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"We wanted to thank you for all your help with A. His teacher says his content and knowledge is second to none but his essay writing structure needs work, so your tutoring clearly helped him and got him to a much better result. Thank you very much."

Parent of Townsend-Warner History Prize entrant

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Academic History

PhD – English Language and Literature – University College London

MPhil – Modern and Contemporary Literature – University of Cambridge

BA (Hons) – English Literature and Language – 1st – University College London

A Level: English Literature – A* History – A* Philosophy and Ethics – A*

EPQ – A*

AS Level, Theatre Studies: A

St Mary’s Calne: GCSE: A*, A*, A*, A*, A, A, A, B, B, C

About Me

As a tutor, I am committed to creating a space in which my students can share both their enthusiasms or anxieties surrounding the subject so that we can work on them together. My teaching style depends on remaining attentive to what my tutee wants to improve or develop, and is consequently highly adaptable to specific educational needs and situations. I’m a friendly and open teacher who remains highly committed to aiding the academic improvement of my students.

Having taught English Literature at university level, both at UCL and Oxford, I am equipped to provide sophisticated teaching to a student at any point in their academic lives. I can offer a range of essay techniques and language skills that will help to improve their reading and writing capabilities. I have a great love for literature and think that that is the most important thing in encouraging my tutees to think creatively and intelligently about the subject.

Recent tuition

For the past five years, I have worked in Higher Education as a Senior Postgraduate Teaching Assistant. I am, therefore, highly qualified to offer advice about getting into university. Having been part of the admissions process at Oxford, interviewing candidates for college admissions, I also offer Oxbridge coaching and lessons that focus on interview preparation as well as admissions exam support including TSA.

IGCSE in English Literature

I tutored P (The International School of Monaco) over a six month period. P occasionally struggled to concentrate due to her ADHD and suffered from low confidence. We established a good working relationship in which she felt confident to express where she struggled or failed to understand what was being asked of her. I took her through a basic structure for how to answer exam questions, based on a combination of past papers and creative practice. In her mock exams, she achieved a mark that was two higher than before our lessons together.

GCSE English examination

Over the course of two months, I tutored H (Warwick School). He was an enthusiastic and receptive student who had just finished attending English as an Additional Language classes. Our lessons were to bridge the slight gap that remained between his abilities in English Literature and those of his classmates. We worked on his creative writing and developed strategies through which to improve his academic prose.

Year 6 History

I was introduced to A because he had been entered by his school into the prestigious Townsend-Warner History Prize. Though he was two years below many of the school’s applicants to the prize, being in year 6, he beat all of them in the first round. He was, of course, a highly intelligent student with extremely impressive historical knowledge. His teacher, however, thought that he would benefit from a more structured approach to essay writing. I was therefore employed to take him through what a well-structured, argumentatively impressive, and methodological history essay should look like. Over around 15 hours of lessons, we were able to dramatically improve his essay writing capabilities. He came top in his year in the school (beating everyone in years 7 and 8) and 27th overall.

Improvement of Spoken and Written English

I was employed by a family of three Saudi Arabian girls who wished to improve their spoken and written English over the course of a month. These intensive lessons (25 hrs) were complicated by the fact that all three were at different levels with their English ability. I was able, however, to design compelling and functional lessons that appealed to their differing skill-sets. They made great progress in the time that I was with them and we’re still in touch. I recently aided the eldest in an architectural project she was undertaking at her university in Riyadh.

EAL Entrance Examination

Over the summer holidays, I tutored J (Warwick School). He was a diligent student who struggled to articulate himself in clear prose. Over the course of our lessons, we learnt about how to employ specific language techniques and develop useful writing structures. This aided in preparing him for his 16+ entry exams into schools such as Winchester, Harrow and Wellington. He improved greatly in his written work over the course of our lessons.

Hobbies and Interests

My main hobbies revolve around reading and writing. I love novels from all eras and always have some form of essay on the go. I also love swimming in open waters, listening to the radio, and going London’s art galleries. I’m very keen on crafts, particularly embroidery.


“We wanted to thank you for all your help with A. The Year 8s told him yesterday he had come first in the school, although he was not supposed to know until Friday and the school assembly! Lucinda was at a school PTA event with the Head of History last night and asked him who said that he had not only come top in the school but had come 27th overall in the country and for placing in the top 30 received a prize. His teacher says his content and knowledge is second to none but his essay writing structure needs work, so your tutoring clearly helped him and got him to a much better result. Thank you very much. The Head of History is thrilled as he only entered him and a couple of the Year 6’s for the experience and never thought that A would do so well.”

Parent of the prestigious Townsend-Warner History Prize entrant

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