‘Thank-you Michael, you have transformed Jane’s level of confidence in Maths and in learning generally. I know this is the case as it has been highlighted in her school reports since you have been tutoring and mentoring Jane. She hasn’t stopped smiling since securing offers from all the schools that we applied for. I have recommended you to everybody, thanks again.’

11+ Exam Preparation Tuition

  • 11+

  • Maths

  • Physics

Academic History

2013-Present, Institute of Education, MSc Maths Education

2013-2014, PGCT, Institute of Education, Teaching Advanced Maths

2009-2010, PGCE, Canterbury University, Secondary School Maths

2001-2003, BSc, Lincoln University, Engineering (2:2)

1995-2000, BSc, Open University, Social Sciences with Social Policy

A-Levels: A-C grades

GCSEs: A-B grades

About Me

My subject specialism is Maths I am also able to tutor English to support students in their entrance exams. I have been tutoring for 10 years, and have supported over 50 students, outside of my career as a teacher. In my opinion, the key to being a highly effective tutor is flexibility.  A high degree of subject knowledge should be a given so flexibility, with respect to the range of methods employed to assist the student to learn, allied with expertise in teaching, is a key asset for an outstanding tutor.  The ability to empathise with the student and helping them to improve their study skills and time management is also often crucial to improving levels of confidence, which is pivotal to success in Maths.

Recent Tuition

I have experience of tutoring to over 50 students covering a range of academic levels and various exam boards (AQA, OCR, Edexcel and WJEC). This is an overview of my recent tuition.

11+ School Entrance Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning

Initially focus was on building confidence and mastering fundamental techniques and time management skills required for success in school entrance exams. I continued assisting Mark who progressed through the streaming sets as his mastery and self-belief both progressed at an impressive rate through Key Stage 3. The tutoring ceased when I moved to another area for a fantastic teaching opportunity. At that point Mark had all the study skills necessary to gain a top grade at GCSE and subsequently at A Level without additional support. One lesson per week for 2 years. (Successful entry into Merchant Taylors’ School, Northwood.

13+ School Entrance Maths and Homework Support

Adam had previously found exams extremely stressful when he sat his 11+ papers. We employed a variety of techniques that worked for Adam in order to make the exam scenario manageable. We also focused on gaining the necessary level of competence and confidence in Key Stage 3 Maths in preparation for school entrance exams. Consequently, Adam was successful at 13+ and progressed to gain an impressive grade at GCSE. One to two lessons per week for 3 years. (Successful entry into St Paul’s School, London).

GCSE Maths and Homework Support

Jane felt that Maths was one of her weaker subjects and she was extremely worried that it may ultimately cost her the university place that she desired. We utilised different approaches to studying the topics that she had previously found problematic and she thrived.  One lesson per week for 2 years. (Progressed from a predicted grade of C to an A* at GCSE)

A Level Maths

Alice’s confidence had taken a knock when she found A Level Maths very challenging after achieving an A* at IGCSE. She had no issue with applying methods but struggled initially with the problem-solving elements of the course and applying the appropriate techniques, in the correct order, to solve composite questions. We took time to breakdown each question into its separate elements and worked on how we could decide which technique was required to complete each stage. Alice’s confidence grew and she mastered the course of study to an impressive degree. One lesson per week for 2 weeks. (Progressed from a predicted grade B to A* at A Level).

A Level Further Maths

David had found many elements of the AS Further Maths course extremely challenging and wanted to gain an effective understanding of that course so that it wouldn’t impact on his A Level Further Maths studies in Year 13. We reinforced David’s understanding of the AS course and subsequently he re-sat some modules with great success. This took place alongside the Year 13 course of study and we ensured that he gained an effective understanding of each topic of A Level Further Maths as well as focusing on the AS studies. He was delighted with the result of all his efforts. Two lessons per week for 1 year. (Progressed from a grade C, at AS, to grade A at A Level Further Maths).

Hobbies and Interests

I am currently writing a book on certain specific elements of Black history and politics.  I have travelled extensively as an aeronautical engineer and continue to do so when the opportunity arises.  Keeping fit is important to me and I usually start my day with an early visit to the gym.

Client Testimonials

‘Thank-you Michael, you have transformed Jane’s level of confidence in Maths and in learning generally.  I know this is the case as it has been highlighted in her school reports since you have been tutoring and mentoring Jane.  She hasn’t stopped smiling since securing offers from all the schools that we applied for.  I have recommended you to everybody, thanks again.’

Year 6 – School Entrance 11+

‘We were delighted with Stephen’s place at Merchant Taylor’s.  We knew it was a long shot and that there is no way he would have passed without your guidance and preparation for the entrance exams.  Thank you, Michael, your patience and good humour are a true gift.’

Year 8 – School Entrance 13+

‘Thank you for finding the time to help Sarah, she will never forget what did for her.  She is now following her dreams on a veterinary course and she is much happier in herself.  I’m so glad I made that call to you.’

Year 11 – GCSE Student

‘Chris always felt that his weakness in Maths would be his Achilles Heel, with respect to getting a desired place at university.  His teachers noted the change in his confidence in class and his grades in tests since you have been assisting him.  His predicted grades were exemplary and the grades in the modules to date mean that he is on track for an overall grade in Maths that is well beyond any of our expectations, thank you.’

Year 12/13 Student

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  • Qualified Teacher

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