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"India is an excellent teacher, who is dedicated, inspiring and inclusive. India motivated my son into Art, he even won an Art competition! He ended up loving and studying photography. I highly recommend India."

Parent of GCSE Art Student

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Academic History

MA in Painting- September 2016 – June 2018, Royal College of Art London

BA (2:1) in Fine Art – September 2012 – June 2016, The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London

  • During this time I also undertook a subsidiary subject in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (First class – Distinction)

Foundation Diploma (Distinction) in Fine Art – September 2011 – June 2012. Central St. Martin’s School of Art & Design, London.

A-Levels – September 2007 – June 2009 Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School, London History: A Art: A English: AA French: B

About Me

My extensive background in education and as a professional artist makes me well qualified to guide students through their coursework, exam and portfolio preparation. I have tutored A Level, GCSE and KS3 Art and Photography within a mainstream and SEN provision. I always begin by forming excellent relationships with students and then my passion, talent and knowledge has supported students to achieve excellent grades. I take time to learn the students’ specific interests and to identify where their blocks may lie in achieving their specific goals, then tailoring sessions to their particular needs and learning style – for example, some students need a lot more patience and encouragement while others feel more comfortable with a very direct and structured approach, to feel they’re being challenged.

I teach students through a range of methodologies, again tailored to the students’ needs. This includes verbal explanation, practical demonstration and exercises/experimentation, or the use of videos and visual aids. I prioritise encouraging the students’ own independence in their learning, to ensure what they’re taught in sessions will continue with them outside of our work together. I also do not take a dogmatic approach, but like to keep our sessions open as an inquisitive space to experiment and approach tasks in a creative manner together. To reflect these values, I maintain a very flexible approach to tutoring, particularly when working with a student over a long period of time. I regularly reflect upon the students’ progress, ask for feedback on what the student feels they respond best to and would like to do more of, to adjust our lesson plans. Our working relationship therefore always remains fluid and in a state of growth.

One student went from being unable to work independently to getting into the college of his choice to study art and winning an art competition. Students have often improved multiple grade bands under my mentorship. As a Visiting Artist and Lecturer at Goldsmiths and Camberwell, I have been responsible for the successful development of students’ studio work on the BA Programme, many of whom have gone on to exhibit internationally. At Camberwell I is also a dissertation supervisor, mentoring students writing their third-year theses. Students have gone up multiple grade bands over the course of my tuition, in one case from a C to an A.

Recent tuition

Year 6 Art

I have tutored N (Has just completed 11+ application and interview) over a one year period so far and am continuing to tutor her weekly. She is a bright and talented girl but needs support learning and understanding practical drawing and painting techniques, as well as art historical concepts she’s learning at school. Together we have worked on developing her skills in shading, tone, line and different acrylic painting techniques. Her skills and confidence have improved immensely and we are continuing to work together alongside her schoolwork.

Year 9 Art and Design

I tutored M (South Hampstead High School) in Art & Design. She was a year 9 student whose older sister had attended the same school a few years prior and been very good at the subject. She felt under confident in her abilities as she often compared herself to her sister. I encouraged her to focus on her own unique interests and abilities in other areas and incorporate them into her artwork. I introduced her to artists outside of her school’s curriculum that she could relate to and encouraged her to keep a sketchbook and visit galleries to foster her own love and enthusiasm for the subject. She is now happily studying Art & Design GCSE and doing very well.

Art & Design and Photography GCSE

I tutored S (The Holmewood School) in Art & Design and Photography (Edexcel, GCSE) over a one year period. S was a high-functioning autistic student who displayed a lot of creative talent, but struggled with self confidence when it came to artist research, sketchbook work and academic writing. He could not achieve higher than a 5 as his academic and sketchbook work let his coursework down. His main problem area was translating his insights and ideas into long and short format writing, so I mentored him in how to record his ideas, identify how to answer questions in a relevant manner and conduct research / write essays. His final GCSE grade was a 9 and he won an art prize.

Fine Art A Level

I tutored V (Slade School of Fine Art) over a one year period. She was an A Level student wanting to apply to a prestigious art school in London. She had just done a mock art exam and found it difficult to complete her oil painting within the given time limit. She wanted help selecting work for her portfolio as well as technical tuition to improve her painting techniques. I helped give tips to improve her painting efficiency, recommended relevant contemporary artists to discuss in her statement and gave her expert technical tuition. She gained entrance to one of her chosen colleges.

Art and Design and Fine Art A Level

I tutored D (The Holmewood School) Art and Design and Fine Art (AQA, A Level) over a 2 year period. D had taken the Art A Level Exam the previous year and failed. He struggled with practical work and in making contextual links to relevant artists, as well as setting achievable goals in high stress situations, like timed exams. Together we focussed on improving his organisational skills, translating his ideas practically and on how to improve efficiency in an exam setting to achieve maximum marks. His final grade was a high B (up from a fail).

Foundation Year Application

I tutored S (Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London) over a two month period to help prepare her application for a foundation year at Chelsea College of Art. She had spent years as a chef and wanted to switch careers to something more creative, but felt quite out of touch with the art world and not sure where to start. I helped her identify strengths and weaknesses in her portfolio, mentored her with practical work to fill in any gaps as well as gave feedback on her personal statement. I advised her on the best way to position her work contextually in her statement to maximise her chances of getting the panel’s interest. I also gave her mock interviews. She gained entrance to her chosen college.

Undergraduate Painting

I tutored VL (Camberwell College of Art) over a 1 year period. She was in her first year on the BA Painting programme and was feeling quite intimidated as an international student coming to study in London for the first time. I prioritised putting VL at ease in our first sessions, introducing her to London galleries and artists to familiarise her with the London art world. I gave her constructive feedback and prompted her to question her own habits to push her out of her comfort zone when she paints. I also encouraged her to apply for opportunities outside of the BA Course to grow her confidence and independence as an artist. VL is now in her second year and fully integrated into the course, she now regularly exhibits as an artist in her own right and has even gained gallery representation, a rare feat for such a young artist.

Undergraduate Fine Art

I tutored N (Goldsmiths College of Art) over a 1-year period from her 1st to her 2nd year on the BA Fine Art Programme at Goldsmiths. She was a talented painter but struggled with developing her own style and focus, as well as in communicating her ideas and references visually. I prompted her to think about her painting and its relation to current discussions about contemporary painting, as well as giving constructive feedback and offering advice on how to change her practical and material approach to painting to better get the results she wants. In her tutor feedback she described these as “some of the most pivotal tutorials she has had”. Now in her final year, her studio work is flourishing, she has grown in confidence, is exhibiting independently and is on track to produce a fantastic BA Degree exhibition.

Dissertation Supervision

I was dissertation supervisor for L (Camberwell, University of the Arts London) over a one year period. L was a third year student on the BA Painting course at Camberwell. She was very talented, with good ideas, but she struggled with anxiety around academic writing and would often procrastinate until the last minute to avoid having panic attacks every time she sat down to write, making it difficult to achieve her full potential. Together we went through past essays and analysed them with an objectively critical eye to show that, in fact, she had the capability to write to a high standard. We then broke down the process of researching and writing into small, manageable chunks to mitigate any overwhelm. I also recommended relevant artists and gave feedback on the arguments she presented. Her final grade was an A-.

Dissertation Supervision

I was dissertation supervisor for A (Camberwell, University of the Arts London) over a 1-year period. A was a third year student on the BA Painting course at Camberwell. She was very intelligent and had interesting ideas, but English was her second language and she struggled with articulating her ideas in the long-form academic writing required for her final year dissertation. Together we worked on how to reference correctly, how to communicate simply and effectively through writing, as well as giving feedback on the scope of her thesis and recommending relevant artists and writers to look at. I also recommended a technique academics use to read large quantities of material to make her research more efficient. Her final grade was an A.


I have an active career as a professional artist and I often exhibit internationally. This is my main passion, however I love teaching as a parallel activity to painting as I find that it keeps me sharp and nurtures the development of my own creative practice. It is for this reason that I teach a variety of levels and at a number of institutions; Camberwell (University of the Arts, London), Goldsmiths, and Turps art school as well as tutoring privately. Being able to contribute to the creative development of artists from a range of backgrounds and age groups, from school-age to adult, gives me a sense of fulfilment and wellbeing.

I also enjoy baking, yoga, inventing new recipes, travelling and starting new side-projects.


“India is an excellent teacher, who is dedicated, inspiring and inclusive. India motivated my son into Art, he even won an Art competition! He ended up loving and studying photography. I highly recommend India.”

Alena, parent of GCSE Art Student

“India is a wonderful teacher. She was hired to teach A level art curriculum to my autistic son in his sixth form. It was especially challenging because a great deal of the lessons took place during Covid lockdowns. In between he did visit galleries and developed understanding and appreciation of different types of art. The end result was brilliant. He achieved his A level and gained wonderful knowledge and connection with art. He is currently studying at uni and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others as well as visiting art exhibitions in London. He also created beautiful pieces that hang in my home. I think it takes a special kind of teacher to inspire a student, be patient wit them (especially autistic student), keep them interested, build their confidence and help them achieve their potential. India is exactly that type of teacher. She will be a huge asset as a tutor.”

Julia, parent of A level Art student

“I’m a painter at Goldsmiths University and have had three tutor meetings with India over the past year. They have been some of the most pivotal tutorials I’ve had, helping me to lean into myself and think/talk about painting in ways I hadn’t before. She is super friendly and is always constructively critical!”

Nicole, student on BA Fine Art Programme at Goldmiths University

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