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“Wow! What a great tutor. I was feeling extremely stumped on my history paper and Isaac helped me work out my evidence piece by piece without telling me what to do.”

History Tuition

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Academic History

2012-2015, University of York: BA English & Philosophy

2009-2015, Sevenoaks School, IB Diploma

2006-2009, Addey and Stanhope School

About Me

My specialist subjects are English, Philosophy and Maths. In addition I tutor History, Drama, and Science. I have been tutoring professionally since 2011, and began immediately after completing my GCSE studies.  I am keenly aware of the drawbacks of the classroom environment (having encountered many of them myself), and work hard to make tuition a distinct, more productive experience which doesn’t ‘feel’ like work. I also work as an actor, and find that this training helps with communication and engagement a great deal.

I completed 16 GCSEs as well as the IB Diploma and a joint-honours degree which means that I am versed in a substantial breadth of subjects at various levels.

Recent tuition

Pre-school, interview Coaching

Interview coaching for very shy child. Learning through the play.

Year 1 and Year 3. Brief Residential Role – all parts of curriculum

Working with a family for six weeks before they moved back to China. Saturdays were academic focused days, going through school and curriculum work, and learning through Play. Sundays were used for educational trips to museums, galleries and exhibitions.

Year 2 Maths and English

This student is a very bright young boy who was operating above his peers at school and not feeling challenged. During our sessions we have been working on re-invigorating his education, reading through plays, acting out some Shakespeare and expanding his understanding of literature and exposure. We are also working on Maths and he is moving onto year 5 material as he is advancing so well.

Year 3 Creative Writing

I initially started supporting this student with his creative writing. At the beginning he thought his ideas were silly, and so I have given him a framework to work out what he needs to include in his ideas and what structure to use in his stories, e.g. beginning, middle and end. We have developed his use of descriptive words and expanded his vocab, which have have boosted his confidence in writing.


I have supported several students for Common Entrance exams, and was a marker for the 11+ exam myself. Students that I have supported have gained successful entrance to Blackheath School (4+), Queen Elizabeth Boys School, Sevenoaks School and King’s Canterbury (11+).

I supported a 9-year-old who was looking towards 11+. They had no schools in mind when we worked together, but when started he was on 60/70%. After 4 weeks of intensive work he was on 80/90%.

KS3 English & Maths

This student had been out of school for some time due to a tumultuous home situation, and the school had arranged for him to have private tuition to help catch-up with content he had missed. During our two terms together, we began with the Year 9 syllabus and had moved on to completing GCSE practice papers by the end. Aaron started the year with no discernable grades, and really needed a boost before his exams. We would end every lesson with a times table game of my own creation, and by the end we had moved onto algebra and GCSE, even post-GCSE Maths. He liked English less and was very reluctant to do any of his own writing.  Through working on his confidence and enthusiasm I eventually got him to write poetry and gave him a half term project of writing his own anthology. This also helped him to accurately understand and mimic sonnet style.

GCSE Religious Studies

This student received a disappointing grade in mocks. After our work together they are currently working towards an 8 or 9.

iGCSE Religious Studies

I worked with a student on exam technique with a particular focus on constructing long-form responses; I’m pleased to say he received the highest mark in his year.

GCSE English (Edexcel)

This student was very good at Maths and Science but really struggled with subjectivity of English. We focused on one of his texts for his final exam, Lord of the Flies. I tried to help him view this as a Lawyer presenting a case, so he could focus on how is he making his case and finding supporting evidence to help structure his answers. He is now a Year 11, and getting 80/90% versus the 50% he was achieving before we began working together.

GCSE Maths & English

This student had been excluded from school for behavioural problems, and was rapidly falling behind the rest of his class. We worked in focused, intense bursts on English and Maths ensuring that his confidence was restored throughout the duration of our sessions. By the end of the term, we had gone from basic multiplication problems to KS3 algebra material. I pushed to get him assessed for Autism, and it was found that he was on Autistic spectrum. He is now settled in a specialist behavioural school.


This student was applying for Sevenoaks School and had been struggling with some of the more obscure portions of the entrance exams which are both per-subject and generalised. We spent most of our time working on methods and frameworks for approaching these kinds of problems rather than on example papers, as they change regularly. We also spent a lot of time on interview preparation, and he was successful in gaining a place.

IB English & Philosophy (HL)

This student was having difficulty with essay-writing, and so we spent a lot of time going over the fundamentals of constructing literary, academic arguments. This meant lots of reading, writing, and analysis of previous work. Her prediction in both subjects was a 5 and she ended up getting a solid 7 for each.

IB English (HL)

I worked with this student who was at Dartford Grammar. We focused on her module on translation, looked at the art and science of translation and comparative analyses of fiction. She achieved a 7 in English.

IB Philosophy (HL)

We went through ethics together and also did meditations. This student was very good at essay writing, but struggled with the science of writing philosophical arguments. I used my own framework to help the student plug in their own ideas. They achieved a 7 in their final year exams.

IB History (SL)

The focus for this student was on the Russian revolution. She knew dates and facts well and the problems came down to her exam and essay technique. We focused on this and her structuring, technical requirements of answers, and balanced this with the style and vernacular expected of a History essay. Got a 6 in her final exam, which was a huge step from the 4 she was originally predicted.

IB Extended Essay support – planning and support.

I have supported at least eight students with essays across a wide range of subjects. Many of these students were studying HL subjects such as Physics, maths and Chemistry – and so not used to the practice of essay writing. This means I have a strong awareness of what the IB is looking for and the marking requirements.

I have also worked with several students with the IB TOK, supporting them with both their presentations and essays.

US College Applications

I have tutored a number of students in America, focusing on their college Applications. I mainly support students with their writing and structuring personal essay, for applications to Brown, and Duke for Liberal Arts.

Theology Undergraduate

I re-taught a module a student had missed on Ethics; along with helping with essay planning and dissertation support.


I teach piano lessons for a student with Autism, weekly.

Hobbies and Interests 

I work in theatre and am very much into the arts. I play the piano, and listen to Sondheim non-stop. I read a lot and I like cooking.

Client Testimonials

“Isaac is extremely helpful and easy to work with. He helped me to come up with an outline, as well as helping to edit my drafts.”

Philosophy student

“Awesome tutor! Isaac is patient and really goes through all the things necessary to help me understanding philosophy, which is a challenging subject. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help.”

Philosophy student

“Wow! What a great tutor. I was feeling extremely stumped on my history paper and Isaac helped me work out my evidence piece by piece without telling me what to do. Totally recommend him.”

European History student

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