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"On the basis of the work she has done with our children I have no hesitation in recommending Tamra. She has the patience, sensitivity and capacity to engage well with young people."

Parent of students Year 9-11

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • GCSE

  • Physics

Academic History

Imperial College MRes (Master of Research) Biomolecular Science, Pass

University of Coventry, BSc Chemistry, 2:1

University of Exeter, PGCE with QTS

About Me

I love helping students bridge their knowledge gaps and gain confidence, not only with the aim of improving their grades, but also to inspire an interest in the world around us. I work with students to ascertain knowledge gaps by going through syllabus checklists and by extensive use of questioning. I then work to fill these gaps using a range of teaching resources and techniques, including online simulations, slides, whiteboard explanations and quizzes. I continually assess a student’s understanding and use this to inform the rate of progress. I adapt my style both to the character of the student and to their needs. Some situations call for a rigorous, academic, fast-paced approach and others, a more informal, fun approach. Science can seem like a series of disconnected facts so, if a student is able, I try to link different topics via a narrative by highlighting underlying concepts. This can help students gain a deeper understanding. Where appropriate, I aim to relate topics to everyday life, for example, to stories students may have come across in the media.

Recent tuition

GCSE Combined Science (AQA)

This student had fallen behind significantly. I started tutoring her in the autumn term of year 11. At that point her predicted grade was a 6. Over the next two terms we worked intensively to increase their fundamental knowledge. They were then able to understand their lessons at school and their engagement improved. They eventually achieved grade 9s in science.

GCSE Combined Science (AQA)

I tutored this student for one year. This student was out of school and had been out of school for some time. They had physical health issues as well as autism. When the student started, they had very limited scientific knowledge. However, despite the student’s challenges, they had a high ability and within a year the student had improved to the extent that when they re-entered school their grades exceeded those of the other students.

GCSE Combined science (Edexcel)

When I first met this student they told me that they were not good at science and that they did not enjoy it. I noted that the student had a good ability but they lacked knowledge and confidence. I carefully calibrated the level of work so that the student could enjoy success while still being challenged. As the student gained confidence, they became more enthusiastic and started asking more questions. They asked for resources so they could self study between sessions. They exhibited an interest in a subject that they had not taken to previously

GCSE Chemistry and Biology (AQA)

This student was high achieving but felt they needed some help to raise their grade to a 9. I worked with them for a year and I identified misconceptions and difficulties with certain topics such as electrolysis so we targeted these areas intensively. I also noted that the student had issues with memorisation, especially for some of the biology topics, so I introduced them to techniques such as knowledge maps and mnemonics. Eventually the student gained 9s in both subjects.

KS3 Science

I tutored this student for one and a half years. Their parents were concerned as they were making little progress at school. This student struggled with basic concepts so I made sure to break them down into small chunks and to introduce new material only when the student was ready. They made good progress and were pleased when they achieved their personal goals and their grades started improving. This had a knock-on effect on their confidence and their engagement at school. They were keen to express how they had been frustrated previously at their lack of understanding and how they appreciated the clear explanations.


I enjoy learning about the natural world. The UK has some beautiful off-road cycle paths and some lovely countryside. I love to explore this by going on hiking and cycling adventures. I also have an interest in architecture and I enjoy visiting older buildings such as National Trust homes.


“On the basis of the work she has done with our children I have no hesitation in recommending Tamra. She has the patience, sensitivity and capacity to engage well with young people.”

Parent of two daughters I have tutored. I tutored her oldest daughter in Combined Science from year 10 to 11. I am now tutoring the younger daughter (year 10) in Triple Sciences.

  • Fully Vetted

  • Qualified Teacher

  • SEN Experience