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"Lizzy is an excellent tutor. I really like how caring and patient she is with my son. She also uses very interactive ways of teaching, so the lessons are not dead boring, which my son appreciated from the very first lesson. Lizzy always finds simple ways to explain complicated topics, which makes my son’s learning easy."

English 11+ Tuition

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Academic History

Free University and Humboldt University Berlin – Global History MA (1,3: distinction)

University of California, Berkeley – IARU Summer School, Media and Global Protest Movements

University of Cambridge, Queens’ College – History BA, 2.i (Specialisms: modern Europe, early modern Britain, Civil Rights, World History)

Alleyn’s School (Saddler’s Scholar: 4th in entrance exams. Frank History Prize 2011. Gold Award in UKMT Maths Challenge for five consecutive years and reached National Olympiad in 2009)

A-Levels: English A*, History A*, Maths A

AS-Levels: French A, Further Maths A

GCSEs: 10 A*s

About Me

I specialise in History and English to A Level and IB, and Maths to GCSE. I also tutor for the 11+, 13+, and 16+ entry points, and am experienced with preparing students for the UKiset assessments as well as teaching English as a second language and working with younger students to improve their English. I have eleven years of teaching experience, beginning with private piano lessons and progressing to weekly Maths, English and History tuition during and after I finished my History degree at Cambridge University.

My experience from teaching over 40 pupils across a range of subjects has enabled me to develop very strong tutoring techniques. I target my sessions carefully to each student’s needs, and always ensure they are engaged in learning by making my lessons as interesting as possible. I am also very concerned to build my students’ confidence by demystifying the process of taking exams, providing simple tips and encouraging them. My approach is very patient and understanding, and I always get on very well with my pupils. Finally, I always take care to make sure my sessions are geared towards the examiner’s requirements, and break down mark schemes to familiarise pupils with the process of answering questions and so they know exactly what is expected of them to achieve the highest grades.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:

Prep school, 7+, 8+, 11+ entrance exams

English, 9-12 year old

I taught a student at Dulwich College in Beijing twice a week for three and a half years over Zoom before he transitioned to Whitgift school in London. Ralph didn’t enjoy reading when he started lessons, but soon become an avid reader of novels by Malory Blackman, Ursula le Guin and Philip Pullman. He also became interested in current affairs; we regularly read and discussed newspaper articles together. He significantly developed his writing style, building up from the sentence level to also work on structuring arguments and telling stories.

English and Maths, 11+

I taught a student for two and a half hours each week to prepare him for sitting 11 plus exams at St Paul’s School, Whitgift and Dulwich College. We focussed on English grammar (his first language was Chinese) and worked on improving his composition and comprehension abilities through reading Roald Dahl books together and writing sentences to expand his vocabulary. In Maths we practised exam-style word problems as well as building his confidence in more complicated multiplication and division with decimals.

13 + and UKIset entrance exams

English as a second language for 13 plus UKISET

I taught this student on Skype four days a week to improve his English grammar ahead of his UK entrance exams for 13 plus, at King’s Wimbledon. We particularly focussed on exercises targeting his use of articles, connectives and modal verbs as these are areas he struggled with.

Eton King’s History Scholarship

I gave this student weekly four hour long sessions to prepare him for the Eton King’s scholarship exam– we had six sessions in total. The exam requires lateral thinking; we had long discussions about different ways to answer questions such as: ‘Does control of history mean control of the present?’ Having introduced him to the basics of historiography, we compiled quotes and thought about the ways different periods he had covered could be used in a range of essays – we focussed on material which would be included in a range of essays.

13+ exam preparation and UKIset, Lancing College

I worked with this student twice a week via Skype, focussing on his English language and essay skills and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. By going through past papers and making personalised revision notes I helped to familiarise him with the exam structure and build his confidence. We particularly focussed on expanding his vocabulary as English is his second language – he often completed comprehensions or writing assignments for homework.

16+ entrance exams, History, English and Maths GCSE

GCSE Maths (Skype)

I gave a student two weeks of intensive sessions on Skype to revise for her GCSE Maths, which she is taking in June. She struggled with algebra particularly so we used an online whiteboard to practice re-arranging equations.

English and Maths for 16 plus, (Skype and Residential)

I worked with this student over Skype on a flexible schedule of between two and four times a week to prepare for entrance into Cheltenham Ladies College. In the summer I joined her family for ten days in Ibiza, during which time I taught between five to six hours a day, and was then invited to join them for a further week in Switzerland. Due to the amount of time we had together, we were able to cover texts independent of her school work, including Macbeth, Catcher in the Rye, 1984 and the Great Gatsby. In particular, I focused on improving her writing style, essay structuring and critical analysis of literature by highlighting poetic techniques and devices, and encouraging her to ‘scan’ unseen texts. In Maths we used GCSE text books and past papers to fill any gaps left by the Saudi Arabian school system.

English for 16 plus (Charterhouse)

I worked with this student twice a week to improve his English ahead of his sixth form entrance exams. We focussed on his improving his essay writing style and comprehension through reading more challenging texts, beyond his current school syllabus.

AS Level and A Levels, IB

English IB

I taught this student for six months, helping her prepare for her IB English exam (SL). We worked on techniques for guided analysis, so that structuring her answers became second nature. Closer to the exam, we focussed on rapid identification of a text’s features. We also worked on comparison, drawing links between different texts she had studied.

History AS and A level

I gave this student two-hour long sessions twice a week over Skype to prepare him for his AS level resits and A2 History exams. In particular he struggled with exam technique so we developed formulae for structuring his essays and tables he used to write practice papers, which familiarised him with the answer process so it became second-nature. I also helped him with his source analysis by teaching him techniques like ‘Nature, Origin, Content and Purpose’ to encourage him to think more critically.

History A Level (Harrow School)

I stayed in Moscow during February half-term and gave daily two-hour sessions to a student for his History A Level on the Tudors, and coursework on King Alfred. Over the Easter holidays we had Skype sessions for two hours a day. We initially went through the course making notes thematically on different Tudor rebellions, and then started making essay plans and fact sheets to really prepare him for the exams. His notes are well-structured to suit exam questions and I expect him to do very well. Introductions were a particular challenge for him, so we worked to develop a model structure which can be adapted to any exam essay. I also helped him write his coursework on Alfred the Great – having taken notes from different historians we discussed possible ideas and structures which would best suit his argument.

History A Level (Highgate School)

I taught a student the Russian revolution paper (Edexcel) over Zoom. We made timelines and invented mnemonics to help him remember key dates. We also covered the American Civil War, and source questions, using timed conditions to increase his confidence.

Hobbies and Interests

After graduating, I spent a year in London working as a freelance history documentary researcher, before going travelling in Asia. I am also very interested in music – having reached grade 8 piano at school I gave lessons to six beginners in my area, and also played keyboards in a band called Wuthering Wuthering at University.

Client Testimonials

“Lizzy tutored my daughter for GCSE in History and English, my daughter found her very easy to get on with and really enjoyed her sessions. Lizzy’s advice and feedback was always very positive and helpful, which helped my daughter immensely especially with her history essay writing. Lizzy really knows her subjects. I would highly recommend her.”

(I– came top of her year in History, scoring 100%, and also achieved an A* in English).

“I met Lizzy when I was seeking an ‘A’ Level History tutor for my son. Lizzy was always very reliable and was enthusiastic and positive about teaching my son. She was very knowledgeable, caring and consistent. Lizzy was always very well-prepared for her sessions with my son and went over and beyond to prepare materials and resources which were of an excellent quality. Lizzy had a very good relationship with my son. She was always patient and understanding. I had a very good relationship with her. I felt I could talk to her frankly and honestly. Lizzy always kept to the times arranged and always gave me plenty of notice if she had to make any changes. I found Lizzy to be a very articulate young woman who was able to communicate well with both my son and myself. I can recommend Lizzy without hesitation because I was so impressed with the trouble she took to give my son high quality lessons and help. She offered my son a fantastic array of materials which, I believe, were one of the reasons he eventually did well in his exams. She has fantastic subject knowledge and is an excellent teacher. I wish I had known of her earlier. I used 3 History tutors for my son and without doubt Lizzy was the best.”

“Lizzy has tutored my son over 3.5 years and we truly believe she is a professional, attention to details and also very caring tutor. Lizzy has guided my son’s reading through a large variety of books and newspaper which has raised his reading level from below average to a very high level. And most importantly, his interest in reading is self driven but not under pressure. With his improved reading skill, his writing skill has also improved a lot. Now, he is very confident in his English.”

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