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Jessica G

"Jessica is an excellent tutor, who assisted my daughter with 11+ preparation. She was professional and created interesting and suitable lessons. Her knowledge of the 11 + exam requirements was very good and my daughter succeeded in gaining entry into her chosen schools, Godolphin and Latymer and St Paul's Girls."

11+ Tuition

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Academic History

Diploma English Language and Literature, 2020

City, University of London, 2008: Masters (MA) Sociology

University of Surrey, 2003: BSc (Hons) Psychology

St. Benedict’s Independent School, Ealing, London (1997- 1999)

– A-levels – Biology, English Literature and Classical Civilisation

St. Catherine’s Independent School, Twickenham, London (1994- 1997)

– 10 GCSEs (including Maths, English and Science)


About Me

I am an experienced tutor specialising in Psychology, Sociology, English (KS1-GCSE) and 7+/8+/9+/10+/11+ Entrance Exams. I have extensive experience with teaching/tutoring (15 years) both one to one and inside the classroom, having spent five years working as the Head of Psychology and Sociology teacher at Rochester Independent, a secondary boarding school in Kent. I am also an examiner for both Psychology and Sociology A levels and have also examined for GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.

I have a friendly, enthusiastic and positive approach to teaching. I am well prepared, organised, passionate about all of the subjects that I tutor and have a wealth of experience. My lessons are as creative and interesting as possible, and I always aim to make the learning as engaging, stimulating and visual as possible, whilst keeping progress focused and targeted.

I have high but realistic expectations from my students, and am able to support them so that they can achieve success. This includes always trying to be very positive and using targets to show progression. I also support students through my knowledge of exam technique. No two lessons will be the same as each student is unique and has different requirements. I always try to display my own passion for the subject in lessons which often tends to rub off on the learner. I have an expert understanding of the expectations and requirements for public exams, and have been an examiner for various subjects for AQA since 2007.

Recent tuition

I have worked with over 150 tutees, please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:

7+ Preparation

I have worked with around 25 students in preparation for the 7+ exams, with students going on to secure places at top schools including St Paul’s Juniors, KCS, Kensington Prep, City of London Girls’, Dulwich Prep, Norland Place, Newton Prep, Hendon Prep, and Latymer. At this age I find that building confidence is key to helping students prepare and make strong progress in what are often short periods of time.

7+ Preparation (Maths, English, VR and NVR)

I worked with this student for a the year in the build up to his 7+ exam for St Paul’s Juniors. He was successful and gained a place.

Year 2 Maths and English

This student was finding the material being taught at school too easy and was getting bored and restless in class. We worked on more advanced material for his age in Maths and English and he clearly demonstrated that he was a bright child. We found fun ways to learn which kept him occupied for longer periods of time. He has now been moved up a year at school and is doing well.

8+ and 9+

I have worked with over 15 students for the the 8+ and 9+ entrance exams. Of these eight have been preparing for the 8+ exams, and I am pleased to say that all secured places at their preferred schools: St. Paul’s Junior (1), Dulwich College (3), Hill House School (1), Notting Hill Prep (2) and Knightsbridge School (1).

8+ Preparation (Maths, English, VR and NVR)

I worked with this student, who particularly struggled with Maths, for the year in the build-up to his exams. He grew in confidence hugely, and is now getting on very well at his first choice school, Dulwich college.

9+ Preparation (English, Maths, Reasoning)

I worked with this student for several months in the run up to her 9+ exams, helping her to gain confidence with the exam papers and questions. I am pleased to report that she secured a place at Notting Hill Prep.

Year 3 Maths (dyscalculia)

I worked with a Year 3 student to help them develop more confidence with their maths. They struggled particularly due to their dyscalculia – with this I find that a fun and relaxed learning environment helps to take the fear out of the tuition.

Year 4 Maths (dyscalculia)

Regular support for a student in Year 4 to help them progress with their maths. Due to their dyscalculia, I approached lessons from a variety of different angles, making sure to take extra time with them going through topics multiple times to help the concepts sink in.

10+ and 11+ Preparation

Over the course of my tutoring career I have worked with over 30 students in preparation for the 10+ and 11+, and have seen my students secure places at top schools such as St. Paul’s Girls’ School, North London Collegiate, City of London Boys, NHEH, Godolphin and Latymer, UCS, Haberdasher Aske Boys, Dulwich College, Henrietta Barnet Grammar School, Latymer, Maidstone Grammar, Dartford Grammar, King’s Rochester and King’s Canterbury. I have also helped prepare students of this age for online tests, such as the ISEB pre-tests. For these students we focused on online practice and strategies, along with specialised materials to help students prepare for the variation and time constraints of an online test.

10+ City of London boys

In recent years I have supported at least five students in preparation for the 10+ City of London exams. All of them have been successful in passing and securing offers.

KS2 English

I have supported over 25 students for the 11+ entrance exams in English for various selective and non-selective schools.

11+ Preparation (Maths, English, VR and NVR)

A Year 5 student required weekly tutoring (1 hour a week) for exam entrance preparation for St Paul’s Girls School and Henrietta Barnet Grammar. Her weaker area was her writing skills. We practised this immensely and found exciting topics to write about. Using specific strategies, such as mnemonics, to help recall key points to consider when writing (e.g. MAFS, metaphors, alliteration, feelings and similes), Priya improved greatly in this area. She successfully gained entry into both schools and decided on St. Paul’s Girls’ School.

KS1 English

I have worked with over 20 students for KS1 English. I find at this stage learning should be as fun as possible while still implementing successful teaching, whether it be on grammar, phonics, writing etc.

This student had regular lessons for about one year as he was not enjoying English at school and as a result his reading and writing level was falling behind his peers. I managed to make lessons engaging and after a few sessions he was starting to show a new liking for the subject. He gradually improved in English overall.

KS3 English

This Key Stage 3 student and I worked regularly together to help bring his overall English levels up to a higher standard. After some focused work his ability began to make significant improvements, and he is now working well.

GCSE English Language

I have successfully tutored over 25 students taking this course (all exam boards). Through my lessons I encourage students to develop and improve their ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively in both reading comprehension and writing. In addition, they learn how to employ a wide-ranging vocabulary, use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and develop a personal style and an awareness of the audience being addressed. We also practise and improve exam technique including the use of past papers.

This student was studying GCSE English Language privately as a home schooling student. We had four hours of lessons each week over 12 months. We covered the entire specification including, reading, writing, comprehension, literary techniques and exam practice. Lessons were engaging and allowed her to learn in her own unique style which was more visual. She gained a grade 9.

GCSE English Literature

I have successfully tutored (all exam boards) over 25 students in this course. Throughout the lessons we analyse the different texts and discuss/ revise the themes, character and literary technique. These works are also reviewed in the social and cultural contexts in which they were written. In addition, students will focus on how to write literary essays, and there will be considerable focus on past papers in order to facilitate a better understanding of the texts, to improve essay writing skills and of course, to best prepare the students for the examinations.

This student was struggling with his GCSE English Literature course as he had gained a grade 3 in his recent mock exam. He had weekly one hour lessons for four months before his examinations. We worked from the grass roots up, tackling basic punctuation and grammar first, and then reading and understanding the texts thoroughly. We progressed onto writing techniques and sentence structure and finally worked through past papers. He managed to improve greatly and gained a grade 8 in the exam.

GCSE Psychology and Sociology

I have extensive experience with teaching the GCSE Psychology and Sociology curriculums through my teaching experience in the classroom and one-to-one. I am familiar with all relevant exam boards for these two subjects at this level.

IB Psychology

I have successfully taught IB Psychology (HL and SL) to over 20 students. This has included one student who I worked with on her exam technique and psychological knowledge and she gained a grade 7.

A Level Psychology & Sociology

I have extensive experience of teaching these subjects at A level in the classroom and one-to-one. I am familiar with all exam boards and am an examiner for both subjects.

This Year 13 student required regular tuition sessions for A-Level Psychology (AQA/A) and Sociology (AQA) as she was unable to study these subjects at her school. We had eight hours of tuition per week, spaced over one academic year. She gained much confidence over the tutoring period and she was able to grasp psychological and sociological concepts with ease and developed a thorough understanding of relevant theories and research. This student demonstrated much enthusiasm for both subjects and after achieving an A* in Sociology and a grade A in Psychology she successfully gained entry into UCL to study a BSc in Psychology. She is now studying for a PhD at UCL.

A-Level Psychology (AQA/A)

This Year 13 student required weekly tuition as he was struggling with evaluation and research methods. He had gained a grade D in his mock exam at school and was somewhat concerned. After regular tutoring, he was able to increase in his confidence – particularly in his ability to evaluate exam answers. I taught him simple ways to break down and understand all of the evaluation research so that it was not overwhelming. He also improved greatly in his ability to answer research methods questions by developing his application to knowledge techniques. This student gained a grade A in psychology and after a gap year, is studying Psychology at the University of Manchester.

A-Level Sociology (AQA)

This student had weekly tutoring for about seven months, preparing him for the A-Level Sociology exams. His weak area was exam technique. Having shown him a suitable exam technique strategy for writing sociological essays his confidence improved. He was able to demonstrate his understanding of the relevant sociological theories with ease. He gained a Grade A in Sociology and has been accepted at LSE to study Economics.

EPQ Support

I have worked with a couple of EPQ students and their assignments who were able to organise, structure, and become more encouraged and focused as a result of having lessons with me. They were both pleased with what they were able to achieve after these lessons.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Psychology

I have successfully tutored over 30 degree level Psychology students, in various topics, including Social and Political Psychology. I worked with Matthew who was completing a BSc in Psychology at UCL and after tuition lessons, gained a 1st in his degree.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Sociology

I have successfully worked with over 25 degree level students for Sociology.

SEN dyslexia

I have worked with many students with dyslexia, in both a classroom and a one to one setting.

Hobbies and Interests

I love to read, and have a particular interest in feminist literature and literature relevant to Psychology as well as classic novels (I am currently reading ‘The Selfish Capitalist’ by Oliver James). I also have a passion for nutrition and love to discover new healthy recipes and how to keep the body and mind healthy. What is more, I love yoga and have a keen interest in fashion.

Client Testimonials

“Jessica tutored my son for the 7+ for Dulwich Prep. Her lessons were totally focused on what was required for the entrance exams, but taught in an enjoyable way for my son to understand. My son used to look forward to the lessons and successfully gained entry into Dulwich Prep.”

Parent of 7+ student

“Jessica tutored me in A level Psychology. I found her lessons very interesting and extremely helpful. I was able to fully grasp psychological material that I was having difficulty understanding previously and was successful in gaining a grade A. She really knows her stuff!”

A level Psychology student

“Jessica is tutoring my daughter in GCSE English Literature and we are very happy with the progress that she has made in the last few months. She not only has more confidence in the subject but she also enjoys it much more.”

Parent of GCSE English Literature student


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