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Sarah B

"I was SO THRILLED with her Philosophy result; it was beyond my wildest dreams! Thank you so very, very much for your input and your expertise and for working so well with her. What an amazing difference it has made, and I'm sure will continue to make for the rest of her career."

Parent of student resitting A-Level Religious Studies

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Academic History

2023: Completed SLT Foundation Training in SEND

Pembroke College, Cambridge: MA 2:1 in Philosophy (2006)

A-Levels: English Literature (A), Music (B), Latin (B); GCSEs: 10 at A*-A

About Me

I’m an approachable, patient but rigorous full-time RS, Philosophy and English Tutor of 16 years, having both tutored and home-schooled students from competitive independent schools for top results in exams at both A-Level and GCSE. I especially enjoy home-schooling students and working longer-term to build more thorough and rewarding tutoring relationships – my lessons tend to involve a lot of discussion and debate to develop real understanding.

I have substantial experience across the range of specifications for A-Level RS and Philosophy (OCR, Edexcel, AQA, Eduqas/WJEC and IB) for re-sits, home-schooling, longer-term support and short-term essay prep. I also tutor English Literature for A-Level as well as homeschooling and tutoring at GCSE across the full range of exam boards and texts. I particularly enjoy properly getting inside the topic to ensure thoughtful and clear essay-writing that develops the pupil’s ideas rather than merely reproducing a set plan– something I picked up while studying Philosophy at Cambridge.

I’ve previously been invited to teach short-course GCSE at a secondary school; I led Saturday schools for Civitas Supplementary Schools in London for 15 years, functioning also as the project’s Education Advisor and helping to develop Summer Schools in the Humanities. Having recently moved back up north to the beautiful Lake District, I specialise in tutoring one-on-one online.

Recent Tuition

I have worked with students from schools including: Dulwich Boys, Oundle, Highgate, Wellington College, Rugby, Whitgift, Ampleforth, Stowe, King’s School Canterbury, Latymer Upper, Tiffin and Esher College Harrow, Alleyn’s, Cheltenham Ladies among others. I like to take on one or two students each year to help prepare for 11+ at a range of competitive schools


A-Level Religious Studies and Theology Eduqas

I am currently homeschooling this student online six hours per week; she is a very motivated student, aiming for top grades, with particular teaching needs due to ill health and high-functioning autism. We quickly started getting along, have covered over half of her missed Year 1 with me providing top-grade notes, and are working on the Year 2 material and writing style for the exam.

GCSE English Language Edexcel

I am currently homeschooling a student online who is just at the beginning of his course and enjoying doing some imaginative writing and 19th century fiction so far; we work in short segments since he has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue after having covid.


A-Level Philosophy AQA

Over a term, I supported this student who had just left Cheltenham Ladies after some struggles and ADD/dyslexia to help catch up on missed learning, tackle parts of the syllabus she was finding tricky to remember (Aquinas and arguments for God’s existence, Gettier cases) and to write in a way that brought out her admirable high ability in the subject.

A-Level Religious Studies OCR

I am back supporting this student after his GCSE RS to catch up with the Ethics part of the course (meta-ethics: naturalism and non-naturalism, emotivism) before going onto do some pretty hefty revision across the other areas (environmental ethics, religious language, religious experience, others), writing past paper questions as a form of revision.

A-Level Philosophy AQA

Initially I was brought in to help this student get a hold of the Epistemology part of the course (theories of knowledge) as he had not been finding it easy to focus at school; he enjoyed our lessons (and film chats) so decided to stay on with me to let me help him prepare across Mind and Metaphysics of God, as well as focus on his writing, which he found particularly demanding as a recently diagnosed high-functioning ASD learner.

A-Level Literature Edexcel

I was asked back by the family having tutored the younger daughter for GCSE English to help support her elder sister, who was struggling to get her Shakespeare essays up from a C; we reconstructed her essay technique for writing about Twelfth Night until she started getting As in school essays, then moved onto revise themes and write essays for Christina Rossetti and unseen poetry, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and her comparative texts.

A-Level Literature Edexcel

I spent a summer holiday and then intensive follow-up sessions in every other holiday helping a student to finish reading and getting a grasp of writing about Shakespeare’s Hamlet, then did similarly with A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams and the comparative study on Dracula by Bram Stocker and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

A-Level Theology

I had some catch-up sessions over the summer with a student from Cheltenham Ladies, to get her head around some of the arguments for God’s existence and the different theories of religious language.

A-Level Religious Studies (OCR)

I gave a few catch-up lessons to a student who had missed the last month or so of his Year 1 due to ill health and wanted to catch up before returning; we worked through and wrote essays on Bonhoeffer and Key Moral Principles.

Hobbies and Interests

I read privately around literature, religion and public life and follow the TLS and London Review of Books. My personal interests include Dostoevsky and Camus (in translation!), early music and swimming.

Client Testimonials

“Just to let you know that Tom got into St Paul’s, King’s and Hampton!”

11+ Preparation

“I wanted to share with you that I– is getting a subject award for English Literature at this evening’s GCSE awards evening. I wanted to say another big thank you for tutoring, supporting and inspiring I–.”

GCSE English Literature and Language

“R– did very well he got a high A 187/200. Thank you for your help and support.”

AS-Level English Literature

“I am pleased to let you know Amalia got an A in Theology, so mission accomplished. Thank you for your help and support.”

A-Level Theology



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