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Elliot E

"Elliot, an incredibly knowledgeable English teacher, combines a rich life experience with an extensive academic background to provide truly exceptional lessons."

English student

  • 11 +

  • English

  • English as a Foreign Language

  • ISEB

  • Maths

  • Mentoring

  • UKiset

Academic History

2023: Completed SLT Foundation Training in SEND

LL.B Law (2:1) (University of Birmingham)

LLM Human Rights Law (Distinction) (University of Nottingham)

A Levels: History (A*), Psychology (A*), English Language (A), AS French (B)

GCSEs: 9 GCSEs in total from A*- C including English (A) and Maths (A)

About Me

As a tutor, my approach is rooted in a student-centred and personalised learning experience. I believe in adapting my tutoring style to meet the unique needs and learning preferences of each individual student. I strive to create a supportive and engaging environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and exploring concepts, thereby developing their critical thinking skills. I employ a variety of teaching techniques and methodologies, including visual aids, real-life examples, and interactive activities, to enhance comprehension and retention. Flexibility is a key aspect of my tutoring approach, as I understand that every student has different learning paces and may require varying levels of guidance. I am committed to adjusting my teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles, ensuring that students can grasp challenging concepts and achieve their academic goals.

Recent tuition

I provide tuition for school examinations, including UKiset, ISEB and school specific assessments. I have prepared students for entry to a range of competitive schools including Westminster, Latymer, Sevenoaks, Charterhouse, Epsom and many more. I have experience in preparing students for these exams, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their assessments.

Most recently, I assisted a student with her UKiset / ISEB examinations with a view to entering a prestigious UK independent school. I assisted the student with her preparations for verbal and non-verbal reasoning, as well as her essay writing skills. The student was successful in her application and is now studying at King’s School (Canterbury) in Kent, UK. With my expertise and tailored tutoring approach, I aim to guide students through the specific requirements of entrance exams, enabling them to showcase their abilities and secure admission to their desired schools.

Pre-prep English and Maths

K is a four year old child (recently turned 4) who I currently teach in-person, three times per week in one hour sessions. K is a Ukrainian national. Whilst his level in English and Maths is therefore slightly lower than that of a native child he is nevertheless making excellent progress. In our lessons (which combine English and Maths), K is already able to repeat and identify a multitude of shapes in English. He is also rapidly improving his counting abilities and is able to count up to 20 effortlessly. It should be remembered that K is not a native speaker and therefore his progress is lower than that to be expected of a native child. In our lessons, I conduct a variety of activities to keep K entertained and engaged throughout. He quickly loses focus and therefore I always ensure to have a range of fun and interactive activities to hand. For example, in one such activity, I hide several flashcards around the room (eg. shapes) and will then shout them out one by one, asking K to find them. Then, K and I will walk around the room with these flashcards and K will identify other objects in the room of a particular shape. I find that by using the environment around him, I am able to retain K’s interest and inspire his curiosity.

English, UKiset preparation (including Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning)

I tutored T (King’s School, Canterbury) (12 years old) in preparation for her UKiset exam and entrance to an independent school in the UK. During our lessons we worked on verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills as well as other aspects of T’s English including essay writing. T’s main problem area was reasoning, having never studied this before. I mentored T from the very beginning, carefully and patiently explaining how to answer such questions. T now attends King’s School, Canterbury.

English, IELTS

I have been tutoring A (15 years old) since April 2021 and am now preparing her for attendance at a UK school in September. A is an advanced level student who I teach on a weekly basis, helping her to develop all aspects of her English. A particular problem for A is her writing. During the course of our lessons together I have taught A how to apply the PEAK (Point, Evidence, Analysis, Keep to the point) paragraph structure to her essay writing which has improved significantly as a result of using this structure.

English, Young Learner

I have been tutoring K since late 2022. K is a four-year-old child for whom English is a second language. In our one hour lessons (three times per week) I employ a variety of different activities to keep K entertained and focused during lessons. His progress is steady and impressive given his age. He can repeat numbers, colours, basic greetings and many action words. A particular problem, given his age, is keeping K focused in class. To ensure focus I use a range of resources such as flashcards, music and other props (eg. real life objects). I make sure that activities are as interactive as possible.

English, Young Learners

I have been tutoring K, A and A (8-10 years old) via online lessons for several years. They are beginner students. Their mother wanted them to have private lessons with me in order to develop all aspects of their English. A particular problem area for all the students is their limited vocabulary which impedes fluency in speech. To work on this problem, I have incorporated regular vocabulary tests into our lessons in order to revise vocabulary we have learnt in previous lessons. The students’ vocabulary continues to expand week by week.

English, Secondary School Student

I have been tutoring K, a secondary school student, for several years. When starting lessons with me she was a beginner level student but has since progressed to Intermediate level. A particular problem area for K was speaking. When first starting our lessons, she was lacking in both confidence and vocabulary to the point that her speaking was extremely limited, causing frustration. Over time, I have worked with her to develop trust and confidence and she is now able to communicate her thoughts effectively in English.

Undergraduate Law Mentoring

I mentored O, a Law student who was re-taking his first year having underperformed first time around. As well as providing him with vital academic subject tuition, I helped him develop his broader study skills, such as timetabling, essay writing, and independent research. I also offered him careers advice on how to pursue a career in law.

11 Plus Mentoring

For many years I mentored J, a girl who was taking her 11 Plus and aiming for some strong schools. I offered her advice on which schools to apply for and how best to prepare for each of these, as well as supplying her with recommended reading to enable her to broaden her comprehension, vocabulary and creative writing skills. She is now at King’s Canterbury, where she is flourishing.

Year 11 Mentoring

I provided mentoring for L, a 16-year-old international student, who was considering different British sixth forms to join at 16 Plus. I advised her about the different schools and the difference in lifestyle between her home country and the UK. I particularly focused on developing her critical thinking skills as these were not taught thoroughly at her current school but would be vital when joining a British sixth form.

Hobbies and Interests

In addition to being a keen reader, my principal hobby and interest is writing. In particular, this year I have delved into writing fiction and am currently working on a collection of fictional short stories, to be published later this year. I have also entered several national and international short story competitions in 2023 and written for publications such as Reader’s Digest UK. A passion for writing is something I try to instill in my students, helping them to develop their written English skills.


“Elliot, an incredibly knowledgeable English teacher, combines a rich life experience with an extensive academic background to provide truly exceptional lessons. His engaging personality and insightful conversations not only make each session fascinating, but also deepen my understanding and love for the English language. Simply put, Elliot is an inspiring mentor whose teaching goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.”

Subject taught: English Level: Proficient

“Elliot has proven to be an exceptional tutor who is dedicated, patient, and knowledgeable in his field. Elliot has been very good at communicating my daughter’s progress and outlining her strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing suggestions on how to improve and enhance her academic skills. My daughter has benefited greatly from Elliot’s tutoring services, she has improved her reading skills, and academic performances. Elliot has a unique ability to connect with his students, which has helped my daughter feel comfortable and confident in her ability to achieve success.”

Subject taught: English Level: 11+ – 12+ (entrance to UK independent school)

  • Fully Vetted