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Steph has a particularly warm and caring approach, and we have received consistently excellent feedback regarding the rapport she builds with students.

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  • 11+

  • Drama

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Theatre Studies

Academic History

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (accredited by UWE) Diploma in Professional Acting 2010-2012

University of Warwick MA, English Literature 2004-2006

University of Warwick BA (Hons), English and Theatre Studies, 2:1 2001-2004

United World College of South East Asia (Singapore) International Baccalaureate 1994-2001

(36 points; higher subjects: English, Theatre Arts, Business Studies), 9 GCSEs (A/A*)

About Me

I have been tutoring for over eight years. I have tutored a range of students (>50) in academic subjects including English Language, Literature, Drama, and Theatre Studies. I provide specialist support in 11+ primarily as well as GCSE, A Level, I.B. and Degree Level. I also prepare students for LAMDA exams or drama school auditions and a range of additional areas such as presenting, reading, confidence and public speaking.

Recent tuition

I have experience in tutoring English for the 11+ examinations and have assisted students in their hopes to gain entry to the following schools: Haberdashers’ School for Boys, City of London School, Northbridge Girls, Highgate, St Paul’s, Channing Girls, Merchant Taylors.

My approach to the 11+ is one of ensuring the student understands what is expected of them in the examination, and developing the skills required in a way that promotes independent learning and problem solving.

I work with each student individually to ensure that their lessons are tailored to their specific needs. We look at past papers of the school in question, where possible, as well as other 11+ papers from other schools (and the ISEB) to prepare them for all eventualities. We will also do work I have designed and developed to improve individual skills that need additional support. I set homework when it is useful and with discussion with the parents (to ensure the student’s workload is managed appropriately).

It is important to prepare the child in an environment that promotes an enjoyment of the subject, and I am a strong advocator of working smarter, not harder. My hope is to infuse the student with an enjoyment of the subject so that they can approach the exam with confidence, rather than fear.

Please find a snapshot of my experience below:


I worked with a student, who was aiming for a place at Channing School. She found creative writing easy, but struggled to grasp what was required of the comprehension questions. She claimed that the comprehensions were always “boring”, and the stories “stupid”, so could not find the motivation to care about the answers. As a result, I spent time perfecting the comprehension element of the paper with her by first finding texts she loved, and then devising comprehension questions around those texts. By engaging her with a text she enjoyed, she felt less like she was doing ‘work’ and as a result, soon became adept at answering the questions. We then turned to the comprehension texts in the exam papers, and I worked with her orally first, coaxing the answers out verbally (which seemed less work to her), before finally turning pen to paper. This technique allowed her to tackle her frustrations over comprehensions in easy steps, so that before she knew it, she was mastering comprehensions that had previously evaded her. She is now a student at Channing School.


I worked with a student who was aiming for a place at St Pauls. His particular area of struggle was creative writing, as he was scientific in his way of thinking. I worked hard with him to approach the exercise in a more scientific manner, identifying literary techniques useful to produce a creative writing piece that fit the task and using them effectively in the writing. In tackling the exercise in a way he could relate to, he was able to produce creative writing pieces before long, and found the whole experience far less daunting. He is now on the wait list for St Paul’s

Hobbies and Interests

Born in Singapore, well travelled from early age.  Adore travelling, reading, cooking, theatre, films, discovering the hidden gems of London. Basic knowledge of French and German (father is German).

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