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Elizabeth Ca

"Liz started tutoring my son a few months ago, to give him a little boost for his GCSEs. My son continues to make important progress and enjoys his lessons."

GCSE English

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Academic History

BA Hons HSPS (Sociology) and AMES (Japanese) from the University of Cambridge, 2.i

International Baccalaureate from Varndean College: 43/45 Points 776 HLs (Film, History, French) 776 SLs (Maths Studies, Biology, English)

GCSEs from Downlands Community School: English Literature (A*), English Language (A), Maths (Double Award) (A*/A*), Science (Double Award) (A*/A*), Music (A), French (A*), History (A*), Japanese (A*)

About Me

I approach tutoring with a flexible and receptive style. Through this, I aim to quickly identify students’ strengths, weaknesses, interests and goals, and, importantly, their manner of communicating. My techniques include, firstly, diagnostic sessions. This enables me to assess the student, in whatever subject they are taking, in a encouraging environment, in order to develop a unique, personalised approach to their sessions. Additionally, I have experience which enables me to spot trends across students, thus implementing techniques of explanation and practice that I have seen work in the past. Through collaborative work during the sessions, I tailor my sessions to fit students’ needs and personalities. I particularly enjoy getting to know the student and moulding the subject around their interests, making sure the sessions are useful, rewarding and enjoyable.

Recent tuition

KS2 English and Maths/11+ Preparation

I have tutored this student for around two years so far. She is aiming to sit 11+ examinations when she is the right age. In the meantime, I have been going through intensive practice of all types of 11+ VR and NVR questions, going through strategies and identifying areas of weakness for us to go into more depth with during sessions. Additionally, I have been supporting her with the topics she has been covering in class in English and Maths. Recently, we have been focusing on SATs. I have noticed that she struggles with certain tenses, likely as English is not her first language. So, we will focus on this in coming sessions.

CAT4 13+ Entrance Examinations (The King’s School Canterbury)

I tutored this student for seven months. At first, our focus was preparing her for her CAT4 entrance examinations for The King’s School Canterbury. This included Verbal, Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning, as well as English comprehension. After working through past paper questions, breaking down each type and coming up with methods of approaching them, this student was offered a place at the school. After this point, she chose to continue sessions with me, in order to keep up with the pace of her new school.

KS3 English

I have tutored this student for around three years so far. We have focused on alternating between support with the work that he had been going through in class and extension programmes of study set by myself. The extension programmes included World War One poetry, Romanticism, Kindertransport and plays in general, as well as dystopian fiction. Through these, I was able to engage this students’ interest and guide it towards topics that would further his understanding of the KS3 syllabus topics. In addition, I always make sure that his analytical writing is gearing up to what will be expected at GCSE level.

GCSE English Literature and Language (AQA)

I tutored this student for around eighteen months. He was a homeschooled student, so I acted as his teacher as well as tutor. He was a very capable student, with a natural ability to analyse texts and spot links across themes. However, he had many gaps in his learning as he had been out of school for a while. Through intensive sessions and a independent study plan, he was able to achieve 6s for both subjects, up from his initial level of grade 2. The primary focus for him was learning how to study independently, with structure and goals. Additionally, in English, it was how to communicate his ideas with clarity and consistency.

iGCSE English Literature and Language (CIE)

I tutored this student for around a year, until he sat his final examinations. We started by going through each set text, making sure that he understood them thoroughly. As I could clearly see that his analysis was strong, we moved onto writing practice quickly. English was his second language, so when putting his ideas to paper, he often struggled to be clear and precise. I went through many of his areas of weakness, giving him specific strategies for each. For example, analysis structural devices with clearly linked analysis, explaining exactly how the device suggests his analytic point.

16+ ISEB English Entrance Examinations

I tutored this student for four months, initially to prepare her for her 16+ ISEB English entrance examinations. After she passed the exams and was offered a place at her target school, she chose to continue our sessions further, in order to improve her English skills during her transition to a new school. Her main area of weakness lay in her ability to clearly communicate complex ideas, so I worked on breaking down the structure of her paragraphs and sentences. English was also her second language, so I gave her reading tasks frequently, in order to build up her vocabulary knowledge.

A Level English Literature (Edexcel)

I tutored this student for two sessions over the Easter break before her exams. These were intensive, exam technique-focused sessions, aiming to efficiently diagnose the student’s outstanding areas of weakness that she could improve upon with directed, specific feedback. I identified that she had a strong, in-depth knowledge of the thematic elements of the text, but struggled to link this knowledge with close-analyses of language and structural devices. Between the two sessions, she produced another essay, implementing my feedback. I immediately saw the improvements in her work and broke down exactly how she could retain this progress for her exams.

A Level Sociology (AQA)

I tutored this student for around two years, covering the whole of her A Level period. I acted as a support for her classwork, going through bits of the content that she had struggled with in lessons. Additionally, I helped her to further her knowledge in areas that she understood well, but which lacked memorable, personally relevant examples for her to use in her essays. Towards her exams, we focused more and more on her writing skills, making sure that her analytic level was up to a high standard. Overall, she achieved an A, which was higher than her initial goal grade of a B.

IB History HL

I tutored this student for four months, in the lead up to her exams. This was an intensive, essay focused set of sessions, going through many of her pieces of work and applying critical feedback in order to help her to improve. She was often very comprehensive with her knowledge, but lacked the quick, concise depth of analysis needed to get the top marks. Through completing more essays between our sessions, I saw her work improve and she was able to increase her grade 6 to a 7.


I tutored this student for several months, in the lead-up to her IELTs examinations. She needed to achieve a grade 6 in order to secure her place at university. Through working through each section of the IELTs test, then focusing in more detail on the areas that she seemed to be weakest on, she was able to not only achieve her goal, but gain a grade 7 overall. I noticed early on that she had issues with prepositions and pluralisation, so I made sure that these skills were practiced frequently and consistently.


I enjoy reading, both fiction and non-fiction, and discussing books and media in groups. I also enjoy art and frequently attend exhibitions. These hobbies allow me to critically engage with texts and artwork, analysing the origins and interpretations of each. Additionally, I love learning new skills, such as the French and Japanese languages. These skills enable me to travel more confidently and explore other cultures.


“My daughter is very happy with Liz. Liz asks her questions, explains content, sets past papers questions for her to complete before each lesson, gives her excellent feedback during lessons, clarifies any difficult concepts and has her rewrite her answers until they are of good standard. My daughter says she likes everything about how Liz works with her.”

iGCSE Sociology

“Liz started tutoring my son a few months ago, to give him a little boost for his GCSEs. My son continues to make important progress and enjoys his lessons. I would definitely recommend!”

GCSE English

“My daughter got into both schools, and the one that needed the reasoning tests, she got a scholarship for!”

16+ Verbal Reasoning

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