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"Regardless of the topic or difficulty level, Syed was adept at breaking down the material into manageable parts, allowing my son to grasp even the most challenging principles with ease. His expertise in the subject matter was evident in his comprehensive explanations, real-life examples, and engaging teaching style."

Parent of Year 13 student, Maths and Science

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Academic History

2021-present – PhD in Design Engineering (Imperial College London)

2007-2011 – B.S in Aeronautical Engineering (National University of Science and Technology)

2017-2019 – Masters in Avionics (Air University Islamabad)

A Levels – A* in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics GCSE and A levels from the City School, Pakistan

GCSEs – A* in Physics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Accounts, Mathematics, A in English, Urdu

About Me

I started teaching when I was completing my Cambridge A level examinations in 2007. Later, after graduation, I started tutoring mathematics and physics to A Levels students in 2014. Currently I am teaching students aged between 9-18 from the UK, Australia and Pakistan. Students generally know what to do when it comes to reasoning. I focus on the whys and hows instead of what. This way, the students can relate to their basic analytical information to understand the question rather than just using the formula and substituting values in it. In sciences, my students enjoy my tutoring style in which I regularly use ordinary objects to explain concepts such as energy conversions, oscillations etc. I am very fond of spending significant amount of class time in solving past exam questions which helps students in building their understanding of the topic and confidence for exams.

Recent tuition

I have taught students aged 9-11 for the numerical reasoning part of entrance school exams. One of my students has just joined King Edward VI Grammar School. Another student got admitted to Melbourne High School for Boys in Melbourne. I have had students who needed help with SAT-I for admissions in various US universities.

Maths Entrance Exam

I taught T for his entrance exams into grammar schools. I worked towards building his aptitude in maths for one year. I found T to be a gifted student but he struggled with recognising which technique to use when solving particular problems. This led to poor time management in his exams. We went about finding which words are particular to which solution technique. This helped him find clues dropped in the question itself to find the correct answer.

Maths and Science A Level

I am teaching maths and science to an exceptionally capable student in North London with autism. When I first met him, I was blown away by his capability to do difficult calculations mentally. However, his problem is that he loses focus and zones out when it comes to solving questions does not start solving the questions. We have come up with solution that as soon as he reads the first line of the question, he will only mark the important information. Once he has read the whole question he would only copy all provided numerical values without lifting his pen up. This way he find himself working on the question even before actually solving it. I have been working with him since about 8 months and this technique has significantly reduced the frequency he felt lost while reading the question.

Year 6 Maths

I tutored E, a grade 6 student at Holland Park school in the final 6 weeks leading up to his exams in April / May this year. This has been one of the shortest assignment I have done. I found E to have good maths reasoning skills. However, he constantly found percentage increase and decrease, depreciation, geometry and fraction difficult. I explained one topic to him and practised relevant questions in each class (we had 3 sessions weekly). I also used to give him homework which he tried to complete mostly. We did one or two past papers on a daily basis in timed setting. Last week E’s mother called me and told me that he had a remarkable result from school.

Maths Year 7 and 9

I am teaching A and M, two siblings in Australia. A is in grade 9 while M is just starting grade 7. A and M were weak in maths and did not like being tutored outside of the school. Their parents had tried different tutors but the children were struggling to develop interest in maths. I began tutoring them by sending them e-copies of my GCSE / A levels transcript (all A*) which their parents printed for them. I asked them if they wanted to their transcripts to look like this. When the kids said yes, I asked them to tear the copies of transcript and said that all I wanted them to do was not focus on the grades for now and only try to enjoy their time with me during the classes, while practising targeted math questions. This small social experiment kicked in their interest in me as a tutor. Their parents say that they found me to be a ‘cool’ tutor! A and M have been with me for more than a year now and are loving each lesson with me. Both are now in the top sets in their class and A has also secured admission in a very selective grammar school in Melbourne.

Maths and Physics A2

I taught maths and physics (A2) to S. S was a shy student with good capabilities. We did each subject once a week for the entire A2. His problem was that he was very informal when solving questions, sometimes doing steps haphazardly and sometimes doing a few calculations on calculator and writing the answer directly. I kept a mark scheme whenever we used to practice and initially asked S to mark his own work by referring to mark-scheme. This way S learnt how the marks are distributed by examiners and started solving questions more formally on the book. S got A* in both subjects and is now in the top University in Pakistan (Prince Agha Khan University).

Physics A Level

H was an A2 student who did not like physics at all. His other A level subjects were politics and history. His expected grade in physics was a D. H worked with me for 7 months and started to develop interest in the subject. The best thing about H was that he used to be very open with what he understood and what he didn’t. I used to give him homework regularly which I mostly found completed. We made a point of doing past exam questions every time we finished a topic. H ended up getting a B and is starting his undergraduate from University of Surrey, his first choice of university.

Maths A Level

A was a Jordanian student in the UK who got U grade in his Maths A levels and wanted to resit in the exams. His father found my tutoring profile and referred him to me. A completed his Pure and applied maths syllabus with me during the 6 month period in 2020 and secured a C. A has gone back to Jordan and is studying at a university there.


Playing tennis, Play Station and doing maths with my son. I have a 7 year old with whom I spend most of my time after work. We enjoy an hour of tennis every other day in a nearby park. We also love beating each other in ‘Raymen Legends’, my son’s favourite video game. He enjoys doing maths with me and does it almost on a daily basis for 15-20 minutes. I love seeing him growing into an allrounder kid. I also love listening to E-books on my way to work and in the gym.


“I have known Syed for the last 4 years, personally to a certain extent, but more importantly in my capacity as a parent of my children to whom he is tutoring Mathematics and Science. Thus, my assessment is based on personal observation and significant, substantial feedback from my children, their teachers and the academic outcome they have displayed under his mentorship alike.

Syed has been teaching my two children now in year 12 and year 10 respectively for the past four years. We were settled in Pakistan but relocated to Australia three years ago. Despite this huge shift in our lives, Syed has been a constant all along. While in Pakistan my children had face to face classes three times a week. However, we have now resorted to virtual classroom teaching using contemporary devices and software recommended by Syed. During all these years I have always found him to be a very diligent and hardworking teacher. Initially, my children, especially my daughter faced some challenges in mathematics, and they both were not at the satisfactory level of knowledge. But because of the take-charge personality and a strategic teaching approach he takes, Syed has always been able to help them surmount all the difficulties they face and get an exceptional result in the subject. Syed has inculcated in my children an eagerness to learn and participate enthusiastically in whatever they do. They now desire to further their understanding and excel, which is a rare gift given to students by a teacher. Apart from the subject knowledge, the passion to become better in all fields of life, which Syed has instilled in my children, is invaluable.”

Parent of year 10 and year 12 students, maths and science

“I am writing to provide an enthusiastic recommendation for Syed as an exceptional physics and mathematics tutor. My elder son, H, is in year 13 and has been a student of Syed’s since the start of this academic year, and I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with his teaching approach and its impact on my son’s academic performance.

Throughout Syed’s time tutoring H, he consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of physics and an extraordinary ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. Regardless of the topic or difficulty level, Syed was adept at breaking down the material into manageable parts, allowing my son to grasp even the most challenging principles with ease. His expertise in the subject matter was evident in his comprehensive explanations, real-life examples, and engaging teaching style.

What truly set Syed apart from the previous tutors we hired was his commitment to my son’s individual learning needs. He took the time to identify the topics in which Henry struggled the most and provided focused attention and support. Syed consistently encourages his students to ask questions, offering personalised explanations and additional resources to enhance their understanding. All this has led H to have high expected grades, which is great for his university application. Syed also has been flexible with scheduling lessons and is reliable for any advice you require on the subject. I have also got my son in year 11 to attend his tutoring lessons, which has helped him adequately prepare for his GCSEs in both Physics and Maths.”

Parent of year 13 student, maths and science

“Syed has been tutoring my son in maths and physics since November 2022. L is 16 years old and is in year 12 taking science and maths A-levels. L has issues with maintaining focus and following fast paced lessons in the classroom setting.

From our first meeting Syed was clear and positive about how he could work with L to support him with his particular needs and what could be achieved. We were very pleased to proceed and it was clear that L was also comfortable and happy to work with Syed. Our son has found the transition from GCSE to A-level difficult. The step up in discipline, knowledge and understanding is dramatic and was initially a real struggle. We were not sure that he would be able to complete them. However, since working with Syed he has become much more confident and assured of his abilities. He has helped to instil in L a love of learning and the discipline required to improve and achieve.

Syed instinctively knew how to coach L in his learning techniques and has found a way to develop his ability to focus, work at an improved pace and retain knowledge (all issues that L has had throughout his education). We feel this has also had a positive impact on the other subjects L is studying. We also very much appreciate the regular contact we have with Syed to discuss progress or specific matters. We find this incredibly helpful and reassuring. Syed has fantastic subject knowledge, professionalism and an enthusiasm that is inspiring to his students. L is absorbing his disciplined and positive attitude and is learning that these qualities are of great benefit to his education and future development. He is a great role model for young learners, with high moral values and a determination to achieve the best for his students. We could not be happier with the care and dedication he shows to our son and the progress he has made. We are very happy to highly recommend him to any student or parents.”

Parents of A level  student, science and maths

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