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"Sally was patient and understanding, and her ability to make Maths fun and relatable to everyday life really benefitted R--. R-- ended up getting an A in her Maths IGCSE which definitely would not have been possible without Sally’s help."

Father of Maths student (11+ to IGCSE)

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  • 7+/8+

  • English

  • GCSE

  • Maths

Academic History

Durham University – Combined Honours in Social Sciences – Geography, Economics and Politics, 2:1

A Levels: A*AA from King’s Wimbledon in Geography, Economics and Maths

GCSEs: 10 A*s from Streatham and Clapham

About Me

When I’m tutoring, what’s most important is the relationship I form with the child. I want the time we do tutoring to be engaging, interesting and productive. I try to make the content as relatable as possible to the child’s everyday life (e.g. talking about their interests or what makes them happy!) For this reason, I much prefer doing tutoring in person with the child, so that it’s easier to form a connection and be more relatable for the child. As I am a highly motivated and hard working student, I like to pass on my revision techniques and encourage the child to stay as calm as possible when they are studying so that they do their best in the exam. Overall, my philosophy is that a child works and delivers better results when they are engaged with the content and enjoying learning. This is how I teach children and I find that this delivers better results, rather than intensive tuition.

Recent tuition

I am delighted that many of my students have received offers from top London Day Schools including St Paul’s, Westminster, Dulwich College, King’s Wimbledon, Jag’s and Alleyn’s, as well as further afield – Eton, Marlborough and Wellington to name a few.

7+ Entry into King’s College Wimbledon

Through a year of tuition across all subjects, this student received his place at King’s College Wimbledon from Thomas’s Battersea. He was very strong at mental maths, and enjoyed reading a lot, and was from a multilingual family, so had a lot of strengths, but we found he was rushing his maths, and not being careful with his work. I particularly enjoyed this tuition as I went to King’s College Wimbledon myself, and was able to build confidence in order for him to gain his place at King’s. We spent a lot of time familiarising him with NVR and VR assessments in order for him to gain his place at KCS.

11+ Maths, England, VR and NVR help

For four months, I have tutored a student at her home in SW London. Her target schools are JAG’s Alleyn’s and Woldingham. She is a highly motivated and intelligent girl, but is shy, nervous and lacked confidence particularly when it comes to maths and NVR. Through weekly tuition in-person, she has developed core maths and NVR understanding, and is now consistently scoring in the 90% in her 11+ practice tests.

13+ Eton Entry

For one year, I have worked with getting a student into Eton College through online tuition as he is based in Beijing. We covered all aspects of the 13+ entry, until he managed to gain a place at Eton College. He particularly struggled with his confidence and his interview prep, so a lot of time was devoted to practising conversational English, preparing him for the assessments. Through twice weekly tuition, a lot of past papers and homework – we were able to get him into Eton college within a year of tuition.

Maths IGCSE tuition online

Two years of maths tuition from the start of this student’s year 10 Edexcel GCSE course. She was in the bottom set for maths, struggling and did not like her school teacher. Through twice weekly tuition and a year of maths help, she is now averaging 75% in her weekly school maths tests. We go through all the content together that she does in class, and then we also go through her homework once she has completed it, to make sure she fully understands it. She is aiming for a 8 in her maths GCSE, which I think is fully attainable, especially as when we began tuition, she was predicted a 3 in her maths GCSE.

Geography GCSE OCR

Geography is this student’s weakest subject and his least favourite. Through weekly tuition, and going through the GCSE OCR syllabus, and practising questions, his teacher has already seen a difference in his abilities in answering questions. Using the PEEL structure, his answers are much more clear and he is scoring an average of 7 out of 8 in his 8 mark questions. He is aiming for an 8 in the GCSE OCR course.

Hobbies and Interests

As I am a born and bred Londoner, I love everything about big city life as well as everything French and Italian (e.g. culture, FOOD and travel!) When I’m following all things Manchester United, I love exercising and sausage dog spotting in London. Aside from tutoring which I find very stimulating, I also love being active, as well as watching and playing all sports. I am very curious, social and I love to host at my home, cooking for friends and family.


“Sally is a personable and friendly tutor who taught my daughter from 11+ all the way through to her IGCSEs. R–, my daughter, lacked confidence in Maths, particularly with the more difficult questions, and through Sally’s help, she was able to gain more confidence in Maths. Sally tutored her through her 11+ examinations to Private schools in South London, as well as end of year examinations and IGCSEs. Sally typically came to our home to tutor R–, whilst also scheduling classes through Zoom closer to the exam period when R wanted tuition more regularly. What was most useful for R– was to be able to contact Sally through WhatsApp, as and when she needed, to help with homework. Sally was patient and understanding, and her ability to make Maths fun and relatable to everyday life really benefitted R–. R– ended up getting an A in her Maths IGCSE which definitely would not have been possible without Sally’s help.”

Father of Maths student (11+ to IGCSE)

“For the past year, Sally has been teaching my 15 year old maths online. P– lacked concentration and did not enjoy learning maths from her maths teacher in school. P–’s maths reports were always poor, stating that P– didn’t listen in class and lacked confidence, being in the lowest set in maths. Since P– and Sally started classes together, P–’s confidence has grown, and we have seen vast improvements in her maths test scores. P– sees Sally as a role model and enjoys talking to Sally about school and extra-circular activities, and as P– is French and Sally spent time living in Paris they often talk about that. With P–’s GCSEs coming up next year, I am pleased with the progress that P– and Sally have made in the last year, and I am glad that Sally is developing P–’s maths abilities and general confidence before her important exams next year.”

Parent of a 15 year old Maths student, based in Shanghai

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