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“Yanan has been a totally fantastic tutor for my daughter who was struggling with A-Levels in Chemistry and Biology. She has helped my daughter to organise herself and has helped her to have a much better understanding of the subjects and what is required to do well, but most of all she has given her confidence. Yanan is always punctual and reliable and incredibly nice. Thank you so much Yanan!”

A Level Chemistry and Biology Tuition

  • A Level

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • GCSE

  • Mandarin Chinese

  • Maths

  • Physics

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2013-Present, UCL: PhD Medical Imaging

2012-2013, UCL: MRes Medical and Biomedical Imaging (Merit)

2008-2011, UCL: BSc Biomedical Sciences (2:1)

2006-2008, Wootton Upper School. A-Levels (4 A’s)

About Me

My subject specialisms are Biology, Maths, Chemistry, and Mandarin. Chinese I also tutor combined sciences up to the GCSE level. I started tutoring in 2009, and have worked with over 100 students and had over 3000 hours of teaching.

I adopt a structured approach and provide individually tailored strategies to help clients develop a productive framework for learning and exam preparation. Having completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and 4 years of doctoral research training in Medical Imaging, I developed a passion for science. I motivate students to appreciate the real-life application and impact of science. I encourage students to unravel the ‘so what?’ question, in hope to expand their interest and understanding in science. As a native Mandarin speaker, I help learners enjoy the language not only theoretically but also from a cultural perspective. Examples include traditional customs, current or emerging cultural phenomena and conversational styles.

As a tutor, I aim to help the client:

  • Fill knowledge gaps to build a solid foundation.
  • Learn to

– build knowledge systematically;

– enjoy ‘learning’ and ‘problem-solving’ – making it fun and effective.

  • Build confidence and independence.

My tutoring approach:

For academic subjects –

  • Explain key concepts following relevant syllabus.
  • Guide tutee to understand, apply and reinforce key concepts via interactive example activities and question practice.
  • Review topic-specific exam questions to build an effective and independent revision method and exam practice techniques.

For language (Mandarin Chinese) –

  • Learn the phonetics and usage of Pinyin.
  • Apply Pinyin to learn words and phrases by themes.
  • Guide tutee to develop an intuitive understanding of basic grammar and apply the knowledge to construct a sentence.
  • Implement taught content via speaking and writing tasks during and after the lesson.
  • Audio-record all lessons to facilitate independent revision and practice.

Recent tuition

Here are some examples of my recent tuition.

Year 1 Science & Maths

There were gaps in this student’s knowledge, and I worked with him for six weeks to ‘fill in’ the subject content. The main focus of our sessions was to introduce key concepts in both Science and Maths. He really enjoyed the sessions and was able to confidently add and subtract by the end of our time together.

GCSE Science & Maths (Edexcel)

I tutored a student for weekly sessions over the course of one academic year. We carried out our sessions remotely as she was living in China and preparing to move to the UK to continue her academic studies. We used a range of online resources and activities. She extended her knowledge and understanding of the topics and was able to confidently apply this to exam papers.

GCSE Science & Maths (Edexcel)

I met this student weekly in the run-up to his GCSE exams. He lacked confidence and often felt highly anxious. We worked intensively to build his knowledge of the syllabus for both Maths and Science. During our sessions, we completed activities to reinforce and extend his core knowledge. He was a very shy student and I worked hard to build a solid rapport. By the end of our sessions, this student achieved a Grade 7 in both subjects.

A-Level Maths (Edexcel)

I worked with a student towards the end of her A-Levels in preparation for her final exams. She was an overseas student attending boarding school in the UK. She was significantly behind at school and needed help to accelerate her learning. We worked intensively to fill in gaps in her knowledge and extend her existing skills set. She has progressed considerably, she is now much more confident in her subject knowledge and is able to apply complete complex processes with ease.

A-Level Chemistry (AQA) & Maths (Edexcel)

I started working with this student during his 1st year at Greenwich University. He was re-taking his A-Level exams to enable him entry to another university. We worked intensively to ensure he could confidently cope with the demands of the exam. Providing him with a revision timetable was a very effective organisation tool. By the end of our sessions, he had much stronger subject knowledge and was able to apply this to the demands of the exam questions.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy art and craft, Chinese calligraphy, cooking, reading and drums.

Client Testimonials

“Yanan really was amazing and so incredibly organised! So although Science is not a subject S– naturally enjoys she seemed very engaged with the lesson & is looking forward to the next one tomorrow.”

Parent, GCSE year 10 Science Home schooling

“Yanan is the best Maths tutor I have ever had for my two children. She is extremely thorough in her knowledge of the subject and is able to actively engage and sustain my children’s interest in it. My daughter particularly hated Maths all these years, but to Yanan’s credit, she began developing keen interest in the subject. She was chosen among a group of four in her class to do Level 6 in the SAT exam this year. Maths has now become my daughter’s best subject. My children are now confident in handling Maths at their various levels.”


“Yanan has been very thorough in her teaching of our 3 sons, aged 9, 15 and 17. She also assisted us a great deal in finding the way to apply for GCSE exams for my sons, whose school doesn’t offer Mandarin tuition or exam. Although she has only come to us 3 times, we are very happy with her and the boys enjoy her lessons.”


“Yanan is an extremely dedicated, conscientious and well-organised tutor – we are really delighted that she is working with our daughter, who is finding these sessions enormously helpful. Thank you!”


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