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“Max has been amazing and Faith has thoroughly benefited and enjoyed the 11+ and creative writing sessions."

11+ Tuition

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Academic History

Central Saint Martin’s College, London: BA Fine Art (Playwriting specialisation) – First Class Honours

Hampstead Comprehensive: A-Levels (Art – A, Photography – A, English Literature – A)

I’ve also just been accepted for a Masters Course on a scholarship at Goldsmiths College to study Writing for Performance

About Me

I have been working as a tutor since 2015. My subject specialism is English, in addition I have a wealth of experience supporting preparation for the Entrance Exams (8+, 11+ and 13+).

I love to teach, whether it is one-to-one or a big group, I try hard to engage each student to achieve. I like to first find what is interesting about the subject and then break it down into manageable steps. I am proud to say I have helped students achieve high marks with the 11+, GCSE and A-level exams through steady encouragement. Patiently engaging students on a personal level, better prepares them for study, adding an element of fun and making each obstacle less daunting.

Recent tuition

This is a selection of my most recent tutoring experience.

I’ve worked for three years as an English Literature and Language tutor for Pre-School to A-Level. I have worked with students for a range of schools, including St Olave’s, Eaton House, Westminster, Dartford Grammar, Blackheath Prep and Eltham College.

Creative Writing and 7+

This 6 year old student loved to read but was falling behind massively in class. He found writing stories difficult (although he had a good imagination), comprehension, grammar and lacked the confidence to read his stories aloud. After working patiently and calmly with him over a few months, I was able to make our lessons fun and even the comprehension less painful. By discovering his interests, I was able to create tasks around him, offer writing prompts and kindly encourage him to continue a longer story he had started. He wasn’t falling behind in school anymore. Homework wasn’t so daunting and he got his head around the 9+ exam which he will take eventually. He continues to study with greater ease and now loves to write stories.

IGCSE English, Edexcel

This student really struggled with his IGCSE exam preparation because of his lack of confidence with speaking and writing in English. We identified his main concerns during our first session and I noted them all, adapting my lesson plans around him. We then worked each day throughout several half-term holidays to improve his understanding of non-fiction texts, poetry, prose and then exam comprehension skills. We built a rapport and I patiently encouraged him to read more and engage more thoroughly with texts. By the end of our sessions he was achieving high marks in practice papers.

Creative Writing Clubs

I run weekly story writing clubs, working with ages 6-11. Even when kids struggle, they are always encouraged to find their voice, work on techniques, grammar and eventually submit to competitions. Although the groups are large, I find time to work with each student individually and help them to pair up with other kids. The clubs are fun and exciting and we regularly read out, perform their stories as plays and drama games. We offer 7-11+ exam revision in the clubs, to help students study for upcoming exams and take full advantage of their story writing skills.

IGCSE English, Edexcel

This student, although very bright, was not given adequate attention in school and found essay writing and exams torturous. I introduced her to techniques to break down longer questions and better analyse texts to find quotations. She loved to read but had recently stopped, so I encouraged her to get back into it. This helped her better engage with the Fiction and Non-fiction texts for the IGCSE; I also helped her with her creative writing.

8+ and 11+ Common Entrance English

These two siblings both struggled with spelling, handwriting, essay comprehension and story writing. By first understanding which subject and genres interested them (mostly war and history), I was able to devise lesson plans that slowly engaged both of them. Although English Literature is still not their favourite subject, over a year I was able to improve their comprehension and general skills massively. One student made excellent progress, but his parents decided that he didn’t need to sit the exam, while his brother gained a place at Eltham College with high marks.

11+ Common Entrance English

This student had a brilliant imagination but struggled to structure his creative writing. We worked hard and analysed other stories, prose, poetry, articles and letters to help him better order his own writing and ideas. We then tackled his issues with comprehension questions, I showed him a list of techniques and tasks that helped to break each question down. He went on to gain high marks in his 11+ exam.

13+ Common Entrance and English (SEN Autism)

This student loved writing stories but her autism often hindered their presentation. We got on well and I was able to teach her story structures which she found really useful. We worked during school holidays intensively and I was able to improve her handwriting, spelling, grammar and descriptive writing techniques. I also helped her to tackle practice 13+ exams which she understood well enough to improve her comprehension skills dramatically.

11+ and 13+ Common Entrance English

These brothers both found English Literature to be a daunting and joyless subject, English being their third language. I taught the brothers together and was slowly able to engage both of them with the 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exam questions, through reading newspaper articles, historical texts, film narratives and other factual material. From this I devised lesson plans encouraging them to create their own articles and historical stories; as well as reading a diverse range of different texts.

11+ and 13+ Common Entrance, Intensive Preparation Clubs

I run these over the half-term holidays before and after Christmas usually. They run for three days, with a three hour session daily, covering Comprehension skills, SEED and other techniques and practice exams.

A-Level English, AQA

This student struggled massively with his exam preparation for his AS-Level and was falling massively behind in school. He was at first very reluctant to engage with our sessions but by employing similar techniques as I had done before: patience, encouragement and identifying other interests, I was able to steadily help him improve over a year and dissect each text analytically; discovering some source of enjoyment when comparing the process to other subjects (History). Through lots of hard work and support, he was successful in passing his exams.

A Level English, OCR

This student was a very bright student but struggled greatly with essay structure and writing under timed conditions, especially with English Literature (Mrs Dalloway and Tess of the D’Urbervilles). Her ideas and theories were intelligent and original but she couldn’t manage to related these ideas to her question and subsequently missed key points and the word count. Working closely and intensively over a number of weekends and holidays, I was able to show her simple structuring techniques, how to plan each essay question, break down her points and constantly relate back to her essay question. Being very bright and capable, she was then able to contain and clarify her essays and achieve high marks.

Playwriting Workshops for Young Adults (Ages 8-18)

I have been running playwriting workshops with young adults in schools across London for more than a year. These are comprised of a 12 week programme, or a school term, where students are encouraged to complete a ten minute Stage Play which is then performed at the end of the term in an assembly. The programme includes drama, structuring scripts, directing and the art of comedy.

Hobbies and Interests

I love travelling and writing scripts for drama and film. I recently finished a writing residency in Prague where I spent time writing and working with a theatre company. When in London I love to visit the theatre and art galleries and take advantage of the rich, cultural history of the city.

Client Testimonials

“Max has been amazing and Faith has thoroughly benefited and enjoyed the 11+ and creative writing sessions”.

Parent of 11+ student

“It has been such a pleasure having Max teach our children.”


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