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"She has not felt this confident in science for a long time. Her teachers are very impressed with her work".

Parent of GCSE Student

  • A Level

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • GCSE

  • Physics

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2016 – 2020, Queen Mary University of London, MSci (Masters with honours) Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1st class)

2020 – 2021, Brunel University, Post-graduate PGCE in secondary education (Science with Chemistry) (pass)

About Me

Building a rapport with the student is essential to create a comfortable environment. This encourages the student to think critically and ask questions during our lessons. During my private sessions, I ensure students progress is tracked on a weekly basis; this helps the student see the progress they have made and what they are capable of achieving. One way I do this is through homework. This is set after every session, and feedback is given at the beginning of the next lesson. Another way is through testing the pupil’s knowledge through examination questions. This gives me a clear idea that the student has understood the lesson and is able to explain it in a clear concise manner.

Additionally, I ensure I have quick questions (approx. 5 questions) to test the student’s knowledge of the previous lessons. This allows the pupil to recall content and make corrections on any mistakes made. Lastly, once a topic is covered, I set an end of topic test and detailed feedback is given. The student is given the opportunity to make corrections. I adopt various teaching styles to ensure students are challenged and engaged during our sessions, depending on the topic being taught and the students way of learning. For instance, I will use an activity style of teaching whereby the student is encouraged to think critically about a topic and try to solve a solution. I try to cater my way of teaching to the student’s needs and level.

Recent tuition

Please find a snapshot of my experience below.

Year 10, GCSE AQA Combined Science support/Study Skills.

Student ‘O’ was initially finding science difficult at school. We worked together on all three science subjects on a weekly basis. I ensured that content was understood and exam techniques were practised. She was able to make exceptional progress and moved from set 2 to set 1 at Drayton Manor High School by the end of the school year.

Year 10, GCSE AQA Physics support/Study Skills.

Student ‘I’ struggled with understanding the content in physics. We worked together covering complex topics such as radioactivity and motors. Exam questions were used to test her knowledge. With weekly sessions, she was able to achieve grade 8 in her mocks. Student ‘I’ continued to study at Latymer Upper School.

Year 11, GCSE Edexcel Combined Science support/Study Skills.

Student ‘M’ began sessions in year 9 and had no motivation nor interest to study. He struggled with understanding the content. We worked together on a weekly basis, covering a number of topics in science and allowing him to explain to me the topic, ‘M’ began to progress and enjoy the lesson. He achieved a grade 7 in science and stayed to study his A-level at Holland Park.

Year 11, online GCSE Edexcel Triple Science support/Study Skills.

Student ‘A’ struggled with expanding her answers in exam questions for physics and chemistry. Thus we worked extensively on this. She has been predicted grade 7 but was struggling to expand on her answers hindering her from achieving a grade 8-9. Therefore after explaining the topic, I used a number of past examination questions to work on her writing skills and expanding her answers. Recently, after sitting a physics mock test she successfully achieved 95%. We have continued to work together on a weekly basis.

Year 11, IGCSE Edexcel Combined Science support/Study Skills.

Student ‘E’ struggled with science at school, with chemistry being his greatest weakness. We worked together and focused plenty on the basics of chemistry at first in order to gain his confidence. Completing sessions on a weekly basis, I was able to cover a number of topics. ‘E’ had successfully achieved a grade 6.

Hobbies and Interests 

I thoroughly enjoy playing chess. I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of chess, whereby every game is different and requires a great deal of attention and calculation to succeed. I occasionally set up mini tournaments with friends and family during the weekend and make up challenges for each chess game.

I also enjoy powerlifting on a daily basis. I began powerlifting during university and have found that it helps me stay healthy and also focused and energised during the rest of the day. It also is a great stress reliever which is a plus.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much. ‘E’ got a 6 in his IGCSE’s. All through your great teaching. Thank you”

Parent of IGCSE Student

“She has not felt this confident in science for a long time. Her teachers are very impressed with her work”.

Parent of GCSE Student

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