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John W

"John was inspiring, flexible and made even the most difficult topics accessible. His calm and patient approach and willingness to go the extra mile have been much appreciated not only by Jamie but also by us as parents."

Parents of A Level Physics student

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  • Maths

  • Physics

Academic History

Royal Academy of Music, MA Jazz (studied alongside employment and freelance work, 2023), Distinction. Scott Philbrick Jazz Prize for highest postgraduate recital mark

Leeds University, PhD Physics & Applied Mathematics, awarded with no corrections and Dean’s commendation for research excellence (2013)

Durham University, BSc Physics & Philosophy, First Class Honours (2009)

Beverley Grammar School, A Levels: Maths (A), Physics (A), English Literature (A), Chemistry (A ), General Studies (A) (2006 – highest achievable grade was an A at this time)

Beverley Grammar School, GCSEs: 4 A*, 4 A, 2 B (2004)

About Me

I try as quickly as possible to establish clear two way communication with the student. This unlocks the key benefit of 1-1 tutoring, which is to allow explanations and ideas to be tailored, and the student’s understanding to be gauged in real time. I use sketched visual aids and multimedia resources to illustrate ideas, and I focus on building intuitive understanding that makes the subject hang together coherently rather than appear as isolated facts.

Recent tuition

KS 3 Maths

I helped S during his year 8 and early year 9 maths. He was quite capable but struggling to keep up with the new material. I helped him with to catch up on topics he felt weaker with, and as he got more on top of things we even extended beyond his school material a bit to reinvigorate his interest in the subject. We then stopped tutorials and he has recently got back in touch in the run up to GCSE to restart them.

Physics A Level

I taught M A Level Physics for a few months towards the end of year 13. She had very low confidence, felt hamstrung without having A Level Maths, and struggled with very high expectations of herself that she felt didn’t match her understanding. Given the short time frame, we focused on specific pieces of understanding and general exam technique and confidence building. I was as flexible as possible to allow extra lessons to take place as requested, and helped M deal with some worries and confidence issues before and during the exams. She exceeded her expectations in the subject and it was one of her better results in the end.

Physics A Level

I tutored J throughout the end of year 12 and all of year 13 towards Edexcel Physics A Level. He was a high achieving student who felt his Physics and Maths understanding was falling back. In tutorials I was able to look at practice questions with him but then expand on specific ideas and topics to show him that he could still attain the firm grip on the subjects he had been used to in prior years. His confidence grew markedly and he began taking responsibility for continuously checking and testing his understanding. He achieved A* in all subjects.

Further Maths A Level

I taught K further maths for her final few months of year 13. She was struggling with feeling overwhelmed by the subject. With guided practice questions I helped her to keep her thoughts calm, take questions piece by piece, and realise how much sound knowledge she already had. By the time exams came round, her confidence and subject knowledge was much improved.

Maths A Level

I tutored M towards Edexcel A Level Maths, through year 12 and most of year 13, and then some time later for a critical thinking entrance exam for university. M had always been capable but found the jump to A Level difficult. I focused on instilling confidence and high expectations in her, and by showing her how the complex new material could be understood and made sense of, she began to get on top of it. She achieved an A* and went on to UCL.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time I love playing tennis, swimming and watching concerts.


“The tutorials with John have gone very well, he was the ideal teacher for Jamie and supported him excellently all along the way to the exams. John was inspiring, flexible and made even the most difficult topics accessible. His calm and patient approach and willingness to go the extra mile have been much appreciated not only by Jamie but also by us as parents. We would most highly recommend him.”

Parents of A Level Physics student

“Very sad to be finishing tutorials with John but we have come to the end, he has been wonderful and we are very happy.”

Parent of A Level Maths student

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