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Sarah T

"You really are the most special teacher and I feel so lucky to have been taught by such an intelligent but also kind and caring person. My progress in RS has been fully down to you!"

A Level Religious Studies student

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Academic History

King’s College London 2010 Distinction in MA Religious Education

King’s College London 1994 Pass in MTh New Testament

King’s College London 1984 2.1 BD Theology

A levels from Culford School: English Literature (A), Religious Studies (A), Music (B)

O levels from Culford School, Suffolk: English Language (A), English Literature (A), Religious Studies (A), Maths (C), Biology (C), Music (B), Domestic Science (B)

About Me

I believe that every student should enjoy their lessons and come away from them with new knowledge, new skills and increased confidence. I build consistently positive relationships with students and enjoy giving them the tools to becoming independent and able to achieve their goals. As an examiner and teacher I am aware that content is key. Without relevant and appropriate subject content the student will not be able to achieve exam content. That subject content needs to be directly related to the specifications they are following and they need to know how to apply it in such a way that they can be given credit for it in their GCSE and A level exams. As a subject expert I enjoy bringing the content to life and enabling students to understand its context. I have ample resources which I can deliver in person or online, intimate knowledge of the specifications and a flexible approach to work with students of all abilities and educational needs. As an experienced UCAS advisor I work with students to produce personal statements which are realistic whist being aspirational! I have guided 100s of students to submit UCAS applications which have generated many excellent offers and I believe this is due to careful choice of institutions and courses as well as precise and appropriate completion of the application.

Recent tuition

GCSE Religious Studies (Edexcel)

I tutored K from Chelsea Academy who was taking Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies early in Year 10 (a compulsory GCSE at this school). He was not keen on the subject and reluctant to do any independent work. His knowledge base was virtually non existent. We worked face-to-face and online from February to May approximately once a week for 1h 15mins at a time. K sat the exams in May and achieved a grade 6 – three grades above his mock exam grade 3.

GCSE Religious Studies (AQA)

I tutored C, a Year 11 Putney High School student. She had achieved a grade 3 in her mock examination and as a student a high achieving academic school this had not gone down well! We worked together for an hour a week between January and May. The change in C was incredible. Having been virtually silent in her school class she became engaged and talkative, enjoying achieving mastery of the subject which had previously eluded her. She regained confidence and was happy to work independently, practising the skills we were learning to questions during the sessions or for homework. C incredibly achieved an Grade 9 in the summer!

A level Religious Studies (Edexcel)

I tutored A, year 13, from September to June. A had left Putney High School at the end of Year 12 and was attending MPW to take Chemistry and Biology, but she wanted to work with me privately on RS rather than face a new teacher and new specification at MPW. We met every other week for two hours at a time working face-to-face and online, as this suited us both. A had no other teaching for RS during that time. She achieved an A* and went on to Queen Mary College, University of London, to study medicine.

A level Religious Studies (Edexcel)

I worked with G, a Year 14 retake A level student, meeting face-to-face for around two hours every other week. She had taken Religious Studies on the Edexcel specification and had achieved a grade D. G had a fragile knowledge base or understanding of how to apply the specification content to exam questions. She was not particularly keen on the subject, but she grew to love it over our time together. She applied to university to study Film and Media, but achieving her A* grade in August she secured a place to read Theology instead!

UCAS application and mentoring

I mentored E, a Year 12 student at Hartsdown Academy in Margate. He was aiming for an aspirational university but was taking the IBCP programme rather than A levels. We met for an hour online every two weeks, ensuring that his UCAS application was in the best position possible to produce offers from his chosen universities. He was made a contextual offer and achieved a place at the University of Sussex to study Criminology.


I am a 10 cat mum! I am committed to animal welfare and advocacy and I have trained as a Soul Led Cat Guardian, Master Energy Colour Healer and I will be working towards my goal of becoming a Veterinary Chaplain. I love close interaction with non-human animals, who are all sentient, emotional and intelligent beings with a far deeper insight, intuition and wisdom than humans.

I am a trained professional classical singer. I have sung over 60 operatic lead roles and sung in countless concerts, recitals and oratorios. I run our own small chamber opera group, Porcupine Productions, and I lead the sopranos in St Mary’s Church choir in Putney.

I will be starting training as a Lay Reader within the Church of England in September.


“Thank you so much for teaching me RS this year! I’ve enjoyed and learnt so much from each lesson and can’t wait to continue with RS in Year 11. You’ve really sparked my love for the subject and have inspired me by being so passionate and kind.”

Year 10 Religious Studies

“Where do I begin? Thank you so much for all your love and support over the past 6 years. You really are the most special teacher and I feel so lucky to have been taught by such an intelligent but also kind and caring person. It’s weird to feel there won’t be another year of your wonderful lessons. My progress in RS has been fully down to you! I can’t believe our journey together is over. I will let you know what Theology I get up at Durham! All the best.”

A Level Religious Studies

“I wanted to write to thank you for absolutely everything you have done for me. Not only have you been amazing to help me with my applications both in the UK and abroad but you have been such a warm face to me. I will never forget how helpful you helpful and caring you have been to me. Even your smile has had the power to make me feel happier. All the best.”

Year 13 student University Application support

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