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Sean GR

"Sean taught IGCSE Chemistry, Physics and Maths to my son, who sat his exams in May. He has obtained high A* in all 3 subjects, and we are delighted. Sean was always very reliable and worked steadily through the syllabuses, leaving ample time for revision. We would recommend him as a tutor."

GCSE Tuition

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Academic History

St Hugh’s College, Oxford University, 2007-2011. Chemistry Master’s Degree (MChem), 2:1

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, 2002 – 2007

A-level grades: Chemistry- A; Physics- A; Mathematics- A

AS-level grades: Chemistry- A; Physics-A; Mathematics-A; Economics-A

GCSE grades (Summer 2005): Chemistry- A*; Physics- A*; Biology- A*; Mathematics- A*; English Language- A*; English Literature- A*; History- A*; Religious Studies- A*; Spanish- A*; Art- A

About Me

My specialist subjects are Chemistry and Mathematics. I also teach Physics and Biology and have some experience with English for the 11+ examinations. I have been working as a full-time tutor since 2011, tutoring on average 20 students per year.

My passion for tutoring has grown year after year since I started teaching in 2011. I believe that one-on-one tuition gives students the perfect opportunity to ask questions which would perhaps not be thoroughly answered in a class environment and I often find that through this process my students develop a real passion for subjects which they previously didn’t necessarily enjoy.

Each student learns in a different way and I use my time with each student to find what works best for them in order to allow them to reach their maximum potential. I usually find that confidence is key and allowing my students to learn new and effective ways of studying, helps them to do well in all future studies, not only in gaining top grades in their upcoming exams.

Recent tuition

I have been tutoring for over five years and have worked with 25 students, mostly for a full academic year as a minimum. I currently do most of my tuition online with a sophisticated online set up. This includes an interactive whiteboard which both the student and tutor can write on in real time, face-to-face visuals and automatic note generation at the end of the lesson.


I have successfully prepared several students for 11+ and 13+ entrance exams for UK schools including Westminster and Harrow. I have prepared these students for the Mathematics, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning exams.


I am currently working with a student who is applying to Harrow. I am encouraging level 3 maths as he is strong. We are continuing to complete past papers.

16+ Chemistry

I am tutoring a girl who is applying to Rugby. She is an overseas student studying in the UK. We sometimes hold online sessions when she is back home in Hong Kong. Whilst she is very advanced and some topics there are parts of the GCSE syllabus she is less confident with. I use the interactive whiteboard to support her revision as can save notes from lessons for her to use as study materials. She is very keen to do well and highly motivated.

16+ Maths

This student lives in China and came over in half-term break to Dulwich College. We held a one week intensive preparatory course to help prepare him for the exam.


I have worked with over 40 students to help them with their GCSE studies.

Maths and Science (GCSE)

Supporting a Year 10 student for one year in Hampstead, tutoring Maths and Science. I held sessions once a week lasting for 1.5 hours. Each week we would go over what he was struggling with to keep him on track, feeling confident and building strong subject knowledge. He was a great student and achieve straight A*’s. By end of our time together he loved Maths and enjoyed Science much more. I also provided Maths support for his younger sister (year 9).


I usually tutor Chemistry and Mathematics at A-Level, working with some students longer term and some more final exam preparation/revision.

Maths & Physics (A-Level)

I first began tutoring this student during his GCSE’s and continued with him through his Physics and Maths A-Level. In his final exams, he achieved AA.

Chemistry (A-Level)

The school was oversubscribed for the subject so this student was self-teaching the content. As a result, she was hugely behind. She now has to cover the content for both AS and A2 in 1 year. I am providing ongoing support on a weekly basis.

Chemistry, Online (IB)

Ongoing for six months leading up to the final exams.

Maths (IB)

I provided support for two students who attained well in their exams (one grade 6 and one grade 7). Both managed to get entrance to their universities of choice.

Chemistry HL, Online (IB)

This student is based in Riyadh, and is in her first year of her IB. Our lessons are going really well, and she is understanding topics such as Mole concepts and Avogadro’s Constant far more since out lessons have started. I use online IB textbooks which involve a lot of questions to supplement our learning and I use an online whiteboard on which we make notes and work through questions.


I have prepared students for their Oxbridge University applications and have given mock Oxbridge interviews to over 100 students. Over a range of subjects; maths, physics and engineering.

I previously worked for company that held interview days at UCL/Imperial College, London. I provided mock interviews with a range of subjects to help prepare students for their real interviews.


Working with two students to give them tutorials to on how to prepare for exams, how to answer questions and conduct themselves in an interview. The focus in these sessions is about helping them be able to attempt answers and thrive when faced with challenge. Both of these students gained places at university reading Chemistry.


I have experience as a governor staying with families over longer periods on residential placements, most recently for a week in Suffolk. During these stays, I teach younger students but also organise and taking part in various activities with them, such as sports and trips.

Suffolk GCSE, Maths & Science

During the Easter break, I supported twin girls who were studying for their GCSE’s. The girls lacked motivation and confidence, and they found it hard to work independently. I put together a timetable, making sure getting through enough work completed each day. We broke up day with activities, sports and chatting to keep it fresh not too intensive

Brighton, 13+, GCSE & Undergraduate

During the school holidays, I supported the three siblings. The daughter was preparing for her 13+, I helped her with Chemistry and Maths. The middle child was in his final year GCSE, which I supported him with. Finally, the eldest child was completing an online business course and required support for the Maths element. I worked with this family over the course of 1 year and still do ongoing work with them.

Bahrain, 11+ & 13+ Entrance Exams

I spent three months tutoring in Bahrain working with several British students who were preparing to come back to study in UK. I supported them through the necessary training for their entrance exams.


Maths, Science, YR 11 (Asperger’s)

I started tutoring this student at start of year 11. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s, suffering with high levels of anxiety and stress. He has been exposed to bullying in school and this had been very challenging for him. At the start of Year 11 he refused to go to school, his parents were looking for a tutor to re-engage him academically. In addition, he has increased anxiety around his exams, he had big goals and was worried about messing up. He loved maths, Science and IT. His aspirations were to study Computer Science at University. The biggest part of my tutoring support was to regain his confidence. Over year his confidence grew, and we began re-introducing exam style practice. He got straight A*s across the board. I built up a very close relationship with his family. I am continuing to help him with A-Levels on weekends to keep on track, Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Furthermore, I provide support to his younger sisters (year 9 and Year 7) on an ad-hoc basis.

Maths (GCSE)

This student has been expelled from school which set an interesting challenge as a tutor. I worked with him for a year through his GCSE studies. He was extremely unmotivated and reluctant to work. We built up a strong rapport, I tried to get on his level and act as more of a mentor. We set targets to make him realise more what he needed to do to get grades. Overall he managed to pull his grades up and achieve B’s and C’s overall, big improvements and big achievement for this student!

Hobbies and Interests

My main passion outside of teaching is film and I run my own film production company. Through this company I produce dramatic British film and Science for television.

I am also a keen sportsman and have played football and tennis competitively from a young age.

Client Testimonials

“Sean taught IGCSE Chemistry, Physics and Maths to my son, who sat his exams in May. He has obtained high A* in all 3 subjects, and we are delighted. Sean was always very reliable and worked steadily through the syllabuses, leaving ample time for revision. We would recommend him as a tutor.”

Mother to a GCSE student, Teddington

“Sean taught my son for his final year of a level. He was personable and my son enjoyed working with him – which was crucial in getting him to do work! Sean knew his stuff and was reliable in attending the arranged sessions. A B in the mock exams increased to an A in the finals which is what he needed.”

Father to an A level Chemistry student, Wimbledon

“Sean tutored my son in GCSE Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, resulting in 4A*s. This was an incredible achievement especially with the rocky year we had. Your enthusiasm and love of your subjects went a long way in inspiring him and I particularly appreciated the very professional approach you have always taken in your role as a tutor.”

Mother to a GCSE student, Putney

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