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"Nicola helped to significantly raise my son's confidence and prepare him for what he was going to face in the exams and interviews. She was punctual, kind, patient, and reassuring. My son really enjoyed his lessons with Nicola and was awarded places at all his chosen schools.”

11+ Preparation

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Academic History

2012-2013 Curator at Eton College

2009-2012, King’s College London: PhD

2007-2008, Courtauld Institute of Art: MA Curating

2005-2006, Cambridge University: MPhil History of Art and Architecture

2002-2005, Oxford University: BA History (2.1)

1995-2002, Wycombe High School: A-Levels (5) & GCSEs (10)

About Me

I’m an Oxbridge educated university lecturer offering private tuition to pupils aged 5-18. My subject specialisms include English, Maths, History and Art History. I have been tutoring since 2009 and specialise in preparation for the Common Entrance exams (11+ and 13+). I am able to provide students with support for the whole process, from initial preparation and familiarisation with exam content and process, to intensive pre-exam and interview coaching.

I have experience in assisting students to achieve required levels for their age, expanding their knowledge and skills beyond the curriculum, and working towards specific targets, exams or projects. I am a warm, friendly and patient tutor who endeavours to bring out the best in every pupil and work with their strengths to achieve their personal goals.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience. 

I have been tutoring for over 12 years and have worked with a range of students from the age of 5 to 18.

7+ preparation

I started working with this student a year before his 7+. He was applying to a few competitive London prep schools but found homework a chore, had never had 1:1 tuition before and was a little overwhelmed by the task ahead of him. I started by building a relationship with him where trusted me and understood what we were working on together. We focused initially on some fun exercises that engaged with his personal interests, including his preferred reading and hobbies. We then progressed to more structured questions and comprehension of passages of writing, and finally we worked on creative writing together. I noticed a huge improvement in his confidence and the family were delighted when he was offered a place at King’s College Wimbledon.

7+ interview preparation 

This student was a friendly and very academically able girl. However, her interview performance was weaker, as she was very shy and modest, and struggled to bring herself out when asked questions by an adult. I began by initiating conversations with her around a topic that she wanted to talk to me about. This built up her confidence and showed her that it was OK to talk about herself and her own abilities. I then introduced some interview questions that she might be faced with and helped her structure responses to unfamiliar question types – e.g. questions that asked her to do something creative or solve a problem on the spot. She made fantastic strides and I was very pleased when she was offered places at all three schools she applied to – Blackheath Prep, Eltham College and Braeside School.

Maths and Verbal Reasoning Common Entrance preparation

This student was applying for Dunhurst School. He was strong in English but needed encouragement, development and confidence building in Maths. He also had dyspraxia. I helped the student to understand what the exams would be like, and how he might approach them. I coached the student in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning. The student’s ability and confidence in all three subjects improved, he passed the entrance tests and his parents asked me to continue his tutoring for another three months.

11+ preparation

This student was applying for Godolphin and Latymer and City School for Girls. She was strong in English but I assisted in expanding her skills in Maths beyond what she was being taught at her current state primary school. I also assisted in interview preparation and she was successful in her application to City School.

11+ preparation

This student was applying for St Marylebone and Grey Coat Hospital School. They were creative and confident but needed assistance in approaching exam papers and in keeping to time. They were successfully admitted to Grey Coat Hospital School.

GCSE Edexcel History

This student needed assistance in passing their GCSE History. Through hard work, this student went from a predicted grade D to a final B grade.

A-level History

This student was struggling with work load and needed assistance in following A-level History syllabus because of time taken out due to illness. Through our work the student was able to catch up on missed work and achieved a B in A-level History and went on to the University of Warwick.

Oxbridge Mock Interview Support

I worked with three students who had their last round of interviews to study History, two were applying for Cambridge and one for Oxford. They all received some reading beforehand from me so they could have something to prepare and think about, we then did our first demo introduction. This entailed me talking through the process and purpose of the interview, I then went on to explore the approach with each student. We would look at any possible scenarios so that they were comfortable with what was likely to come up, including what form the interview would be in. By taking apart the likely questions and properly structuring their answers, they grew in confidence and felt they could move onto set texts. In the end, I did two mock interviews with each student and gave them hints and tips which they could have in their back pocket. Through breaking apart the potential questions and taking time to stop and discuss, all students felt fully prepared and at ease.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy visiting museums and galleries in my spare time. Furthermore, I read lots of novels and I’m a big fan of Harry Potter.

Client Testimonials

“Nicola helped my daughter prepare for the 11+ examinations held by the North London Girls’ School Consortium and the City of London School for Girls. Nicola gave my daughter tuition in English and Mathematics, and helped my daughter prepare for her interviews. My daughter and I are very grateful to have her support and advice throughout the entire process. My daughter was offered places at all 5 of the schools she applied for. I highly recommend Nicola to parents looking for a responsible and caring tutor.”

11+ English & Maths

“My son was tutored by Nicola for the 11+ exams for City of London, Merchant Taylor’s and Dulwich College. Nicola helped to significantly raise my son’s confidence and prepare him for what he was going to face in the exams and interviews. She was punctual, kind, patient, and reassuring. My son really enjoyed his lessons with Nicola and was awarded places at all his chosen schools.”

11+ Preparation

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