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"My daughter was initially predicated a C in both biology and chemistry, but with Rasha’s help she managed to achieve an A in biology and a B in chemistry which we were so proud of!"

Parent of GCSE Biology and Chemistry student

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Academic History

1st Class Honours in Medicine at Imperial College London

1st Class BSc in Medical Sciences (Haematology) at Imperial College London

A-levels at Kendrick Grammar School: Maths (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (A) and French (A at AS-level)

GCSEs At Kendrick Grammar School: Double maths (A*s), English Language (A*), English Literature (A), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Religious studies (A*), French (A*), German (A*), Business Studies (A), Textiles (A)

About Me

My main approach to tutoring is striking a balance between being fun and engaging, yet also being educational for my students. Throughout my years of tutoring, I have found that each student requires their own unique approach and balance between the two, so I adjust my tutoring methods accordingly. I work with both the students and their parents to find areas of weakness in their learning and knowledge, and adapt my teaching methods in order to teach them as effectively and efficiently as possible. I believe this holistic approach to tutoring has lead to my success rates with my students thus far and I have thankfully maintained excellent long-term relationships with them this way. Furthermore, as a tutor, I see myself not just as an academic influence but also on a personal level I believe the skills I equip my students with, are able to help them in the future with all aspects of their lives. One of my main areas of expertise is SEN tutoring and I have learned various skills to enhanced the executive functioning of such students through repetition, patience and general perseverance from me, the student and the parents.

Recent tuition

I provide tutoring for 7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. Schools in which some of my students have applied for and joined are: The Latymer School, Eton, Reading Boys’ Grammar School, Kendrick Grammar school, Langley Grammar school, Kings College school and others.

Further to this, I provide tutoring for those applying to medicine at university, as well as Biology and Maths at A-Level. I provide tutoring and support for UCAS applications, UKCAT, BMAT and interview preparation. Some of the universities which my students have applied (and many received offers for) are: Imperial College London, Kings College London, Cambridge University, UCL and Queen Mary’s.

Maths and English, ages 7 and 9

I tutored Maths and English to two siblings for 2 years: S, aged 7, and V, aged 9. S struggled with dyslexia, meaning that topics needed to be broken down in simpler terms and we used fun games and activities to make things easier to learn and remember. S made excellent progress during our time together, and went from being very much behind the class to working at the best level. V did not require as much support, but needed help to ensure she completed her homework on time and was reading outside of school.

Biology GCSE

I tutored L Biology in preparation for her GCSEs for 1 year. Her main struggle was exam technique and using her knowledge to answer the more difficult past paper questions so we worked on a lot of exam technique throughout the year. She was initially aiming to achieve 7s in her GCSE exam but by the end of the year, she managed to achieve a 9!

Maths GCSE

I tutored B Maths for her GCSE for 8 months. She did not enjoy Mathematics and found it very difficult to keep up with her classmates and we had a lot of catch up work to do because of it. I managed to find engaging and interesting methods to help her learn, and she started to pick things up much quicker. 1-1 tuition worked very well for her, and her grades thankfully improved from a 4 to a 7 in the 8 months.

Year 9 Maths, Science and English

I tutored A, a student in year 9, for 1 year in Maths, Science and English and co-ordinated her weekly schedule. A was diagnosed with ADHD and dyscalculia, and although she was very academically able, she struggled to keep up with her class at times, and was unable to stay on top of homework, revision and extra independent work at home. We worked together to find techniques that helped A- these included using daily planner apps to help shape her day, creating weekly timetables which included a wide range of extra-curricular activities, and working 1-1 to cover the basics for Maths, Science and English, using regular repetition and visual aids. A moved to another country after 1 year of tuition, but her school noted a huge improvement in her grades and she was even able to achieve a 7 in her end of year science exam, which was well above expected.

A-Level Biology

I tutored K Biology for his A-levels. K had been in and out of school due to health issues and had really struggled to stay up to date with his peers due to the vast amount of hospital appointments he had. From my first lesson with K, I was able to see that he had a great amount of potential although he lacked a lot of confidence and was generally demotivated towards his studies. We focused on covering content he missed, going through past paper questions together and generally increasing his confidence in his abilities. He looked forward to every session we had as I made sure to keep them engaging and interesting for him. Throughout the year and a half I tutored him, he flourished into a confident young man who had memorised and understood the Biology A-level content very well. He went on to achieve an A in his biology A-level which was beyond expected considering his personal circumstances. He has chosen to take a gap year and hopes to pursue Medicine, which is something I have helped guide him towards as he had developed a real passion towards Biology from our sessions.

A-level Maths and University Entry

E was an aspiring medical student, and wanted to apply to top universities in the UK. However, he fell behind in Maths at the start on year 12 and needed to make an improvement in order to get a good prediction, and result, to attend university. E and I began by recapping the basic principles in Maths, topics he had covered so far in school and we even managed to get ahead of his schoolwork so that he was prepared before Maths lessons and could keep up with the work. E ended up achieveing an A prediction and A in his final exams. I also helped E prepare for his UCAT and BMAT exams, as well as interview preparation. He managed to gain a place at Imperial College which was his desired university.


My main hobbies over the years have been tennis and horse riding. I enjoy them mainly as they are a relaxing break from my busy life when working and tutoring. Maintaining a good work-life balance has been essential for me to excel in both my personal and academic life. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy reading and have a particular interest in marine biology and I tend to these interests by reading many marine biology books and watching various documentaries. I hope to be able to explore this personal interest even further in the future.


“Rasha tutored my 13 year old maths, and my 10 year old daughter for 11+. My eldest daughter (13) has ADHD, and my 10 year old has suspected ADHD and dyscalculia, so it was really important for us to find a tutor with the expertise for them both. My daughters had a couple of other tutors but they both always said that Rasha was their favourite. She was always fun and attentive, and somehow managed to make sure my youngest daughter sat still for the entire hour! Their progress at school greatly improved, and we are so grateful to Rasha for her help. We can’t wait to continue to have her tutor our children throughout the next years to come.”

Parent of 13 year old Maths student and 11+ student

“Rasha tutored my daughter J GCSE biology and chemistry. When I enrolled Rasha as a tutor, my daughter had severe health problems and struggled both mentally and physically. Rasha was an absolutely excellent tutor. She was patient and kind, and always made sure that my daughter was engaged throughout the sessions. My daughter was initially predicated a C in both biology and chemistry, but with Rasha’s help she managed to achieve an A in biology and a B in chemistry which we were so proud of! It has helped J so much and she is now at university studying Classics which she is thoroughly enjoying. I am so grateful to Rasha and everything she has done for J. She was like an angel at a difficult time, and really helped to get us through. I’m not sure how she managed to get through to J as we have had many failed tutors in the past, but I hope she continues to use her skills to help other students like my daughter! J is so confident now in her abilities and is doing so well, so thank you again.”

Parent of GCSE Biology and Chemistry student

“My son K was out of school due to physical health issues but needed help with Biology A-level. Rasha home-schooled him for his Biology AS exams and she was a wonderful tutor. K enjoyed every single session and was always eager to see Rasha and learn biology. He particularly struggled with past paper questions but Rasha ensured they covered some in every session, and that repetition helped so much as by the end of the year he was doing so well! He improved so much throughout the year and he now has an interest in studying Medicine in university which we have Rasha to thank for. He went from being a very demotivated boy, so now realising exactly how much he can achieve with hard work and patience.”

Parent of Biology A Level student

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