of football using as many adjectives they could think of.

Age 11 Home schooling (English, History, Art History and Geography)

I began tutoring a year 5 pupil as part of a home schooling programme that was put in place shortly after her family relocated from Australia. The programme was in place for two academic years, during which I taught this pupil English, history and geography. Following the national curriculum, I organised exciting, fun and varied lessons that helped to bridge the gap between her studies so far in Australia and year 5 literacy expectations here in the UK. I was able to create sessions that drew upon her strengths and areas of interest which boosted her confidence enormously. This pupil is dyslexic and responded well to creative yet structured learning. This included setting weekly and monthly goals, tracking her progress and ensuring she was aware of the structure and objective of each lesson. Monthly excursions were an exciting component of our sessions together and included educational trips to the British Museum and Shakespeare’s Globe. She gained a place at Tring Park School.

11+ Exam Preparation

This student needed help with revision and exam technique in the run up to her 11+ exams. In these sessions we used flashcards and mind maps to help her memorise key information. I helped her lay out her work in a visually appealing way using colour codes, improve her organisational skills and keep on top of her English and maths homework. She successfully gained a place at St Mary’s Ascot. 

11+ English and maths

This highly able student needed support in both English and maths in preparation for the 11+ after transferring from the French system. English is her second language and she needed help expanding her vocabulary. After gaining a place at Wimbledon High in January we continued our sessions as her parents felt she was enjoying and benefiting from our sessions together.

Year 8 and 9 Homeschooling (English and History)

I joined a home schooling programme supporting a year 8 pupil in English and history. After having faced challenges at school, she opted for home schooling, and we had a combination of in person and online sessions. I supported her for two academic years before she returned to school. In this tutoring placement, it was imperative that I ensured she remained on track with her peers so she could feel confident re-entering school whenever she felt able to. Her family and I also agreed that it was important to use this time to help her enjoy learning once again and to regain confidence in her own abilities. As a highly able student, I was able to introduce this student to texts and ideas beyond her own age group, which gave her the stimulation that she needed to regain interest in her studies.

Year 9 Homeschooling (English and History)

I began home schooling a pupil in year 9 who, for health reasons, needed an alternative to school. After a few initial sessions in person I supported this pupil online, tutoring English and history. This arrangement allowed for plenty of flexibility and owing to excellent communication with her family, I was able to adjust our sessions based on her energy levels. In these sessions, I provided the individual support she needed whilst keeping her on track with the national curriculum. I began preparing her for an entrance assessment at Fettes College, Edinburgh. She received glowing feedback on her creative writing assignment and gained a place at this school.

Year 12 Cambridge Pre-U Homeschooling (Art history)

I started preparing a year 12 pupil for her upcoming Cambridge Pre-U art history exam. She was unable to return to school in her second term of year 12 and together we continued her art history course at home. In these sessions, she was able to choose modules that interested her and she soon began to show a real passion for the subject. These sessions ensured she had the necessary structure to keep her in line with her peers. As a highly able student with a genuine interest in the history of art, she benefitted from being reminded of the mark scheme, completing timed past papers and receiving detailed feedback. This student was awarded a distinction in her art history exam.

Hobbies and Interests

I am passionate about art and when I am not tutoring I paint in oils and attend exhibitions here in London. In April 2019 I developed my painting technique and knowledge of oil painting by taking part in an intensive workshop in Florence. Since attending this workshop, I have been building a portfolio of work and I hope to exhibit my work next year. I also enjoy open water swimming and I am currently learning to surf.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve found Zoe to be very reliable and well prepared for every session. She is pro-active in providing the appropriate learning materials and creative in trying to engage my daughter in various tasks. She is communicating both regarding the current focus areas and general administrative arrangements. She is tremendously flexible – we’ve often had to change course and she has adapted with positivity and energy.”

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