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Hugo DC

"Hugo was a wonderful teacher with particular attention to detail when planning his lessons."

Economics student

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Academic History

MSc Social and Political Theory, Birkbeck College, Distinction

MSc Political Sociology, LSE, Distinction

BSc Economics, UPF, Barcelona, 2:1

Spanish Bachillerato. Average of 8,3/10

About Me

My approach to tutoring is well defined by the ’empathic subject analysis method’. My premise, mainly when teaching social sciences, is that people do not do things ‘out of the blue’, but that actions are mostly logical for whoever carries them out. Based on this premise, I try to help students get inside the mind of agents in order to understand their actions and to be able to analyse them. Throughout my years teaching the social sciences, this method has proved to be particularly appropriate. Students have moved from looking at the actions of individuals with confusion to being able to gradually grasp why agents decide to do particular actions through an empathic approach. Methodologically, in cases where the student to cover a particular topic, I usually prepare half an hour of lecture, and I then move to the second section of the class, which includes questions and a discussion, as well as an introduction to the topic that will be covered on the following session. Importantly, I tell my students to let me know what questions they have in advance, as well as the syllabus they are using, so as to tailor the explanations I give to their particular interests.

Recent tuition

Year 10 student Spanish

Taught a year 10 student Spanish for six months, and helped him prepare for their GCSE exam. Focused mainly on writing and speaking, the two aspects with which the student struggled the most.

iGCSE Extended Maths

Helped a student with their extended maths course for two months. Mainly focused on factorising and understanding some of the basic properties of working with brackets. Being a very focused student, she managed to make the most out of our sessions and managed to get a very good grade in their exam.

IB Maths

Tutored a student in their IB maths exam. Focused on algebra and geometry for two months and around three weeks on calculus. He was a very interested student, who managed to achieve his desired grade in order to get into the university he wanted to go to study Economics.

Political Economy, LSE

I helped a student prepare for her final essay on the financial crisis in Argentina in 2001. Lessons lasted for two months and were structured into two parts: 35 minute lecture and then 55 minutes of questions and essay writing skills. I tutored on the fundamentals of microeconomics and then related these with political movements, I then applied these broader theoretical framework to the particular case of Argentina.

MSc Sociology, LSE

Helped a student with essay writing skills for their dissertation. Helped how to outline the main theories to cover, and applied the theoretical body to the case-studies. In particular, the student focused on the relation between green parties and socialist parties in the West during the xxth century. These sessions lasted for the summer term (three months).


I like reading, following recent politics events and discussing them with my friends, and cycling.


“Hugo was a wonderful teacher with particular attention to detail when planning his lessons. We were able to plan and configure the target areas I wanted to address before beginning our sessions, meaning that they were efficient and well planned. While covering complex concepts and descriptive elements, Hugo was able to keep the topic engaging by relating and re-formulating concepts in creative ways that would make sense to me as a student with no Economics background. I would highly recommend him.”

Economics student

“I have had the pleasure of working with Hugo for several years now, first in capacity as an academic mentor and later as colleagues. Hugo has an extensive knowledge of the key theoretical literatures of political and economic sociology, with specialisms in studies of social mobility, class conflict, the works of Karl Marx and the sociology of food. He is an excellent communicator and is able to inspire, enthuse, and educate students about key topics in the social, political, and economic sciences. He is conscientious, well organised, and dependable. I am certain that he will be an efficient and supportive tutor.”

Anita DATTA MA(Cantab), AHEA, PGCE Teaching Assistant and Research Associate, Durham University

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