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Luke H

"N has been very positive about the lessons and feels he’s getting to grips with topics in a real way. He definitely feels more able to ask questions and check his understanding without feeling intimidated."

Parent of A Level Economics Student

  • A Level

  • Economics

  • GCSE

Academic History

University of Exeter, MA with Merit, Social and Political Thought

University of Exeter, BA (hons), 2:1, Economics

A Levels (Mander Portman Woodward): Economics B, Maths B, English Literature B

AS Levels (Mander Portman Woodward): French B

GCSEs (Thorpe Hall School ): French A*, Italian A*, English Language A, English Literature A, Mathematics A, Media Studies A, Double Science B, Business Studies A, Information Technology A

About Me

I pride myself in my ability to help students to achieve their maximum potential and boost the confidence of all learners I work with. I am sensitive to the specific learning needs of each tutee, adopting a variety of techniques to keep my students engaged, enthused and challenged. I am very personable and have an adaptable teaching style, having worked with students across a range of levels and with a variety of needs. I am highly organised in my work and track the progress of each of my students so that they can see more clearly the successful strides they have made.

Recent tuition

GCSE Economics, OCR

Teaching the full GCSE course on a 1-1 basis over one academic year. Given the time frame we had in which work, it was key that lessons were delivered in a focussed manner with appropriate homework and revision set in order to ensure that the student was able to achieve a top grade. He scored a grade 9 in his final assessment.

GCSE Economics, OCR

I taught L the full GCSE course in just one year in a 1-1 setting. The student did have some difficulties in grasping the basics of economic theory at first, however, I quickly put into place the practice of really grounding the theory in real contexts in which he had an interest. He was then really able to confidently tackle basic and advanced economic theory presented on the course, eventually achieving a grade 9 in his examinations.

A Level Economics, Edexcel

My work with Student T involved teaching the A Level syllabus in full on a 1-1 basis at a small and exclusive London independent school for two academic years. Student T required extra support due to his special educational needs and his issues with anxiety. Student T really grew in confidence over the course of our work together and was able to reach his full potential, securing an A grade and entry to his chosen red brick university.

A Level Economics, AQA

I provided Student W with ongoing educational support throughout his studies of the two-year A Level course, with weekly lessons during term time and daily lessons in school holidays. At first Student W was experiencing some difficulties at school, with gaps in his economic theory knowledge and troubles with exam techniques. With focussed sessions targeting particular areas, we were able to boost his knowledge, confidence and exam technique. With the result being an A grade in his final exams.

A Level Economics, AQA

I worked with a small group of students on this intensive revision program with lessons taking place in person daily throughout the school holidays at both Xmas and Easter. I delivered a program with a specific focus on exam technique and essay writing skills. The group all achieved A and B grades in their final exams.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time I make and perform electronic music, I have a small home studio in which I can be found tinkering away with a range of synthesisers, drum machines and effects units. I also have a great love of skateboarding and have been active in the sport for over 20 years.


Parent of A level Economics student

“T has found Luke to be engaging and inspiring – Luke has a wonderful style of teaching which is relaxed and flexible. T’s interest in the subject has grown and grown since studying with Luke, and Luke explains things in an easy-to-understand way. Luke has been extremely understanding and patient and appears to have a good understanding for young people with additional needs. He is happy to accommodate T’s needs and challenges, and is extremely flexible, very often conducting lessons online when meeting face to face for T is difficult. T really enjoys his lessons and time with Luke and has benefited greatly from his relaxed, engaging and kind teaching style. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Parent of A Level Economics student

“Luke recently assisted my daughter with the preparation for her Economics A Level examinations. Luke has excellent communication and social skills and quickly established a rapport with her and created a strong student-teacher relationship that encouraged open communication for each session. He is very organised, and he planned each lesson well. His knowledge of the subject is vast, and he was able to quickly determine where her gaps were and what needed to be covered. As a result of a combination of all these factors my daughter achieved the highest grade for Economics in her year. We will be continuing with further tutoring this year and would recommend Luke’s tutoring whole-heartedly.”

Parent of A Level Economics student

“N has been very positive about the lessons and feels he’s getting to grips with topics in a real way. He definitely feels more able to ask questions and check his understanding without feeling intimidated.”

Parent of IB Economics student

“Thank you so much for the extra support you gave James for his IB. You made a real difference not only in your teaching the subject but in James’s self-belief in answering the more challenging questions. From you James acquired the skills to be fully confident in answering these tough questions, which resulted in him achieving a high grade in his final IB exam. I know James really enjoyed your sessions and said you made Economics easier to understand and even fun!”

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