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Joe B

Joe has worked with Simply Learning Tuition for over five years. He has worked with many long-term clients, all of whom we've had very positive feedback from.

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Academic History

University College London – BSc Geography (2:1)

London Academy A Levels – Geography (A), English Language (A), Biology (A), Physical Education (A*)

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2017. My main subject specialism is Geography, which I support with to Undergraduate level. I also support with Biology and English up to A Level.

With most students I attempt to use a conversational style to tutoring, where the learning is more verbal. This gives the student the opportunity to ask questions which they may not feel comfortable to in lesson time. Furthermore, I feel it is important to build confidence in students, because this holds them back especially in exams. As at times they do not trust their own ability, which can only limit their success, this is something I attempt to reduce over the time of tutoring. This applies to most subjects, however some subjects require a more strict method such as biology, which relies upon knowledge of the content rather than opinions. Also, I feel it is important students are given the open space to make mistakes and learn from them.

I think one of my strongest qualities as a tutor is the ability to make people feel comfortable and my ability to engage people of all personalities. I attempt to create a space while tutoring where any questions can be asked and no answer is a silly one. I always make clear to students that any questions they have with homework or in class they can contact me at any time and I will answer their queries. I think I create an open environment which is enjoyable to be tutored in.

Recent tuition

I have built over 4000 hours of tutoring experience, please find a selection of my students below.

GCSE Geography (AQA)

This student is extremely bright and enthusiastic and has lots of questions. She has a clear passion for Geography but she struggled with exam technique and some of the content. However, with my conversational style and exam practice she has achieved grade 9 in both exam papers in her recent mock exams which is a huge improvement from where she was in August, where she achieved a borderline pass grade.

GCSE Geography (AQA)

A studenet got in touch with me to be tutored because Geography was the subject which was holding her back, having achieved a grade 2 in her year 10 exam in the summer. After around six months of tutoring she has been able to reach a grade 7 which is a massive improvement from her summer performance. She has said this is from the boost in her confidence and practice of exam technique.

GCSE Biology (AQA)

This student was struggling with GCSE Biology, being predicted a 5 in his exam. This was surprising as the rest of his subjects were around 7s. He wanted to improve his grade in order to do sciences at A level but was struggling with exam technique. His comprehension of the content in classes was great, but he could not translate this in exam settings. His target was an 8. I provided him lessons for the six months leading up to the exam, in which he was able to achieve an 8.

GCSE Biology (AQA)

This student was finding Biology extremely difficult, attaining just a grade 3, which was very surprising as she was a bright student doing well in her other subjects. She was really struggling with understanding the biology content, the language used, and how a process got from start to finish – she could not grasp the steps effectively—especially topics around the lungs and heart. With a whole academic year of work, we were able to push her grade up to a 7.

GCSE English Language (AQA)

This student needed tutoring because she was unable to achieve the grades she wanted in English at GCSE. This was mainly because it was her second language. However, with regular practice of exams and familiarisation with the language of poems and texts she was able to pass her January mocks which is a big improvement, going from an expected 2 to a 5.

GCSE Geography (AQA) – SEN Dyslexia

The main concern for this student was that he struggled to put his ideas on paper with confidence, despite the fact he had very strong knowledge of the content. This was something that was limited by his dyslexia. However, with my help on a long piece of coursework he was able to achieve a grade 6 which is a huge improvement.

GCSE English (Edexcel)

This student was high achieving in all of his subjects other than English. He needed help understanding literature and the ways in which language techniques were used and the connotations and meanings that he was expected to identify in his work. The main aim was to prepare for an end of year exam that approaching. With my help of past paper practice and instructions on how to annotate texts and structure essays, Uri was able to secure a grade 6, moving up from the grade 4 that had been expected previously.

A Level Geography

This student is extremely bright, however she needs a tutor as the school are no longer providing a Geography teacher. I have been teaching her the A level syllabus for Edexcel Geography rather than just supplementing school work. She is doing extremely well and is progressing towards the A grade she is predicted.

A Level Geography

This student is very bright, but he can struggle with some concepts and keywords in Geography, which can be common with a lot of students. I have been tutoring him for around six months and he has made great progress in his long form essay writing and is becoming a more well-rounded student in the lead up to his A level exams.

A Level Biology (OCR)

This student is bright and is doing well in his subjects, apart from biology. Before commencing tuition he was achieving a C grade in his past paper questions and mock exams. However with work on his exam technique he is achieving a B grade and is on track to achieve the A grade he wants in the summer.

A Level Biology (Edexcel)

This student struggled in year 12 and wanted to improve her grade in order to increase her predicted grades ready for UCAS applications. We worked on her exam technique, and revision strategy to help here achieve a better grade in her January mock exam. She was able to achieve the B grade she was hoping for which is very impressive.

Hobbies and Interests

I am currently training for a triathlon. This is something I enjoy for many reasons, the main being that I enjoy setting myself challenges and completing them. Further, exercise is something I like to do for pleasure and helps maintain physical and mental health. Another hobby I enjoy is playing football, this is something I do with friends and it helps build positive relationships with people and helps improve my skills of playing in a team.

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