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"Joel helped me during my Philosophy degree. His feedback was always constructive and very helpful. He encouraged me to think of outside of the box when it came to my essays and also to go deeper into my analysis. I noticed a great change in my essays with Joel's support. Thanks a lot Joel."

Philosophy degree student

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Academic History

DPhil Anthropology, University of Oxford

MPhil Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge (72)

MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies, SOAS (Politics specialisation, Distinction)

BA Philosophy, King’s College London (First)

A-Levels: Philosophy (A), History (A), Religious Studies (A) AS-Level: Politics (B 9)

GCSEs: 3 A*s, 6 As

About Me

I have tutored GCSE and A-Level history, A-Level politics, and undergraduate philosophy, religious studies, sociology, political science, and international relations, as well as receiving tutor training at the University of Oxford for social and human sciences. I am a specialist in essay-writing technique, and have helped students in various social science and humanities degrees achieve firsts on major assignments, including undergraduate dissertations.

My aim is to work to enrich the relevant tutee’s experience of the subject as a whole, as well as offering a good understanding of the particular assessment in question. I aim to continuously reassess the student’s needs and to adapt based on their interests and way of learning. My lessons are designed to maintain attention through diverse exercises and tasks, allowing for conversation to flow where it is clear the student’s interest is piqued and the engagement is productive and valuable. On undergraduate essay support, I offer detailed feedback as quickly as I can, often in a matter of hours. I have found it to be the most instructive and efficient use of time, helping students to complete multiple drafts so as to refine their essays and achieve high grades.

Recent tuition

As well as teaching, I have advised on university applications and personal statements, and offered support in Oxbridge admissions, from undergraduate to university.

A-Level Politics and History

Possibly my most challenging case, K was studying A-Level Politics and History at Manchester Grammar School but hadn’t attended school in months prior to my working with him, and was heading towards failing his exams. It was initially difficult to motivate him, and he struggled to complete homework. However, by offering him a slightly ‘off-course’ approach, including a more multi-media lesson plan, I managed to pique his interest in politics in particular. He produced more work for me as a result, and his writing and understanding of the subjects improved too. I was pleased to see that he achieved Bs in both subjects and eventually studied at The University of Exeter.

Ethnomusicology and DPhil application

I have been tutoring T for the last four months in ethnomusicology, whilst also offering support in her application to a DPhil programme in Anthropology at the University of Oxford. She is an extremely able student, but as she is not a native speaker, she initially wanted support with phrasing and grammar, as well as critical feedback on her personal statements and essays. I have noticed a vast improvement in her ability to structure essays, as well as in her ability to clearly and eloquently express herself in English.

International Relations Essays

I have been tutoring A for the past month, as well as in 2022. She studies at St Andrews University and I have been helping her with essays in International Relations. She is a bright student, but is sometimes unnecessarily verbose, as well as taking confusing points and over-emphasising them. Through critical remarks on her essays and discussions of the relevant topics, I eventually manage to guide her in a clearer direction so that her essays maintain focus. She achieved the equivalent high 2:1s in her essays last year, and is aiming for the same in the current essays we are working on.

Philosophy Degree

I tutored A, a philosophy student at King’s College. London He was struggling with his assessed essays on Indian Philosophy and Ethics. He was an intellectual able student who was able to grasp complex ideas, but needed assistance with clarifying his thoughts. We discussed his chosen topics – Jainism and Shaftesbury’s account of the affections – after which I read a draft of each, offering him critical feedback. He achieved high 2:1s in each essay.

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics degree

I helped A with two of her coursework pieces on the ethics of torture and consequentionalism vs deontologism in moral theory, as well as her undergraduate dissertation on Indian feminism. Her degree was a BA in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at the University of Leeds. A was curious and engaged, though it initially took her a little longer to grasp more complex points than some other students I’d worked with. However, I supported the development of the all three pieces through engaged discussions, and reading multiple drafts, and with a lot of determination, she achieved a first in both coursework pieces, as well as a high 2:1 in the dissertation.

Hobbies and Interests

As a deeply curious person, I have a vast array of interests and hobbies, from politics and philosophy, to photography, film, art, and football. My three biggest passions, however, are food, wine and music, which I enjoy on a sensory level, but also intellectually. I am a deeply passionate cook and wine educator, as well as a food and drinks writer, and I run my own supper clubs and wine tastings, as I have always desired to share my experience with others. My knowledge of music spans genres, places and times and I am constantly making playlists that satisfy my strong desire to curate.

In terms of hobbies, a consistent exercise regime has become central to my life, helping me to retain energy and a healthy mind. Running and weight-training are my main activities but I play football and occasionally practise yoga and swimming.


“I was put in contact with Joel to review a written text that would be the basis of a presentation that I had to make in an academic setting. I was extremely pleased with the feedback provided, and the efficiency of the turn-around. It was a pleasure working with Joel.”

Undergraduate Philosophy student

“Joel is very kind and patient. He helps me a lot in my academic progress. He has always provided me with instructive guidance. They are very helpful for my academic writing and critical thinking. He has a wealth of knowledge in sociology, anthropology, politics, history, cultural studies, and music… I have learned a lot in a short time. Thus, I will highly recommend him if you need any help with your study!”

Undergraduate Ethnomusicology student

“Joel helped me during my Philosophy degree. His feedback was always constructive and very helpful. He encouraged me to think of outside of the box when it came to my essays and also to go deeper into my analysis. I noticed a great change in my essays with Joel’s support. Thanks a lot Joel.”

Undergraduate Philosophy student

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