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James C

"James is an inspirational tutor whose enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. He is reliable, punctual and effective. I would thoroughly recommend James for any tutoring on maths or statistics up to A-Level and most selected university mathematics modules designed for economists or scientists."

Parent of A-Level Maths student

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • A Level

  • Economics

  • GCSE

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

University of Cambridge, MA Maths

University of Cambridge, BA Economics Part II 2(i) Maths Part I 2

A-LEVELS: Maths (A), Further Maths (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (C), General Studies (C)

O-LEVELS: 7 (A) and 1 (C)

About Me

My specialist subject is Maths. I also tutor Physics, Economics (GCSE & A-Level), 11+ Entrance Exam and Scholarships Exams. I have been working as a full-time tutor since 2013 supporting over 100 individual clients.

I am very familiar with the various GCSE and A-Level Maths courses, having taught all of the material many times. I have worked with students from a mix of schools both state and independent schools. Furthermore, I have strong subject knowledge and educational background.

I am very enthusiastic about my subjects. This enables me to communicate the course content clearly and effectively. My key strength as a tutor is building confidence and motivation, helping students successfully grasp the subject matter.  I understand how important it is to establish a good teaching relationship and make lessons interesting.

Recent tuition

Below is a sample of my most recent experience.


I have worked with students that gained entry to Dulwich College, Eton and Westminster Scholarship.


This student was struggling with foundation GCSE maths and needed to get a grade C (the highest possible at foundation level) in order to join his school sixth form. He was much better at arts based subjects and found Maths much harder. In addition, he was diagnosed with learning difficulties.  We had weekly lessons, worked hard on basics such as mental arithmetic and he made very good progress and comfortably got his grade. This student went on to achieved the C grade with ease.


This student is now in sixth form. I tutored him for GCSE Maths and Physics. He had fallen behind academically, having changed schools, and was forecast not to make the required grades to join the sixth form. I tutored him during a time when he was not attending school. Primarily, I helped prepare him for his interview and re-admissions test. In the following year, I supported him with his GCSE Maths and Physics. I am very pleased to have helped him turn the situation around, moving from predicted D grades to overall B’s.


This bright student was new to the subject and initially found A-level Economics difficult. Like many other students, she felt a little overwhelmed by the new material and did not have a strategy for answering questions. Over several months, I worked with her to ensure that she had a good grasp of the key ideas and taught her how to apply them in answering exam questions. There really is a knack to doing this, which some students are taught, and it really makes studying the topic very much easier. Each week we would go through a topic and practice model answers. By the time the exams came, she was very familiar with the material, wrote clear answers, and illustrated them with appropriate diagrams. As a result, she did well in her exams and achieved her required grade.


This student was highly motivated and put herself under a lot of stress, which led to severe exam nerves. My approach was to organise a schedule for her and get her to work fewer hours, but more effectively. She achieved her required grades and is now at university studying Biochemistry. She achieved an overall A in Maths.


This older student was married and was studying A-Levels in order to go on to higher education. She was struggling with A-Level Maths, which was her weakest subject, and at risk of not meeting her offer. Over six weeks before the exam date, we worked through the entire syllabus and she achieved higher grades than needed. She was predicted a B when we started tutoring. We worked together 3-4 times per week for two hours at a time. She achieved A’s and B’s in final exams.


I tutored two siblings in one family. The eldest son was tutored for his Maths re-sits (Papers C3 C4 S1 modules). He got A*’s in all modules and got A* overall. He went onto study Maths and Economics at Nottingham University. I went on to tutor him with his first and second year Mathematical Economics.


This student is currently in his third year at university studying Mathematical Economics. I tutored him for A-Level Maths, but we still keep in touch and I occasionally help him with his degree course. He was potentially a strong student, but needed help that his school could not provide. During the period of my tuition, he became much more confident at Maths and achieved the grades needed for his offer. He went on to study Economics at University. He had a Maths based exam in his first year – I supported his with this unit and he achieved a 2:1. In addition, I worked with this student’s younger brother, who needed support with the statistical elements of Psychology.


I gave Physics support to a student wanting to apply for an Engineering degree. He needed to complete a conversion course before going into the degree programme. I supported the student with Maths and Physics. He later gained entry to his Engineering degree course.

Hobbies and Interests

In my leisure time I really enjoy computer programming, playing bridge and sailing.

Client Testimonials

“James has proved to be an outstanding mathematics tutor to my two sons H– and B–, both at A-Level and at University Level.

H– received coaching for Maths A-Level from James and went on to study Economics at Queen Marys London. James tailor-made his work to focus on the areas where he needed most help, including a limited amount of coaching with his university work.

B– took Statistics AS Level, which was not offered by his school. He received tutoring from James at home and was otherwise entirely self-taught in Statistics. His success in AS Level Statistics without teaching at school was one of the reasons for his acceptance at LSE, where James also helped him with his first-year Logic course.

James is an inspirational tutor whose enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. He is reliable, punctual and effective. I would thoroughly recommend James for any tutoring on maths or statistics up to A-Level and most selected university mathematics modules designed for economists or scientists.”

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