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Jack C

“Jack has been extremely helpful explaining to us and our daughter the ins and outs of the new IGCSE science syllabus. We all now have a better understanding of what’s expected. He is a very supportive and hardworking tutor.”

IGCSE Science Tuition

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Academic History

2018, King’s College London: Medicine MBBS

2017-2018, University College London: MSc Infection & Immunity (Distinction)

2014-2017, University College London: BSc Biomedical Sciences (1st)

2012-2014, Queen Elizabeth’s Boy’s School, Barnet: A-Levels – Biology, Maths & Economics (A*), Chemistry (A), AS-Levels – Further Mathematics (A)

2007-2012, Queen Elizabeth’s Boy’s School, Barnet: GCSEs – Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, Economics & History (A*), English Literature (A)

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2014. I tutor Biology, Chemistry and Maths. In addition, I am able to provide support for University and Medical School Applications. I have found that, over time, a nurturing environment of tutoring and extra support helps students to build up their academic abilities as well as their confidence. My past experience of tutoring and volunteering, has allowed me to develop a skill-set suited to encouraging and building trust with a student, thereby creating a positive atmosphere for success. The one-to-one nature of tutoring facilitates a holistic understanding of an individual and their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Initially, sessions aim to understand the needs of a student and acquire first-hand experience of their difficulties with the subject material. From this stage, lessons are then structured around the individual to convey material in a tailored manner. Sessions make topics accessible and promote a deeper understanding of their content. Over time, from this foundation, the confidence of a child can be built upon so that they feel self-assured in their abilities.

Recent Tuition

I have over 150 hours of tutoring experience, working with students from Key Stage 3 to A-Level. Please see the case studies below that showcase my most recent experience.

GCSE Maths (Edexcel)

This enthusiastic student had ADHD and was struggling with the Edexcel syllabus and the speed at which it was being taught at school. Two sessions a week were arranged to catch up on material covered at school. Our lessons were separated into small chunks which suited his style of learning. Over time he was able to catch up with the material taught at school and moved up from a predicted C grade to an A.

GCSE Double Science (SEN Dyslexia)

This student was struggling with Science at school as the teaching style did not suit his needs. He had mild dyslexia and was a visual learner. Because of this, I took a more holistic approach when tutoring which focused on his strengths. Our lessons focused on displaying content visually and sought to link new material with pre-existing knowledge. After building his core knowledge of the GCSE specification, we then focused on breaking down exam style questions which would make them accessible. At the start of the year he was predicted two Cs, by the end of teaching he achieved two As.

IGCSE Maths (Edexcel)

This bright student lacked confidence in her mathematic ability. We worked together for two hours on a fortnightly basis to accommodate her extracurricular activities. We focused on gradually building up her confidence and problem-solving abilities. She is now confident at tackling exam style problems and is performing in the top 10% of her class.

IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Edexcel)

This student is in her final year of GCSEs at a prestigious North London private school. Both she and her parents felt she was not being provided enough support for the new IGCSE science syllabus and so sought extra help. Lessons went over the content of the syllabus and provided additional exam practice and material in the absence of papers from the exam board. She now has a better appreciation of her summer exams and is performing top of her class in all three sciences. We are now focusing on preparing her for the first set of mock exams.

GCSE Foundation Maths (Edexcel)

This bright student had social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. He required extra support and mentoring before his final exams. Two lessons were arranged every week where sessions took place over two hours to allow for breaks during lesson time. Over the few weeks of tutoring his confidence increased immensely. By the time of his exam, he was capable of answering the majority of exam questions independently.

AS level Biology and Chemistry

This student found the jump from GSCE to A level daunting and required extra support with his studies. Two-hour sessions were arranged every week to help him get to grips with the material. He was a visual learner and time was spent displaying content in a format suited to this style of learning. As he became more comfortable with the material being taught, I introduced exam style questions to prepare him for his summer exams. He went on to attain an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry. I continued to tutor this student for his A2 Biology exams where he went on to achieve an A grade overall.

Medical School Admissions

This student was looking for UKCAT help as well as assistance writing his personal statement for medicine. The UKCAT mentoring focused on understanding question types as well as completing sets of questions under exam timing. He was able to achieve a score of 720 out of 900 in the UKCAT. Following this, we focused on advising A on the content of his personal statement. He now has an upcoming interview for KCL which we are now preparing for.

Hobbies and Interests

In addition to tutoring, I have a passion for volunteering. My previous voluntary work within a paediatric ward and youth group has given me extensive experience with working with young people. I have found volunteering to be an eye opening and moving experience which I could not recommend enough. In my free time I am also a passionate badminton player, albeit an amateur one. I also enjoy art and drawing which has remained a key outlet for creativity throughout my studies.

Client Testimonials

“A very kind, knowledgeable and patient teacher. He has been excellent when explaining difficult topics. Jack has really built up our daughter’s confidence in mathematics.”

“Jack has been extremely helpful explaining to us and our daughter the ins and outs of the new IGCSE science syllabus. We all now have a better understanding of what’s expected. He is very supportive and hardworking tutor.”

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