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Elizabeth E

'Thank you so much, Arek has so much more confidence with his English now and even won a form prize this year'

Pre GCSE English Tuition

  • 11+

  • Drama

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • History

  • Latin

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2008-2009 University College London MA in Shakespeare (English)

2005-2008 University College London BA in English

2004-2005 A Levels: English (A) History (A) Drama (B)

2003-2004 AS Levels: English (A) History (A) Drama (A) Psychology (A) Critical Thinking (A)

2002-2003 GCSEs English Literature (A) English Language (A) History (A) Drama (A) Latin (A*) French (A*) Art (A*) Maths (A) RE (A) ITC (A) Double Science (AA)

About Me

My specialist subjects are English and 11+ preparation across subjects. I also teach History, Drama, and Latin.

A good tutor should be inspirational but must also understand that each student is different and adapt to suit their particular needs. The best tutors help students to develop confidence in their own abilities which, will allow them to fulfil their potential at school and throughout their lives.

Recent tuition

Please see a snapshot of my recent tuition below.

11+ English, Maths and Reasoning

Weekly lessons with Ella covering all aspects of the 11+, but with emphasis on English, an area Ella particularly wanted to practice her skills for. We focussed particularly on Ella’s examination technique.

11+ English, Maths and Reasoning

I recently prepared a student for the 11+ who was very nervous about what the 11+ involved and was unfamiliar with what was expected. She targeted Latymer and was successful. I helped her know what to expect for the English comprehension and to focus and structure her written responses, and learn to infuse her creative writing with her bubbly, charming spirit and her vivid imagination.

11+ English, Maths and Reasoning

I recently helped a student over 2 years build towards his 11+ entrance exams, we gradually built up familiarity across English, Maths, and Reasoning using games and exercises and working towards past papers. He gained places at his chosen schools: City, Westminster, St Paul’s Boys and Highgate School.

History GSCE

Revision sessions with Timmy focusing on Twentieth Century History in preparation for his exams.

English GSCE lessons with Jessica

Language and Literature also helping her with GSCE Geography revision and homework.

Beginner’s Latin with Helena Year 5.

Helena wanted to have some beginner’s lessons in advance of starting Latin at school. We started with very simple topics introducing her to the values and culture of the ancient world, the Latin alphabet and pronunciations, and basic greetings and then moved on to greetings and looking at simple Latin sentences. We gradually introduced the idea of verbs and declensions. Students can find Latin quite a daunting language at school I try to help them develop an interest in the whole subject as well as giving them a lot of confidence at early stages which will go on to give them an advantage at school.

GSCE Latin

Revision support on the Literature component of the exams focusing on Pliny The Younger’s letters. A series of lessons with Ewa, to ensure familiarity with the Pliny texts, confidence in translating and commenting on them. We had fun bringing the letters to life as far as possible to take the fear out of these relatively dense texts. Ewa grew in confidence throughout the lessons and I think found a new enjoyment of the subject.

iGCSE English Language and English Literature. Online.

Support leading up to Brian’s GCSE exams. In depth work on set texts, Songs of Ourselves, Mansfield Park, A View From the Bridge and The Merchant if Venice. Help with exam technique and work with practice papers and technique for language and Literature.

GCSE English Language GSCE (AQA)

Amos need extra support as English his not his first language and he joined his current school part way through the school year. We have worked on preparing him for the exam questions and helping him feel more confident about English Language.

Year 3 General Support

General support for siblings Silvia and Thomas age 7 (4 hours a week tuition over a year) to prepare them for school applications particularly focusing on creative writing, maths, science (plants, animals & humans, rocks, light, forces & magnets) and geography (locational knowledge, place knowledge : capitals, rivers, mountains etc, water cycle, volcanoes, settlements). Lessons varied from help with homework, preparation for tests to looking at a particular topic and finding creative ways to engage Silvia and Thomas including poster design, powerpoints, games and flashcards. Both students gained places at their chosen schools and grew in confidence and understanding of their school work.

Year 5 English -Key Stage 2

Series of lessons with Adrian, giving general help with handwriting, comprehension practice and help with writing technique.

Year 9 (KS3) English Literature

Weekly tuition with James to build confidence studying Shakespeare and practice Creative Writing.

Year 9 (KS3) English Language

Encouraging AJ to build confidence in spoken English skills focusing on debating and arguing. Also additional support on set texts Romeo & Juliet and The Tempest.

GCSE English Literature & Language, Study Skills and General Revision Support

Weekly tuition focusing on English & English Language alongside Arek’s school classes to help him build confidence particularly in Shakespeare and poetry. We have recently worked on Macbeth, Of Mice and Men and Jekyll and Hyde. I have also helped Arek revise for his French, Geography and Biology Examinations.

GCSE English Literature & Language, History and Religious Education

Weekly tuition focusing on English Language and Literature alongside Sylvia’s school classes to help her stay focused and motivated, emphasis on practice papers and exam technique. I have also helped Sylvia to prepare for her RE and History exams.

GCSE English Literature & Language

Holly – GCSE tuition for English & English Language (AQA) Foundation Level focusing on improving writing technique and building confidence for exams.

GCSE English Literature and English Language – Revision Classes

Intensive revision and exam technique classes in the run up to GSCE exams. Focusing on English Language technique and practice and revision and technique for English Literature: Merchant of Venice, Jekyll & Hyde and poems from Songs of Ourselves.

A Level English Literature

Linda – A series of lessons specifically to help Linda learn to love Emily Dickinson alongside her school classes.


I have helped several students in the past with their Latin studies, up to a GCSE level. I have offered support on vocabulary and grammar, and with revision ahead of exams.

Hobbies and Interests

When I am not teaching I work as an actor for stage and radio. I am currently starring in an independently produced podcast sitcom. I am also starting to develop my own work. When I am not working I love to see as much theatre as I can pack in.

I enjoy running in my local park, yoga, netball, tennis and swimming and rowing, water sports and skiing when I have the opportunity. I have also tried tango lessons, but dancing is not my strong suit.


To relax, I like to play the piano and I also enjoy singing. Whilst at the University of Cambridge, I was part of both a college and a gospel choir. I also enjoy attending musical theatre productions and classical concerts.


Over the past few years I have travelled to many parts of America and further afield. Most recently, I travelled to California and also visited the Grand Canyon.

Client Testimonials

‘Thank you so much, Arek has so much more confidence with his English now and even won a form prize this year’ (pre-GCSE English)

‘Syvia’s grades have improved and she seems to be enjoying her schoolwork much more – the best of both worlds, thanks for all your help’ (GSCE English)

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