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Sam S

"Sam was brilliant with my son and very patient with his learning. I would definitely recommend Sam for tutoring - he was always prepared with resources and my son definitely improved under his tuition."

Parent of GCSE Science student

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Academic History

Computational Methods in Ecology and Evolution (ongoing) – Imperial College London

Biological Sciences – Durham University 2.1

A-Levels: AAA Chemistry, Maths, Biology – Harrow School

GCSEs: 5 (A*) grades 4 (9) grades and 1 (A) grade – Harrow School

About Me

I love to be mentor more than anything as a tutor. Whilst I understand the importance of entrance exams, GCSEs etc. I also try to inspire my students and help them understand the importance of learning science. My tutoring style is very engaging and student driven. I like for the student to take the lesson on its own course while I act as a source of information and help for them to bounce off of. My breadth of knowledge facilitates this, as I can easily tie in topics from other subjects to help my explanations.

My lessons are usually conducted on Microsoft Teams where I make good use of screen share and my pen. This allows me to draw diagrams or illustrations and lets me go through a students homework or practice questions.

Recent tuition

Year 7 Maths

I tutored H (year 7), a bright boy who attended his local school in Newcastle. This tutoring role came about through a charitable Durham University society which paired up students with local school children to tutor for free. H was wonderful to teach and I mainly acted as a mentor to install as much confidence and inspiration into him. It was clear he was capable but his shyness was letting him down. Over the course of an academic year his maths ability really took off and I could see him really enjoying it.

Maths and Reasoning 13+

I provided in-person tutoring to A from Thomas’s School in preparation for his secondary school entrance exams. Our sessions, held at his home, concentrated on Maths and non-verbal reasoning. Although A was already an excellent mathematician, he faced challenges in achieving the highest grades. My focus was on enhancing his exam technique. By the conclusion of our tutoring sessions, it was evident that A had improved in his approach to questions, demonstrating a more open mindset and making fewer careless errors.

Maths and Science GCSE

I am currently tutoring S from Lady Margarets School on a weekly basis through online sessions. At the start of each lesson, S chooses from among the three science subjects and Maths (GCSE) based on her needs. This could be preparation for a test, assistance with areas she finds challenging, or help with her homework. I am flexible and adapt to her questions and requirements for each session. She has made great progress in her results but mostly she has gained confidence in ability as a very capable scientist.

Physics GCSE

I tutored A (The London Oratory) for an entire academic year. A’s strengths did not necessarily lie within the sciences, particularly physics, however through some encouragement and tutoring managed to outperform all expectations in his foundation GCSE physics exams. Our weekly lessons were enough for him to really get to grips with the core concepts in physics GCSE which gave him confidence during exam season.

Science and Maths GCSE

I provided tutoring for A from Richard Challoner School in all three sciences and maths for over two years. Our sessions, which occurred frequently, up to three times a week, involved revisiting and relearning various topics in the syllabus. Initially, A displayed a lack of enthusiasm for learning maths and sciences, often questioning the relevance and practical application of these subjects with remarks like “What’s the point in learning all this?” or “When will I ever need this in life?” However, through persistent support, challenging lessons, and encouragement, A achieved remarkable progress, securing the highest grades in his GCSE foundation sciences and a grade 7 in GCSE maths.


Many of my interests lie within a lot of the academic work I do. As a computational biologist I am interested in programming, sustainability and, ecology and evolution. I am also a keen athlete having run a couple of marathons over the last 18 months. I love to play tennis and squash and I am big Fulham FC fan.


“Sam tutored my son for GCSE science. Sam was brilliant with my son and very patient with his learning. I would definitely recommend Sam for tutoring – he was always prepared with resources and my son definitely improved under his tuition. My son is now studying science in year 12.”

Parent of GCSE Science student

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