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Jack B

"Our daughter's tutor, Jack, has been kind, expert, and professional in the help he has been giving her. When we have asked for feedback on her progress he has given a comprehensive review of how she is doing in preparing for the STEP maths papers."

STEP Maths Tuition

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Academic History

2014-2018, Queen Mary University London: PhD in Mathematics

2013-2014, University of Cambridge: MMath (Distinction)

2010-2013, University of Cambridge: BA Mathematics (1st)

2008-2010, Prior Pursglove College, Guisborough, North Yorkshire: (A Levels) A* Maths, Further Maths & English Language; (AS Levels) A in Physics, Music and Fine Art

-Extended Project Qualification in Mathematics (EPQ): A*

-Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP): Grade 1 in STEP 2 and STEP 3

2003-2008, St. Peter’s Catholic College of Maths and Computing, South Bank, North Yorkshire:

A* in GCSE Mathematics, Science (Foundation and Additional), English Literature, Art and Religious Education; A in GCSE English Language, Music, Spanish, and ICT

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2017, my specialist subject is Maths. My approach to tutoring varies a lot depending upon the tutee. In particular, their ability and stage in their educational programme. For example, later in the academic year, often students are quite confident with the vast majority of the material and largely require pointers on possible alternate solutions, as well as presentation notes and broader exam technique. In which case, often the best approach is to have the student work through questions whilst providing a commentary, sometimes taking a short break to discuss certain points more broadly. Whereas, at earlier stages when students are learning more material afresh, one is afforded more freedom in the approach to take. In these situations, I try to contextualise the material so as to motivate study, and work with the student to develop the relevant methods.

I believe that my high-level qualifications in Maths allow me to present a broad and cohesive picture of Mathematics as a whole to students. On a personal level, as someone with a real love of Maths, I feel that my enthusiasm for the subject helps the students to become excited about and remain engaged with the material.

Recent Tuition

I have over 150 hours of tutoring experience, working with students from GCSE to postgraduate level. These are some examples of my most recent experience.

GCSE Maths

I have had several quite short-term placements with GCSE students in the run up to their exams. For example, I worked with one student in the few months before her exams, totalling around 11 hours of tuition, who was thought to be working at a grade 5, but went on to achieve a grade 7 following our sessions.

A-Level Maths

My biggest recent success in this regard is with a student doing an accelerated program of A-Levels in one year. The student was unwell during the weeks in which S1 (EdExcel) was covered. Consequently, in around 37 hours of sessions I taught him this module from scratch, helping him work through past papers, and he went on to get 100 UMS.

Mechanics and Statistics for CAIE Further Maths

We had a total of three sessions ahead of the exam. The student, who was aiming for an A*, sought some last-minute help. As he had a good grasp of the vast majority of the material, we were able to focus our efforts on exam technique, specifically setting out solutions to questions succinctly and unambiguously, and discussing problem solving techniques, efficiency and alternate solutions to questions. Ultimately he felt that the exam went very well.

University Entrance Exam for Maths (STEP I and II)

I first met with this student in mid-April to help him prepare for his STEP exams which he was sitting as part of his application to study at a leading London university. While a very bright student, as is not uncommon, he had been having considerable difficulty up to that point with his preparations. In particular, the somewhat open-ended problem-solving nature of the questions meant that he was having a lot of trouble getting started with many of the problems. In seven sessions each of two hours we looked at a number of problems the student had been having difficulty with. Assisting students in their preparations for STEP is a particular challenge as the mathematical maturity required to work through the problems, particularly at a reasonable pace, is not an easy thing to learn. Nonetheless, using the problems this student suggested as a springboard I was able to teach a variety of strategies for attempting such problems. This helped to improve his confidence all the while teaching useful skills with which he could attack other problems himself. Later, we were able to focus more on some of the mathematical ideas which typically arise and work on completing questions efficiently. Simultaneously, I worked on clarifying many of his thoughts and helped to improve his cogency and accuracy in laying out his arguments, enabling him to become considerably more mathematically articulate. This student went on to meet his offer.

Undergraduate Maths for Economics

This student and I had four sessions totalling a little short of 13 hours in which we covered all of the material for his upcoming test. He had very limited experience with the basics of differentiation, and in particular was very new to the chain rule. Through careful practice of selected examples and composed variants, we were able to consolidate Ben’s knowledge of the Economics content from the test. As well as this, he developed competency with all necessary mathematical methods so that he was confident going into his exam. He went on to get 73%.

Undergraduate Advanced Mathematics for Economics

This student had fallen considerably behind on this module and wished to obtain a first in his final exam. We initially met around four times a week, for two hours at a time, with more frequent and longer sessions in the final days leading up to his exam. In this time, we were able to cover the content of the course and work through many of the problem sheets, as well as all the past papers available. He went on to obtain 83% in his final test.

Undergraduate Galois Theory and Number Theory

Having been unwell at the time of his finals, and aiming for a 2:1, this student needed help brushing up on the four courses in which he was to be examined. I provided assistance with two of these: Galois Theory and Number Theory. Beginning towards the end of March, around two months before his exams we had 12 sessions, each of two hours, split roughly evenly between the two courses. Given the time constraints, our time was largely spent working through the problems from a variety of past papers and ensuring that he was well equipped to attempt as many of the questions as possible. This student went on to get a 2:1 overall, having achieved 69% in Number Theory and 62% in Galois Theory.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a keen musician. I have been in a number of bands, including a jazz quartet which I led on guitar, a funk band in which I played bass and a number of big bands in which I played guitar. I find that listening to and making music engages me in a way that nothing else does.

Client Testimonials

“Jack has been an extremely helpful maths tutor. Our sessions are always adapted to my needs and he is always fully prepared with exam questions always on-hand. I am grateful that Jack is always willing to spend extra time tutoring me and he is always reliable as we have been able to meet for more than 35 weeks in one year. He has given me useful tips on how to layout my calculations efficiently as well as tips on becoming more time-efficient, all of which have really helped for exams that I have had.”

Student – GCSE Mathematics, EdExcel

“Jack has been a great tutor for helping me with A Level maths. He provided me with lots of key points/tips on how to tackle difficult questions which helped me very much in exams. Thank you Jack for helping me to obtain an excellent grade in my A Level studies.”

Student – A Level Mathematics, EdExcel

“I had a few sessions with Jack just before my test. He helped me go through the topics and focus on the key points of the chapters. With his help I achieved first class in that test. Thank you Jack!”

Student – Further Mathematics A Level, CIE

“Our daughter’s tutor, Jack, has been kind, expert, and professional in the help he has been giving her. When we have asked for feedback on her progress he has given a comprehensive review of how she is doing in preparing for the STEP maths papers.”

Parent – STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper)

“I like that he prepared an entire past paper before the lesson – on just a few hours’ notice. I am grateful that he agreed to spend 2 hours per day with me in the evenings in the run up to my exam. He gave advice on not just how to solve the question, but on how to write my answers. He knew a lot of shortcuts. He is pleasant to work with on tricky problems.”

Student – Mathematics for Economics, Economics Undergraduate

“Studying Engineering we often focus on the application of maths and so I find pure mathematics a little harder to grasp. I found my tutor very easy to understand and very approachable when I didn’t understand things first time- he was always patient and willing to go over things multiple times. My tutoring has been a great help and hugely increased my confidence in maths- thank you!”

Student – Further Engineering Mathematics, Civil Engineering Undergraduate

“My son has had great lessons with Jack and has learned a great deal. I am so relieved to have found such a good tutor after much searching!”

Parent – Galois Theory and Number Theory, Mathematics Undergraduate finalist

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