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Paula A

Paula has worked with Simply Learning Tuition for over 4 years, and we have received consistently excellent feedback regarding her teaching.

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Academic History

2015 Universidad Finis Terrae (Chile) Post Graduate Degree in Education

2010-2015 Institution Profesional Projazz (Chile) Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Jazz and Popular Music Performance

About Me

My main goal as a teacher is to give my students the appropriate guidance to reach their highest potential and thrive. I have worked in a range of different environments with children and adults. I have had the experience of teaching at one of the best international schools in South America. I have also worked in specialised private tutoring for many years now, where I have had the chance to teach various subjects, including my specialist subjects: singing and Spanish. I am bilingual and a native Spanish speaker.

My teaching philosophy fosters an atmosphere that approaches the subject at hand in exciting and interesting ways. I believe that using different types of teaching resources that stimulate creativity can be very beneficial, so I continuously challenge my students using fun approaches aside from traditional ones. I also think developing my pupils’ confidence is key, so I always tailor my lessons individually depending on each person’s learning environment and style, as every student is very different.

Recent tuition

Below is snapshot of the students I’ve worked with.

I’ve taught Spanish and English as a foreign language to people of all ages and levels, ranging from primary school children to adults. I provide Spanish GCSE and A-Level lessons across a range of exam boards, including home schooling. I regularly work with students of pre-prep and prep school age, providing them with homework, maths and English support. I teach music and singing to people of all ages, including children with learning difficulties.

I also have experience teaching the IB curriculum, both in a classroom setting and one-on-one, as well as having gone to an IB school myself. I was a TA at the International School Nido de Aguilas in Chile, which uses the IB. There, I had the opportunity to help students find strategies to face the particular challenges they were facing, and to enjoy the learning process. My one-on-one experience supporting students started around that time as well, with the majority of my students being from that international school.

I have a great relationship with all of my students. I think it’s very important to cultivate their confidence. You can see that motivation immediately improves their results and makes them happier and proud of their performance.

Some recent students include:

A-Level Spanish – I worked with this student for 6 hours each week, helping them to prepare for their final exams and fine tune their Spanish skills.

IGCSE & Pre-U Spanish – I helped Apolline throughout her years taking IGCSEs and then Pre-U Spanish. She had lived in France up until around the time when we began tuition, so she was feeling a bit lost and insecure about changing schools and educational systems. Apolline struggled mainly with grammar and was frustrated because she had found that her teacher’s approach in school just wasn’t working well for her despite her best efforts to understand. Apolline needed someone to guide her through the contents in a way that made more sense to her and to help her with exam technique. Working together, Apolline became very motivated once she began to understand the subject and even began welcoming extra challenges, especially as she saw her improvement continuously increasing. Eventually, her hard work was reflected in her exam results – she excelled!

IB Spanish, Mentoring – I supported Rebecca during her last year of IB Spanish exam preparation. The initial challenge we faced was that she had switched schools the year before, so she wasn’t feeling too confident about the IB programme. Additionally, although her level was not bad, her parents knew that she had much more potential and were unsure of how to get her to make the most of it. They were right, Rebecca had much more to give! I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to help her discover what study skills, strategies, and tools worked best for her as an individual. I was able to support her in becoming more comfortable with the IB by helping her understand the programme and its aims and expectations in a more in-depth way, and how she could achieve them. I’m happy to say she got excellent grades in her exams!

IB MYP, Mentoring, General Homework Support – I helped Anastassia with general homework support while she was studying at the International School Nido de Aguilas. Specifically, in regards to the IB, the one-on-one format was very helpful to her, as we would take some time aside to help her better understand the programme’s objectives for each subject. That way, we worked towards the curriculum’s goals in a way that made sense, was purposeful, and thus more meaningful to her.

GCSE Spanish – weekly support for a student preparing for their GCSE exams.

GCSE Spanish home schooling – Online lessons for a student who needed to take some time out of school. We kept her up to speed with the GCSE syllabus, ready to go back to school after a few months. I focussed on confidence boosting and fostering a love of learning, whilst practically preparing the student to go back to school.

Age 6 Spanish – regular support for a young 6 year old student with their Spanish.

Clara (3 years old) – I taught Clara while living in Chile. Her mother is American and wanted her to continue being exposed to the language and to strengthen it, as they were living in a Spanish-speaking country and Clara was being cared for by an only Spanish-speaking nanny. I am happy to say that through music and play, little Clara expanded her English vocabulary.

Ben (age 4) – Ben’s parents wanted him to learn Spanish, but to also have some support with phonics. As we dealt with a lot of sounds and visuals, we worked with music and art to help him progress in phonics and to explore Spanish.

Camille (5 years old) – I worked with Camille on literacy, vocabulary in phonics for a year. Camille’s first language is French, so the language barrier was initially a challenge for him, but working together we got him to the level he needed to be at. We used a lot of games, music and art in our lessons to make learning fun.

Sam (age 5) – Sam needed a boost in phonics and his concentration. A particular thing about this case is that he had some behavioural issues – his parents told me that had a very big aversion to lessons and school. The initial priority then became to help Sam develop a love for learning and have it be exciting for him. The first day I arrived at the house, as his parents said he would, little Sam hid under the bed and would not come out. He only came out when I asked him if he wanted to play Lego with me, and I had to promise him it wouldn’t be a lesson. It was a difficult process, but over our sessions he began to realise that learning could be fun and after a couple of months he would actually run to the door when he heard the doorbell ring for our lessons! This was a huge win for Sam and his motivation towards learning, so his level of phonics, writing and concentration steadily increased.

Music tuition – I have worked with 2 sisters (aged 4 and 6), supporting them with their music. With my younger students I enjoy incorporating fun educational activities into my lessons to help motivate and engage them.

Singing lessons – I am currently working with a 14 year old student and 2 adult students for singing.

Hobbies and Interests

Aside from teaching, I am a singer. Before moving to London, I was in a band that did pretty well in Latin America. Our singles and videos even got featured on MTV, Rolling Stone, Vice, etc. Our record was in the Top 10 in iTunes Latin America, surpassing Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. I’ve also had the chance to go on tour to several countries and different festivals, it’s all very fun!

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