Lizzy tutored my daughter for GCSE in History and English, my daughter found her very easy to get on with and really enjoyed her sessions. Lizzy's advice and feedback was always very positive and helpful, which helped my daughter immensely especially with her history essay writing. Lizzy really knows her subjects. I would highly recommend her. Isabella came top of her year in History at Portland Place, scoring 100%, and also achieved an A* in English."

Susan, GCSE History and English Tuition

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Academic History

I am in the final year of a Masters in Global History, joint with Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin. My previous academic record is as follows:

2014: University of California, Berkeley – IARU Summer School, Media and Global Protest Movements

2014: University of Cambridge, Queens’ College – History BA, 2.i (Specialisms: modern Europe, early modern Britain, Civil Rights, World History)

2011: Alleyn’s School (Saddler’s Scholar: 4th in entrance exams. Frank History Prize 2011. Gold Award in UKMT Maths Challenge for five consecutive years and reached National Olympiad in 2009)

A-Levels: English A*, History A*, Maths A

AS-Levels: French A, Further Maths A

GCSEs: 10 A*s

About Me

I specialise in History and English to A Level and Maths to GCSE. I also tutor for the 11+, 13+, and 16+ entry points, and am experienced with preparing students for the UKiset assessments as well as teaching English as a second language and working with younger students to improve their English. I have around seven years of teaching experience, beginning with private piano lessons and progressing to weekly Maths, English and History tuition during and after I finished my History degree at Cambridge University. Since moving to Berlin to study a History MA in October 2015 I have moved into online teaching and have also taken residential jobs in Moscow, Ibiza and Switzerland.

My experience from teaching over 40 pupils across a range of subjects has enabled me to develop very strong tutoring techniques. I target my sessions carefully to each student’s needs, and always ensure they are engaged in learning by making my lessons as interesting as possible. I am also very concerned to build my students’ confidence by demystifying the process of taking exams, providing simple tips and encouraging them. My approach is very patient and understanding, and I always get on very well with my pupils. Finally, I always take care to make sure my sessions are geared towards the examiner’s requirements, and break down mark schemes to familiarise pupils with the process of answering questions and so they know exactly what is expected of them to achieve the highest grades.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:

Age 5 English (reading) – I gave Leah several lessons to help her with her reading, as she had recently moved to London from Norway. We used word games to expand her vocabulary and practiced pronunciation.

Age 7 Maths and Verbal and non Verbal reasoning – I am currently working online with two twins, Ivan and Alex, once a week to prepare them ultimately for entering the British school system at 11 plus.

Age 9 English (online) – I worked with Lee once a week on his English reading and writing. We particularly focused on creative writing and sentence structures, and stretched his imagination to develop a more complex writing style.

Age 10 English (online) – I am working with Jonathan twice a week to improve his English skills for his re-entry to an International School in Singapore. We are reading through a Roald Dahl book, noting any new words and answering comprehension questions.

7+ Exam Preparation – I taught Sam once a week at his London home to prepare him for the entrance exam to Alleyn’s Junior School, where he subsequently secured a place. We worked to improve his sentence writing and built up a background of adjectives and adverbs to expand his vocabulary in compositions.

8+ Exam Preparation- I am teaching Marc twice a week to improve his English writing. Alongside reading stories to learn new vocabulary, we play games like including as many varied adjectives as possible in his compositions, thinking up interesting advert and verb combinations and building tension in his creative writing. I am also paying close attention to his grammatical issues as he occasional has problems with verbs, tenses and punctuation, for which we do intensive practice.

11+ Preparation and further English (online) – Initially tutored Nikita twice a week for his 11+ entrance exams to Bromswood and Kingsgrove Schools via Skype. He achieved a place at both schools and we then had a series of 20 lessons to boost his English. Before the exams we discussed possible interview questions and formulated essay plans, going over lots of past papers for verbal and non-verbal reasoning. We looked at simple ways to improve his language skills by using linking words, adjectives, superlatives etc.

11+ Preparation – Twice weekly lessons for Anush over skype as she prepared to take her UK entrance exams. We particularly focussed on the verbal reasoning and English components, going through past papers and building her familiarity with vocabulary as English was her second language

11+ Preparation – I worked with Marc for 4 months every week on his reading, writing and grammar as he had recently moved to England from Malaysia. We started preparations for his 11+ and looked at verbal reasoning. He improved significantly within his year group.

11+ Preparation – Currently working with Intat over Skype twice a week as he prepares to take his 11+ exams. As English is his second language, we have been working to correct his grammar and expand his vocabulary.

11+ Preparation – Worked with Ishmael over Skype to prepare him for his entrance exam at Dulwich College, where he achieved a place. As he had difficulty motivating himself, I worked hard to make the sessions as engaging as possible.

11+ Interview Preparation – Currently working with Fiona over Skype to prepare her for her interview at Heathcote School. As she lacks confidence, we are working on making her feel at ease speaking for longer periods about topics that interest her.

Year 7 maths – I worked with Giulio twice a week over Skype on year 7 Maths as he was struggling at his school in Milan. We used an online whiteboard system and Google Docs to compile tables of ‘important rules to remember’, which his father then printed out to test him at home. Following the school syllabus, I developed additional exercises to engage Giulio in Maths and make our lessons more memorable – for instance through acronyms (‘All Cows Die’ – to remember Add Count Divide to find the mean average) and probability questions featuring his favourite football players.

Age 12 English and Maths – I worked with Sophie for 5 months with her maths and English as she started secondary school. We worked together twice a week. Her grades in both subjects improved significantly and her confidence in writing grew particularly.

13+ Eton King’s Scholarship (History) – I gave Charlie weekly four hour long sessions to prepare him for the Eton King’s scholarship exam. The exam requires lateral thinking – we had long discussions about different ways to answer questions like: ‘Does control of history mean control of the present?’ Having introduced Charlie to the basics of historiography, we compiled quotes and thought about the ways different periods he had covered could be used in a range of essays – we focussed on material which would be included in a range of essays. The sessions took the structure of a conversation about history, where we covered a lot of ground and made model plans which could be adapted to the various past questions.

UKiset and 13+ preparation (Lancing College) – I worked with Tolik twice a week via Skype for six weeks, focussing on his English language and essay skills and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. By going through past papers and making personalised revision notes I helped to familiarise him with the exam structure and build his confidence. We particularly focussed on expanding his vocabulary as English is his second language – he often completed comprehensions or writing assignments for homework.

13+ Maths, English, VR and non VR – worked with Samantha twice a week online for 6 months to prepare her for 13 plus entrance to Cheltenham Ladies. We went through past papers and focussed particularly on her essay structuring and problem solving skills in Maths.

Age 13 English as second languag – Teaching Tim on Skype four days a week to improve his English grammar ahead of his UK entrance exams for 13 plus. We are particularly focussing on exercises targeting his use of articles, connectives and modal verbs as these are areas he struggles with.

English writing (age 14) – Helped Kristina with her essay writing in an intensive series of lessons via Skype. We revised plans, introductions and conclusions, breaking down essays into a repeatable formula. I also helped her with her writing style, by teaching her advanced sentence structures, linking words and language techniques.

GCSE History –  I taught Eduardo for an hour a week via Skype to help him with his GCSE History course on the Arab-Israeli conflict. A lot of the concepts, like the Cold War and Zionism, were very new to him so we initially built background information and timelines to help him easily identify the recurrent themes in the topic. Before the exams we focussed on past papers and developing techniques he could easily adapt to any question

GCSE History – Online revision sessions for Jack to prepare him for his GCSE. In particular we focussed on source analysis for his Chinese History exam, building exam techniques and model answers. I worked to familiarise him with the mark scheme, as we used our sessions to go through past papers intensively.

GCSE Classical Civilisations (residential and online) – Daily 2 hour lessons for Ivan, for his GCSE on Classical Civilisations, firstly in Moscow and then on Skype. He particularly needed help with exam technique, so we broke down his notes into Assessment Objectives to ensure he understood which information was needed where. We  looked at the Odyssey, compiling quotes and essay plans, and Sparta and Rome, making detailed revision notes and glossaries for each paper.

GCSE English (online) – Intensive summer support online for Nikita to prepare her for Year 11 of her English Language GCSE. We went through past papers and compiled revision notes on how to approach the non-fiction aspects of the exam.

GCSE English and History – Weekly lessons for Lily to build her confidence in English and History prior to taking her GCSEs next year at the BRIT School. She made progress on her persuasive writing, poetry analysis and understanding of exam technique for History.

GCSE English and History (Portland Place) – Weekly lessons for Isabella over 4 months to support with her History and English coursework and exam revision. She came top of her year in her History coursework on the Civil Rights and achieved A* in both subjects. We also focussed on Women in America, the Vietnam war and the Cold War.

GCSE English (Ibstock Place) (SEN dyslexia) – Worked with Oliver to help him with his dyslexia. He was in year 9, about to begin his GCSEs and we focussed on analysing poems and Shakespeare, helping him grow in confidence.

GCSE English – Short term support for Tosin, who was struggling with his English at Charterhouse School. We reviewed his creative writing and comprehension, and I challenged him to develop more varied sentence structures.

GCSE English (revision) – Short term intensive revision for William prior to him taking his GCSEs at Bryanston school. We focussed on making revision notes for Jekyll and Hyde and Macbeth.

GCSE History – I gave Rhada a series of lessons prior to her History GCSE mocks on Russian history and Vietnam. We produced detailed notes together and she was on set for an A*.

GCSE History (revision) – I gave a series of sessions on History GCSE to Jemima. We went over exam technique and made detailed mindmaps for the topics she was covering.

GCSE Maths – Short term revision sessions for Khadiga ahead of her GCSE maths mock exams. We focussed on statistics, and went through past papers making revision notes on formulae she was struggling with.

16+ English and Philosophy – I worked with Dasha twice a week via Skype to help her with her entrance exams for UK Sixth Forms. As she hadn’t studied literary analysis before, we looked at poems to build a glossary of technical terms like ‘simile’ and ‘assonance’ that she could use in her essays. In particular I encouraged her to use a ‘Point Evidence Explanation’ structure, to help her highlight her knowledge to the examiner. We also worked on different styles of writing and the different techniques required for each, for example description, persuasion and debate.

16+ English and maths (residential and online, secured place at Sherborne School) – I have been working with Safia over Skype on a flexible schedule of between two and four times a week for 9 months to prepare her for her 16+ Sherborne and Cheltenham Ladies’ exams. In the summer I joined her family for ten days in Ibiza and taught for six hours a day, an was then invited to join them again in Switzerland for a week. Due to the amount of time we have had together, we have been able to cover texts independent of her school work, including Macbeth and Catcher in the Rye. In particular, I have focused on improving her writing style, essay structuring and critical analysis of literature by highlighting poetic techniques and devices, and encouraging her to ‘scan’ unseen texts. Safia will be studying English at a higher level in IB, and so our additional work has been preparing her for the rigours of this course. In Maths we have been using GCSE text books and past papers to fill any gaps left by the Saudi Arabian school system.

UKiset (16+) and English essay writing support (ongoing) – I worked with Yara in 2015 on UKiset for her sixth form entry. I am pleased to report that Yara passed the test with flying colours, and we then focused on preparing her for the Woldingham 16+ exam essays and interviews. Each lesson we discussed articles on ethical topics relating to Chemistry or Biology (2 of her A-Level choices) and she wrote an essay using the new vocabulary for homework. We also had intensive writing sessions where we focused on grammar, planning essays and different writing styles for different purposes. Mara achieved a place at Woldingham School and we are now working to improve her English before she starts in September.

UKiset Preparation  – x2 90 minute lessons in London to prepare for 13+ UKiset test at Charterhouse. We worked specifically on essay planning, structuring and how to build complex sentences. As he enjoyed the sessions we are organising future Skype lessons for the 13 plus tests in January.

UKiset Preparation (online) – I worked with Misha three times a week in the run up to his UKiset exam via Skype. In a series of intensive lessons, we covered lots of past papers and used writing exercises to build him familiarity and confidence. I also helped him with his interview skills and English pronunciation.

UKiset Preparation – Online lessons for Veronika to prepare her for the UKiset test, especially focusing on English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. She improved considerably in her essay writing after I taught her structuring techniques for including paragraphs, linking word and how to emphasise a consistent argument. As English is her second language, we also worked to correct grammatical errors like subject-verb agreement and when to include the definite article. In addition, we developed her writing into a formal style appropriate for essays, rather than the more informal spoken English she initially used.

GCSE and AS History – I worked with Isabella on her History GCSE in 2015, in which she achieved 100%, and then helped with her AS Level. We discussed her essays on US Foreign Policy and talk about how they could be better structured by referring back to the question and maintaining her argument.

A-Level History – Weekly lessons for Matt online to prepare him for his AS level resits and A2 History exams. In particular he struggled with exam technique so we developed formulae for structuring his essays and tables he used to write practice papers, which familiarised him with the answer process so it became second-nature. I also helped him with his source analysis by teaching him techniques like ‘Nature, Origin, Content and Purpose’ to encourage him to think more critically.

A-Level History (residential and online) – Harry was at Harrow school. I stayed with him at his home in Moscow and gave daily two-hour sessions to Alex for his History A-Level on the Tudors, and coursework on King Alfred. Over the Easter holidays we also had skype sessions for two hours a day. We initially went through the course making notes thematically on different Tudor rebellions, and then started making essay plans and fact sheets to really prepare him for the exams. His notes are well-structured to suit exam questions and I expect him to do very well. Introductions were a particular challenge for Alex, so we worked to develop a model structure which can be adapted to any exam essay. I also helped him write his coursework on Alfred the Great – having taken notes from different historians we discussed possible ideas and structures which would best suit his argument.

A-Level History (Woldingham) – Ad hoc online lessons for Edith to help her with her History A level coursework (AQA) on the British in India. I sent her extra recommended readings to ensure she goes beyond the basic readings on the syllabus.

IB (HL) History – Online lessons for Marco to help him with his 3000 word History coursework on the Italian Reunification. We had ten lessons, moving from the early stages of planning to perfecting drafts and footnotes to send to his teachers. We also worked together to ensure the sources he works with are the most appropriate, drawing partly from my own knowledge of the topic. I encouraged him to be more critical with his sources and more concise with his writing – he sent me drafts and we discussed ways it could be improved.

IB History – Weekly online lessons for Kim for her IB History essays. We considered how to structure her essays (on the League of Nations and the Weimar Republic), and explored new interpretations which have not been discussed in class, pushing her towards achieving the top grades

Personal statement and HAT support (History) – Intensive 90 minute sessions on Skype for Shreya, helping her edit her personal statement for Oxford and London universities. We discussed her existing ideas and considered how we could pull together her knowledge in the most exciting way possible. We also made essay plans for HAT, familiarising her with the exam and how to think laterally.

Piano – I taught five young pupils in South London beginners’ level piano on a weekly basis throughout my sixth form at school.

Hobbies and Interests

After graduating, I spent a year in London working as a freelance history documentary researcher, before going travelling in Asia. I am also very interested in music – having reached grade 8 piano at school I gave lessons to six beginners in my area, and also played keyboards in a band called Wuthering Wuthering at University.

Now I am studying Global History in Berlin, and am looking to take on more documentary and research work alongside.

Client Testimonials

Matt: I enjoyed my sessions with Lizzy as she clearly knew her stuff which is important in itself, but it also inspired confidence in me. Her sessions were of a consistently high quality. She provided me with practical help to deal with my specific problems. I liked the fact that Lizzy encouraged me to think, but did not leave too big a gap after posing a question, so I didn’t feel terrible if I did not know the answer to her question or I was unsure of the answer. I also found it useful that she was flexible about the timings for our sessions.

Elaine (Matt’s mother): I can concur with what Matt says. From my perspective, I felt that you took on board the fact that my concern was first and foremost Matt’s struggle with the essay techniques needed. I am really pleased that you had a look at the structure materials that his teacher provided but added your own materials and ideas to them. I liked that you gave Matt a structure that he could use time and time again to hone the techniques. I appreciated the fact that you wanted the essays in advance so you could look at them and think about them in advance and therefore not use up too much time in the sessions on that process. I think you worked him hard and I really hope that this pays off in his summer results.

Nikita, a recent UKIset pupil, achieved places at the two schools he applied for, Bromsgrove and Kingswood.

Yara, a recent 16+ student in Russia, secured a place at Woldingham and then requested more lessons to improve her English.

Tolik, a recent Ukiset pupil in Russia, achieved a place at Lancing College.

Shalini Anil (Shreya’s father): ‘Superb’, ‘Very good’ (5/5 on online feedback)

Susan: Lizzy tutored my daughter for GCSE in History and English, my daughter found her very easy to get on with and really enjoyed her sessions. Lizzy’s advice and feedback was always very positive and helpful, which helped my daughter immensely especially with her history essay writing.  Lizzy really knows her subjects. I would highly recommend her. (Isabella came top of her year in History at Portland Place, scoring 100%, and also achieved an A* in English).

Matty: Lizzy Kinch tutored my 14 year old daughter (year 10) in English and History. Her enthusiasm and patience made the lessons really enjoyable as well as useful. She shared excellent study and revision tips. The results of her efforts were immediate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Carla: Thank you so much for all your help with Sophie, her grades have really improved and she has really enjoyed her lessons!


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