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Katherine B

“We are delighted with the tutoring and mentoring provided by Katherine. Katherine is patient with Isabel and works to ensure that Isabel really understands and remembers the areas and subjects covered.”

Mrs X, Key Stage 3 English and Maths

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • English

  • Latin

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2011, University College London, MA Cultural Heritage Studies (1st)

2002, University of Oxford, BA Classics, (2:1)

Marlborough College, A Levels – Latin (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (A). AS English Literature (B)

About Me

I have been a private tutor since 2011, and specialise in Latin up to A level, including 13+ preparation, and English and Maths for 11+ exams.

I am committed to tailoring each session to get the best results and believe that tutoring can help students build confidence in their own abilities. I enjoy working with students to unlock their potential by trying new approaches to problem areas.

I have experience of teaching a range of age groups across a spectrum of learning abilities, both as a tutor and as a museum educator. As such, I know that everyone learns differently, and it’s my job as a tutor to find the best way for my students to learn and progress. I want my students to know that I am there for them and that there is no embarrassment or pressure. Instead, we’re just dedicating time to finding the best approach to their learning.

Recent tuition

I have over 200 hours of tutoring experience. Please find a snapshot of my tuition experience below.

GCSE Latin and Classics (OCR)

I worked with Ruth for six months prior to her Latin and Classics GCSEs, for which she was self-taught. On starting tuition, Ruth’s translation skills were about a D level, and she had undertaken no work on her set texts. By the end of the tuition, Ruth was averaging an A and achieved an A in her exams. Feedback from her mother was positive throughout “you’ve really helped Ruth get up to speed and catch up”.

13+ Latin

I taught Dimitri for three months, twice a week prior to his 13+ Latin exam for St Paul’s. He went from 50% to 80% average and scored in the top 5% of all candidates.

11+ English (SEN Dyslexia)

I worked with Lulu for a year prior to her 11+, focusing particularly on English and verbal reasoning, tailored to her dyslexic learning needs. Over the year her English marks at school improved from a C+ to an A- average, and she received an academic scholarship to Highgate school.

11+ English (Sen Dyspraxia)

I provided Alex with specialist dyspraxia English tuition leading up to his 11+ exams, tutoring him over a six month period. His school and parents flagged a ‘vast improvement’.

Age 12 English and Maths

I worked with Isabel, aged 12, to provide support with her Maths and English. She was falling behind in both subjects at school, and her dyslexia meant that a more tailored teaching style was needed.

My past roles include the following:

Freddie: Ongoing work with Freddie (6) to prepare him for the move from state to private school, focussing on literacy and numeracy for his 7+ exams.

Phoebe (6 years old): After-school homework sessions in Maths, French and English.

Harleen: 11+ tuition for Tiffin and Putney High schools, specialising in reasoning, Maths and English.

Lucinda: Remedial 11+ tuition in Maths and English.

Alex: Specialist dyspraxia English tuition leading up to 11+ for City of London.

Luke: 11+ maths tuition, specialising in problem areas such as nets and ratios. The goal is for Luke to achieve a place at Latymer School.

Lulu: 11+ English and verbal reasoning tuition, tailored for dyslexic learning needs.

Daisy: Maths lessons to prepare for 11+.

Joseph: Tutoring for 11+ to St Paul’s Juniors and Westminster schools across English, Maths and Reasoning.

Dina: 11+ Maths tutoring for Westminster.

Sasha (12), Muthiah (11) and Elias (8): ESOL teaching in English to prepare them for mainstream London schooling.

William (11 years old): Remedial Latin tuition as had been falling behind in school. Saw confidence and understanding grow, and as a result, I also helped him with his French, English, History and Science school exam preparations.

Dimitri: Intensive and ongoing 13+ Latin tuition in preparation for St Paul’s entrance exam.

Nikolay: Tutored intensively for Eton Scholarship CE in Latin, French and English. Successfully gained his scholarship.

Benjamin: 13+ preparation in Latin and English. Received his desired place at Harrow.

Pavan: On-going tutoring in preparation for his RS and French GCSE, which he was taking early at school. Also worked on Latin GCSE preparation.

Alexander: Ancient Greek and Latin GCSE, particularly focussed on language.

Clarrisa: Latin GCSE preparation, focusing on literature. She gained an A*.

Hobbies and Interests

Scuba diving – I’m a qualified Assistant Diving Instructor so teach new divers both in and out of the water.
Cycling – I love seeing London through a new perspective (and it’s faster than the bus!).
Museums and galleries – despite working in this field, I still enjoy seeing exhibitions or just wandering through the beautiful buildings.
Reading – I also have a book on the go.

Client Testimonials

Katherine has been a fantastic tutor to both my children for several years. She is dedicated, enthusiastic, and makes learning enjoyable – they are always happy to see her. She has really helped them improve and gain confidence. She is always reliable and punctual and I would thoroughly recommend her.” Emily

“We are delighted with the tutoring and mentoring provided by Katherine. Katherine is patient with Isabel and works to ensure that Isabel really understands and remembers the areas and subjects covered.”

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