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“Great Latin tuition from Kieron, I had no previous experience and he made me feel at ease going into an undergraduate classics degree at Durham. Ended up with a first in Latin.”

Durham Undergraduate, Latin Tuition

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Academic History

2007 – 2010 University of Cambridge, Classics – 2:1

2002 – 2007 Repton School

A-Levels – Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Latin (A), Classical Greek (A), Latin AEA (Merit)

GCSEs – 8A*s, 2As

 About Me

I am a highly committed, experienced and passionate educator who always strives to get the best from students. I believe that enjoyment and education should go hand-in-hand, and for that reason always seek to develop a positive, enjoyable and motivated learning environment for the students. Whether in a classroom or one-to-one, my teaching style always focuses on building the student’s confidence in their own ability to achieve results.

In the past three years, I have worked with over 30 different tutoring clients across a range of subjects, levels and abilities. Although my academic background is in Classics, I also have experience of tutoring the Sciences, History, Maths and English to GCSE level, as well as preparing students for entry into UK Independent Schools, with almost all subjects included at 11+, 13+ and 16+. I have worked with clients on a face-to-face basis and online in Canada, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Working as a private tutor, I have experience across a range of humanities and science subjects for clients aged from 7 to undergraduate level. I have taught at one of the UK’s top independent schools, Wellington College, and currently work on a part time basis teaching 3 days per week for Loughborough Endowed Schools. I am also an examiner for the OCR Board.

Recent Tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

2018 Students

8+ English and Maths – ongoing work with a Russian speaking boy who requires intensive support in Maths and English.

8+ English and Maths – long-term support for a Windesham student who is struggling with Maths and English.

ISEB Common Pre-Test – I prepared a girl to sit the pre-test and she has been successful in gaining offers from Epsom and St Swithuns.

10+ offer from Kings Wimbledon – Intensive tutoring for a boy over 2 weeks to help in his application to Kings, which was successful.

Eton Pre Test – successfully tutored a boy applying to Eton who now has a conditional offer.

City of London 11+ Scholarship – I tutored a boy in both English and Maths who has been awarded a scholarship to City of London Boys.

11+ offers 2018 – my students have received offers of places from the following schools: City of London (x2), Kings Wimbledon, Dulwich, Tiffin and Westminster.

13+ Winchester Scholarship – I worked with this student in Latin, Greek, Maths and Science. He successfully gained a place at Winchester, although ultimately just missing out on a scholarship award.

Epsom Common Entrance Tuition – weekly tuition across the full range of subjects, in particular Maths, English and Geography for a girl with a conditional offer to Epsom College.

Oundle Scholarship Winner – residential placement with a girl who won a scholarship to Oundle.

Wellington Scholarship – my tutee went from a D to a B in Latin over the course of 3 weeks.

GCSE Latin Home-schooling – home school preparation for a girl taking Latin as an additional GCSE.

Year 9 Science Support – holiday revision support in Biology and Chemistry for a Year 9 student

Year 9 Science Support – ongoing homework and mentoring for a boy whom I tutored to win a Westminster Scholarship in 2017

AQA GCSE Science – ongoing placement with a girl who needed support in all 3 Sciences for 2018.

Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry & Biology – long term placement supporting a girl with her studies in Biology and Chemistry.

Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry, Biology and Maths – long term placement supporting a girl with her studies in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

Cambridge applicant – I gave mock interviews to a student applying for Law at Cambridge. She was successfully awarded a place.

A-Level Latin – intensive support to a small group of students especially on the literary element of their studies.

A-Level Latin – appointed to direct the studies of an A-Level home-schooled student.

2017 Students

8+ English and Maths – 8+ applicant to King’s Wimbledon, particular work with creative writing.

8+ English and Maths – regular support for student looking to apply to King’s, Hampton, Dulwich, Latymer Prep, Emanuel, St Paul’s, Harrodian and Ibstock.

Sevenoaks Pre-test – intensive online and face-to-face preparation with non-native English speaker with a particular focus on improving Maths and English analysis.

Windesham student support – support for a 10 year old student who was disaffected with her Maths and required a re-grounding in the basics to instil confidence in her ability.

11+ English and Maths – weekly support for a bright (but complacent) boy who was looking to move into the top Maths set.

11+ English and Maths – weekly support for non-native speaker in English in preparation for application to Westminster, St. Paul’s, King’s College Wimbledon and City of London School.

Westminster Challenge Applicant – intensive support for very bright scholarship applicant to Westminster. I worked primarily on Latin, Greek, History and English.

13+ and 11+ Science Home-schooling (SEN Dyslexia, Processing disorders and mutism) – weekly lessons with home-schooled students who suffer from severe dyslexia, processing disorders and mutism.

13+ Online Eton King’s Scholarship Applicant – year long contract to prepare a Malaysian student for the Eton King’s Scholarship examinations in every subject.

13+ Uppingham CE Applicant, Maths and Science – holiday support for a bright but unmotivated boy in Maths and Science.

13+ Cranleigh CE Applicant – holiday support in English, History and Latin for a bright girl who struggled with essay structuring and writing effective responses to longer questions.

Latin GCSE Home-schooling – ongoing work with a very bright girl looking to take GCSE Latin in a year.

GCSE Chemistry Student – ongoing work with a bright boy who struggles with motivation and concentration.

GCSE Science Student – weekly support in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for a student who struggled with many concepts in Science, he has improved from a “D” to a “B” grade.

IGCSE Online Latin Student – assistance with Latin literature preparation for a very bright, home-schooled student.

GCSE Maths and Science Student – holiday support for a boy who finds Maths particularly difficult, the primary focus of these lessons has been to improve exam technique for all 4 subjects, especially on longer questions.

Year 9 Science Student (SEN Dyslexia and Tourette’s) – weekly support for a boy suffering from severe dyslexia and Tourette’s Syndrome, we work together on reinforcing topics covered at school as well as exam technique.

GCSE Latin, Science and English Support – holiday support for a very bright girl who required help with essay structuring and expanding her analysis in English Literature and Latin. I also worked to develop her exam technique in Science as well as reinforcing the content of the IGCSE syllabus in Chemistry and Biology.

King’s Canterbury History / Philosophy Student – regular support for an A-Level student who has motivation and organisation issues. I have acted as a mentor as well as tutoring him both in the content of the AQA A-Level History papers (English Revolution / Russia) and improving his analytical skill set.

Durham Undergraduate Latin Student – holiday work developing an undergraduate’s Latin language skills.

Investment Professional Excel Financial Modelling – regular work with a professional entrepreneur establishing a property investment business. He wished to learn the correct principles of Excel financial modelling.

Hobbies and Interests

When not teaching or tutoring, I am most likely to be enjoying the beautiful Derbyshire countryside with my partner. My three horses, Labrador and very naughty miniature Dachshund give me plenty of reason to be outside and, when time permits, I will probably be found riding, walking, clay shooting or fishing.

I love to travel to Europe and particularly enjoy spending time in Italy, indulging in my love of both the Classical World and Italian cuisine.

Client Testimonials

“Great Latin tuition from Kieron, I had no previous experience and he made me feel at ease going in to an undergraduate classics degree at Durham. Ended up with a first in Latin.”

Durham Undergraduate

“Excellent tuition which my son enjoyed too! Went through 11+ process successfully with academic scholarship at the end.”

S-H – Mother of 11+ Applicant 2018

“We were so happy to have Kieron as a tutor for our son! All of us have enjoyed the way Kieron worked with Ivan both in English and Math. Thanks to him Ivan had achieved the best results we could ever expect – three offers from Westminster, King’s College and City of London!! We highly recommend Kieron to all parents! And more important – *** not only got great knowledge from him but also enjoyed him a lot as a great person!! Thank you very much, Kieron!!!) it was a great pleasure for all of us!!))”

EM – Father of 11+ Applicant 2018

“Kieron came to work with our son, ***, after disastrous results in the mock GCSEs.  We asked Kieron to focus on the three sciences.  The outcome has been that *** has transformed from an unsure and disorganised student in to a confident boy with a clear and structured approach to study.

The approach Kieron set out for revising the sciences has translated successfully to all other subjects.  We are now facing the actual GCSEs with confidence, not just in the sciences but also across the board where predicted grades have moved from Es and Ds to Bs and As.

Clearly it is a team effort and *** worked very hard and had the right attitude, but Kieron was exactly the right person at the right time to bring calm and positivity into a universally stressful time.

From our perspective, Kieron has not just unlocked the sciences, but every subject is now much more manageable and achievable.

We can’t recommend or thank Kieron enough!”

S-J – Mother of GCSE Science Student 2017

“Kieron has been tutoring my son in preparation for his GCSEs. He has been fantastic. My son really enjoys working with him and he is a pleasure to have a round. He is punctual, personable and very dedicated to his work. He is a fabulous teacher. We could not have asked for a better tutor for our son.”

A – Mother of GCSE Science / Maths Student 2017

“Kieron has helped my two daughters immensely. One doing common entrance and the other preparing for GCSE. He is incredibly well prepared in all subjects at this level and teaches in a very clear, patient way, always managing to keep it fun and interesting. He is also incredibly polite and very punctual, which makes him a pleasure to have at home.  I couldn’t recommend him more.”

A – Mother of 13+ and GCSE Students 201

“Kieron has been absolutely fantastic with ***, and we are delighted that *** has got through our choice of school. When Kieron started, *** was struggling with a few topics of Maths, within weeks we could see remarkable improvement in those areas. In English too, Kieron has worked on various topics, especially helping *** with creative writing.

Kieron is patient and makes lessons fun, hence *** looks forward to his weekly lessons. Whenever I had any concerns, Kieron was quick to call and discuss various options to get the best possible result. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.”

N – Mother of 8+ Applicant 2017

“Kieron is a fantastic tutor.  Apart from the high quality teaching that gets the results, there is a fun element to his approach that keeps my son engaged and looking forward to the sessions.  I highly recommend him.”

P – Mother of Westminster Challenge Student 2017

“We have engaged Kieron to tutor our daughter, who is home educated, through the Literature paper of the Cambridge I-GCSE Latin exam. This is a demanding task requiring the learning of complex vocabulary and literary analysis within a tight schedule. Kieron correctly assessed our daughter’s ability and has approached the task with good humour and a natural enthusiasm for the subject. He regularly writes his own bespoke translations to a very high standard. Whenever there are matters to discuss his solutions to problems are very much based on common sense. We would not hesitate to recommend him to other families”

T & E – Home Educating parents 2017

“I wanted to pass along the good news that we received from Eton today that *** has won a King’s Scholarship.

Thanks for your hard work and support. He could not have done it without you.

S and N – Parents of Eton King’s Scholarship Winner 2016

Dear Kieron,

I thought that you would be delighted to hear that *** has been awarded a King’s scholarship. We know that this has been achieved by the support and encouragement from tutors like yourself. You supported him at a crucial stage and hope you can share some of our vicarious pleasure in his achievement. You are a great teacher and your support has been most appreciated.

With warm thanks

D and E – Parents of Eton King’s Scholarship Winner 2015

Dear Kieron,

Thank you for your detailed report which has been forwarded to me by ***. I have sent it to *** and hope that he reads it! I really appreciate all the preparation you did for the lessons and all the material that you brought to help ***. You are so well prepared and you have so much energy!

N – Mother of GCSE Student 2015

  • Entrance Exam Specialist

  • Multidisciplinary