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Nick W

“Nick is a fun and friendly Geography tutor. He worked really hard with my son so he could attain his grade. Nick is an excellent tutor I highly recommend him. Nick is highly punctual, professional and reliable.”

GCSE Geography

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Academic History

2014, Durham University, BA Geography (2:1)

2011, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College, A Levels – History (A*), Maths (A), Geography (A), Economics (A)

 About Me

I have been a tutor for over 11 years, and specialise in Maths, English, Geography and History tuition.

Having tutored over 100 children one-on-one, I have learnt that the best approach to helping a student reach their full potential is to be friendly, patient and above all supportive of whichever way they themselves learn best. I have learnt that each child is different and that there really is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Some students need help with a few particular topics and are aware of what help they need. In this case they lead the tutorials and I fill in the gaps in their knowledge and understanding. Some students are the opposite and all that they know is that they do not like the subject and they think that they cannot do any of it! Here, I set the direction and by slowly working from the bottom and gradually building up their confidence, I find they start to believe in themselves a bit more and begin to get to grips with the subject. Once they realise that it’s not as difficult as they first thought then they progress at great speed and start to wonder what was holding them back in the first place.

Other students understand the subject reasonably well, however, they consistently do badly in exams. These students, I find, benefit most from my experience in teaching exam technique and I generally take a more structured approach to lessons, focusing more on exam question practice and teaching how the mark scheme is designed.

There are also students who struggle to find the motivation do well academically. They may even think that it is all a waste of time and not for them. I find these students often only start to respond to the lessons once you’ve built up enough of a rapport with them, whereby they then listen to you and you can explain that it’s not all a waste of time and that they can do it. This can be extremely rewarding as there is usually an enormous potential which can be unlocked simply by bringing about a slight change in attitude.

To summarise, in my experience the key to being a good tutor is to understand the needs of the child and to be flexible with those needs. I believe that my experience makes me good at tutoring. I have learnt over the years to be patient, supportive, friendly and kind. A good tutor, I feel, is one that can motivate, engage with and support a student. The lessons I’ve learnt from all of my previous tutees, as well as their parents and teachers, helps me to do this.

Recent tuition

Please find a snapshot of my tuition experience below.

11+ Exam Preparation

I prepared a student for his 11+ Entrance Exams for Alleyn’s School. We covered Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. He found concentrating for long periods of time quite hard and particularly struggled with maintaining his focus in mock exams, particularly English. He initially had very poor exam technique and would struggle with keeping to time, skipping questions when necessary, reading the question properly and would make far too many silly mistakes. After half a year of weekly tuition, however, he had got the hang of it and was consistently scoring top marks. His confidence grew with practice and he responded most to seeing that he was steadily getting better. He did very well and was successful in gaining a place at Alleyn’s.

13+ Eton Preparation

I tutored a student over three years to support him in all aspects of his academic life with the aim of him gaining a place at Eton College. This included preparing him for the 11+ Entrance Exams, his interview and the Common Entrance Exams. We covered Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, the Sciences, History, Geography and Latin. He was a wonderful student to have; always cheeky and never took anything too seriously. He did, however, have a very relaxed attitude to his schoolwork and whilst this stemmed from his confidence in his abilities, in exam situations this produced marks far below his potential. I had to work very hard to bring him up to the standard required of Eton and teach him to think in a more structured and exam-appropriate manner. He returned the hard work and I am very proud of how well he did in the end. He was successful and is now in his first year at the school.

Key Stage 2 Maths

I taught this student for a year and a half when she was in years 4 and 5 in Maths. In the beginning she absolutely hated the subject and had zero belief in herself. She insisted that she would never be able to do it and as a result did not pay attention in class. As she was so far behind her classmates, I had to go right back to the basics and slowly built up her abilities this way. She was a bright girl and when given enough time and patient support, she could grasp concepts beyond her level. I enjoyed teaching her very much as it was particularly rewarding to see her attitude to Maths change over a relatively short period. She started to see that she could do it and this sparked an enthusiasm for the subject where she began to enjoy being tested by me at the start of each lesson! Her teacher was very pleased too and told her mother that she was even putting her hand up to answer questions in class.

GCSE Maths and English

I taught this brilliant student Maths and English GCSE and he achieved an A* in Maths, A* in English Literature and A in English Language. He was originally predicted 2 B’s and a C. I was very impressed with his level of dedication. The Maths, in particular, did not come naturally to him but he was eager to learn and section by section we slowly worked through the syllabus, only moving on when I felt he was at an A standard. We did lots of question practice together and by the time of the exams I was confident he was ready. When I heard how well he had done I was really pleased as I knew how much it meant to him.

GCSE Maths

This student has always been a pleasure to teach. I started tutoring her in Maths when she was 9 years old and continued all the way up to her GCSEs. She has always been naturally more comfortable with the Arts rather than the Sciences and so benefited from my support in Maths. She is incredibly hard-working and deserves every success she gets. She scored an 8 in her Maths GCSE and was predicted a 7. She was over the moon!

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy playing football and squash as well as watching films and relaxing with friends. I am a keen skier and also love playing chess.

Client Testimonials

“Nick has tutored both my daughters for a couple of years and I would highly recommend him to others. He is very professional, reliable and manages to make the sessions fun and enjoyable for the children. They look forward to him coming – it’s a real treat!”

“Nick helped our son (who attended a top London day school) for over a year, covering Geography, Math and Science. He was extremely polite, professional and punctual. He helped out son get organised with his school work, revision schedules for exams and of course going through the content. His calmness and patience made it easy for our son to get along with him and he looked forward to his sessions with Nick. During intense exam revision periods, Nick would also take him to the park for some down time and our son loved those breaks. Due to the strong bond that Nick created, our son did very well under his tutelage, improving his confidence and his exam results. I would highly recommend Nick as a tutor.”

“Nick is a fun and friendly Geography tutor. He worked really hard with my son so he could attain his grade. Nick is an excellent tutor I highly recommend him. Nick is highly punctual, professional and reliable.”

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