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Jenny Ha

"I wanted to let you know that Eloise received offers from all 5 schools she applied to. In the end we settled on Alleyn's, as we want her to continue in co-ed environment. Thank you very much for all your support and hard work. We couldn't have done this without you."

Mrs Aguilar, Entrance Exam Tuition

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • 7+/8+

  • English

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

1976 -1980 Manchester Polytechnic Textile Design BA Hons 2(1)

1983 -1984 Oxford College of FE ‘Special Needs’ Teaching C&G 7321 Distinction

1984 -1985 The Institute of Group Analysis Group work and Family Therapy Certificate-Pass

1987   1988  Manchester Polytechnic  Certificate in Counselling Certificate-Pass

1990-1991  Derbyshire College of HE Teacher Training Cert Ed-Pass

1989 -1991 Manchester Polytechnic Professional Studies Education Post Grad Diploma- Pass

1995 – 1996 South Cheshire College Basic Skills teaching C&G 9282 – Pass

1996 -1997 The Sheffield College Assessment and Diagnosis of SpLD YHAFHE Cert- Pass

1999- 2000 University of Manchester Management of Learning Support Post Grad Diploma CPD- Pass

2004 -2006 University of Lancaster Management (Education) Post Grad  Highly Commended

2010   -2011 UCL- University College London      Facilities and Environmental Management           Post Grad Cert

2018 Certificate in working with students on the Autistic Spectrum

About Me

My specialist subjects are 7+, 11+ and 13+ English and Maths

and I also teach:

GCSE English

Study Skills

I am  a friendly and highly experienced teacher with qualifications which include post graduate diplomas in teaching and learning as well as working with pupils with dyslexia. I am patient and enthusiastic, believing that a sense of humour and fun are central to establishing a productive educational environment. I enjoy working with pupils across a variety of subject areas to establish how they learn best and uses a variety of teaching methods to match the pupil’s learning style.

During my 28 years in teaching I have headed a department which provides study skills support for gifted and talented pupils as well as extended learning opportunities for pupils with specific learning needs.

I am comfortable and confident in working with young people of all ages and levels.  I have had great success tutoring Common Entrance at 7+, 9+, 11+ and 13+ into Alleyn’s, St Dunstans, Sydenham High School and City of London School for Girls, Wellington, Cranleigh, Dulwich College, Whitgift, Trinity,Rosemead Preparatory School and Wallington County Grammar.

I am highly organised and systematic in my approach and plan lessons using a variety of strategies to ensure pupils are engaged and inspired. In addition, I have an extensive resource bank of materials to support pupils across a range of subjects.

I live in South East London and have 3 daughters.

Recent tuition

I have been tutoring since September 2014 and over that period have taught 40 pupils whose ages have range from 5 years (7+) to 16 years (GCSE English). On the whole I have worked with these pupils on a long term basis although 2 have been holiday tuition, one of whom was a boarder at Eton but wanted help with exam strategies and preparation prior to sitting his GCSEs.

I include 3 examples of pupils I have taught, or am currently teaching.


I have been teaching Claudia since July 2015 when she was moving into year 5. Claudia has a dyslexia assessment and has required a very structured spelling programme as well as help organising her ideas in writing and in using techniques and devices to enhance her story writing in preparation for school entrance exams. She is a natural mathematician and we have worked on extending her Maths skills alongside her English work so that she gains confidence and can excel in this area. In addition, we have ensured that she is familiar with the different types of verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions she encounter in tests.

Over each 1.5 hour session we always begin with a fun warm up activity to settle her in and relax her. We work on 10 spellings a week, vocabulary extension work and different sentence types to enhance her written expression. In creative writing we moved through work on characters, to settings and then structuring plots to ensure that she has a bank of vignettes to draw on and the confidence to tackle different types of questions. More recently, we have been working or writing to argue and persuade.

In Maths we filled any gaps but mainly focussed on extension work and interpreting written questions.

The variety of topics and approaches we use each lesson ensures that Claudia does not lose focus or motivation. Prior to her entrance tests we worked on exam techniques and interview skills and I am delighted that she has secured a place at her chosen school. Cranleigh.


Julia was young for her year and I started teaching her when she was just 5 with only 5 months to prepare her for her 7+ entrance exams to the 5 schools she was applying for. Within this period we needed to consolidate the requirements of the Yr 1 syllabus, cover the majority of the Yr 2 syllabus and to prepare her for the different formats of the exams she would be sitting.

Given her age, I was mindful that I needed to make lessons fun and used play and active learning alongside more formal approaches. For example, we danced her times tables, made a little personal photographic book about a shop to consolidate her money skills and working out change and went on an ‘adjective walk’ to encourage her to use ‘wow’ vocabulary in her writing.

Julia has a particularly quirky sense of humour and writing style which I was careful not to discourage, realising that this would mean that her English exam paper would stand out from the rest and be full of character. This decision paid off and she was accepted for all of the schools she applied for.


Harold is in year 5 and Harold’s mother decided to engage a tutor because he was underachieving at school as a reaction to problems within the family. He had lost confidence and dropped grades and sets at school. As a result my focus has been on forming a supportive and productive relationship were he can regain his confidence while extending his skills. In Maths we have been anticipating the next subject areas that will be encountered at school to ensure that he is ahead of the class. In English we have based written work on his areas of interests to encourage ‘flow’ and engagement.

I was delighted to hear that at the parents’ evening in March his Maths teacher reported that he is ready to move up a set and that he is  much calmer and more settled than he was at the start of the academic year.

Hobbies and Interests 

I have a wide range of interests and particularly enjoy cinema, theatre and the visual arts. I have set up and run community arts projects with children culminating in exhibitions at Keele and Brunel universities.

Client Testimonials

Jenny took the time to find out not only what my daughter needed help with, but also what interested her and how she worked best.  This meant that she could tailor her teaching to fit with Eleanor’s learning skills.  She gave her different strategies to solve problems, and gave her confidence to deal with not only the academic work but also the exam process and interviews. By the end of her time with my daughter I felt that she understood her well.  She was thorough when preparing for the different papers, flexible when needing to focus on a new problem, and imaginative in the way she presented the lessons so that my daughter did not get bored or feel that the time was a burden. My daughter looked forward to the lessons and learnt much.

Mrs A. Butt

Thank you for all your help Jenny! Without you teaching me, I would have a hard time answering most mathematical questions and because of you, I feel more confident with my descriptive writing. It has been a pleasure cooperating with you and doing all the homework that you’ve set for me.

A.  Aguilar (year 8)

I wanted to let you know that Eloise received offers from all 5 schools she applied to. In the end we settled on Alleyn’s , as we want her to continue in co-ed environment.

Thank you very much for all your support and hard work. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Anna, SE22

Dear Jenny,

I’ve been offered a place at Colfes . I won’t have to do an interview. Thank you for helping me.


PS We are all very happy and very grateful to you.




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